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Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. Do Nothing Bitches and Instagram Models. 9 Habits of People Who Build Extraordinary Relationships. Solemates founder shares best question a job candidate can ask - Business Insider. Mistakes that make you seem unqualified in a job interview - Business Insider. The Case for Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines. Ideas for selling adverts in digital magazine issues. Brands have been moving their advertising budgets from traditional channels to digital over the last 5 years.

Ideas for selling adverts in digital magazine issues

Sometimes, this is fuelled by a wish to try something new, other times because digital advertising is easier to track. We are bringing you some ideas on how to sell ads and sponsorships in your digital magazines. Readers engage more with digital magazine ads Digital is dynamic. Print stays the same. A content-rich advert can earn more than a static image. Show your print advertisers higher engagement of digital magazine ads The owners of both digital and printed issues can create offers that bridge paper and screen, a reader and check-out page.

You could also add galleries to their adverts. Digital only ads Once you have proven the point, introduce advertisers to your broad digital offer. Advertisements in your free teaser issues A ‘teaser’ is a complimentary version of your digital magazine with ads. Digital ad takes over the cover Help your clients by date-based ads. Analiza: Koje su stvarne razlike između sunita i šijita, a koje su razlike stvorene u svrhu političke manipulacije? ODABRANO JE 50 KNJIGA SVJETSKE KNJIŽEVNOSTI KOJE MORATE PROČITATI PRIJE SMRTI Koliko ste ih već 'skinuli' s liste? Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes. That warning has become a global alert.

Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes.

Since the uprising against Assad in March 2011, over 240,000 people have been killed, 4 million Syrians have fled their country, and over 7 million have been displaced. The headlines are full of the heartbreaking stories of these refugees — including young children — who have died trying to reach safety in other countries. The story of these refugees is deeply tied to the effects of climate change. "We are experiencing a surprising uptick in global insecurity ... partially due to our inability to manage climate stress. " That's how Columbia University professor Marc Levy (who also does studies for the U.S. government) summed it up. Apply Magic Sauce - Prediction API - Test.

Apply Magic Sauce - Prediction API - Test. All about my mother: the most Freudian exhibition ever. Standing in the middle of a gallery, holding a glass baby, I can practically hear my hands sweat.

All about my mother: the most Freudian exhibition ever

I’m rocking gently from foot to foot, staring into the perfect, breakable face of a sleeping son, terrified I’m going to smash him on the floor like an egg. Not Alone is the latest show by the New York artist Jennifer Rubell and, as always, she demands a lot from her audience. There are hard-boiled eggs to eat, a single bed to crawl into, a room full of enormous portraits of Rubell naked on a horse – and a dark room where visitors must take off all their clothes and watch a film, as naked as Rubell on her horse. As naked as the horse itself. The Selfie-Drone: Invasion of the Vacation Snatchers. Photo It was a blistering hot Sunday in Provence.

The Selfie-Drone: Invasion of the Vacation Snatchers

The painted shutters of the houses in Arles were closed. Visitors were scarce. In the Roman amphitheater, built to hold some 20,000 spectators, I sat among empty bleachers, above homes with orange tile roofs, looking past ancient arcades and terraces to the blue horizon. 4 Methods for Being More Productive at Work. We live in The Age of Dramatic Distraction.

4 Methods for Being More Productive at Work

Many shiny toys to chase every waking moment yet so few of those pursuits create real value and grow a life brilliantly lived. Too many of us are overscheduled, overconnected and overstimulated by all the noise, interruptions and complexity of current society. The cost of this way of operating? You’ll arrive at the last hour of your final day and realize you spent your highest potential on your lowest leverage activities. Psychology Is Not in Crisis. Photo Boston — IS psychology in the midst of a research crisis?

Psychology Is Not in Crisis

An initiative called the Reproducibility Project at the University of Virginia recently reran 100 psychology experiments and found that over 60 percent of them failed to replicate — that is, their findings did not hold up the second time around. The results, published last week in Science, have generated alarm (and in some cases, confirmed suspicions) that the field of psychology is in poor shape. But the failure to replicate is not a cause for alarm; in fact, it is a normal part of how science works.

Suppose you have two well-designed, carefully run studies, A and B, that investigate the same phenomenon. Bits.blogs.nytimes. Photo The stethoscope, that iconic tool of doctors, has been upgraded several times since it was invented two centuries ago.


Eko Devices, a start-up led by three recent graduates of the University of California, Berkeley, is betting that it is time for another innovative overhaul. Advice: 4 Methods for Being More Productive at Work. Millennials: Don’t Call Us Millennials. Millennials are a curmudgeonly lot if a new report from the Pew Research Center is to be believed.

Millennials: Don’t Call Us Millennials

Pew looked at looked at data from 3,147 adults and assessed how the nation’s generations—Silent (ages 70-87), Boomer (ages 51-69), Gen X (35-50), and Millennials (18-34)—judged their own, as well as other, generations. Seventy-nine percent of Boomers are proud to call themselves so, for instance. And on the other end of the age spectrum, Millennials are disdainful of their generational name and all that’s associated with it. They were the age group least likely to describe their group as having qualities like being “patriotic”, “responsible”, “willing to sacrifice”, “religious”, “moral”, “self-reliant”, and “politically active”. Only about one third of the Millenials surveyed consider themselves compassionate and hardworking. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Virdžine – žene primorane živjeti životom muškarca. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon.

Sve o gigantskoj vojnoj paradi u Pekingu: Dan kada se Kina obraća svijetu - O geopolitičkom, povijesnom i vojnom kontekstu. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. The Best Celebrations Across The Globe. Nothing beats a good party with music, nibbles, dancing, and drinks.

The Best Celebrations Across The Globe

Nothing, except perhaps for these 21 examples of the world’s greatest parties. From tomato battles in Spain to giant balloons in America, this is the definitive list of yearly celebrations. The best part? I Photographed The Secretive Capital Of North Korea. My name is Hélène Veilleux and I’m a Lyon (France) based photographer.

I Photographed The Secretive Capital Of North Korea

My creative work could be defined as the fine line between reality and impossibilities. I would like to invite you to cross the 38th parrallel North and visit Pyongyang, the secretive capital of North Korea (DPRK). What are Reflow digital magazines and why create one? 5 Digital Magazine Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2015. Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Spring issue of Publishing Executive. We have republished it in light of the announcement yesterday that Adobe’s redesigned Digital Publishing Solution is now open to public beta testing. Magazine publishers featured in this article have already utilized Adobe’s new platform to create digital editions and apps. Here we identify emerging trends in digital magazine publishing, revealing techniques publishers are using to reach wider audiences. Also in his blog post last week, Ron Matejko addressed Apple’s decision to fold the Newsstand platform, putting an end to the Newsstand vs.

Is this the Future of Digital Magazines? Magazine publishers are constantly talking about the future of their medium. Will people continue to buy the print edition or gravitate towards digital? Are customers satisfied with a replica edition or do they want something more unique and original? AnOther Magazine has their finger on the pulse and has just released a digital first: a high-definition, moving magazine cover with a bespoke soundtrack. Rihanna’s moving image filmed by Inez and Vinoodh is displayed on the digital screen which wraps around 440 pages of fashion, interviews and more. It is important to note that this isn’t an app that the company has developed but they are marketing it as a boxed set that includes a 9 by 12 tablet on the front and a more traditional magazine contained within.

Five predictions for Digital Magazine Publishing in 2015… some good, some not so. Progress 2014 was a progressive year for digital magazines – mainly because I think publishers now realise they aren’t going to bring in the revenue they need to ‘prop up’ apparent declining print circulation revenue using current methods and techniques. Investments will need to be made, sacrifices and ambitions modified. But I still think there has been progress. Are Digital Magazines Dead? When pondering the future of digital magazines, the “I’m not dead yet” scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail may come to mind. Is the digital magazine industry ready to be carted off with the rest of the dead? Gregg Hano, CEO of MAG+, wrote a great piece pointing out the fact that we are actually just in the infancy of digital magazines. Digital magazines at the moment only represent a small portion of total magazine circulation, but their subscriber base doubled from 2012 to 2013 (AAM semiannual periodical snapshot report).

Digital magazines: how popular are they? AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMIAAAAJDEzMTlkNDljLTcwY2YtNDVlNS04MTg4LTQ4ZmY5YzViMDFkNg.png (PNG Image, 797 × 800 pixels) The Month's Top Finds - May 2015. March, 2015 - Matchbook Magazine. Rue magazine - Google pretraživanje. Rue Magazine.