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Best Tinder photos, as described by CEO Sean Rad. Naked Restaurant to Open in London in June. Sergio Anelli/Electa/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Are you a fan of the show Dating Naked?

Naked Restaurant to Open in London in June

Do you wish you could combine that with a pop-up restaurant? Well, you’re in luck. The Bunyadi, a limited-run restaurant opening in London this June, has you covered. 19 reasons why the world has fallen in love with Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau's Liberal party won the Canadian general election in October in a conclusive victory.

19 reasons why the world has fallen in love with Canada's prime minister Justin Trudeau

Since then, the new prime minister has been busy showing the rest of the world why he's the best Justin out of Canada since Bieber. While conspiracy theories abound over his "nice guy" tactics, Trudeau has been internationally commended for his compassionate stance on the refugee crisis, agreeing to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees by February 2016 - a sharp turnaround from the policy of his Conservative predecessor, Stephen Harper. That's not the only reason the world is fan-boy-and-girl-ing all over him, though.

It's because Tru-beau goes that one step further: Pearl Jam Cancels North Carolina Concert Over LGBT Law. Pearl Jam has canceled a concert in North Carolina over HB2, the state law that reverses LGBT protections put in place by local ordinances.

Pearl Jam Cancels North Carolina Concert Over LGBT Law

In a statement on its website, the band explained its decision to cancel the April 20 concert in Raleigh: The HB2 law that was recently passed is a despicable piece of legislation that encourages discrimination against an entire group of American citizens. The practical implications are expansive and its negative impact upon basic human rights is profound. We want America to be a place where no one can be turned away from a business because of who they love or fired from their job for who they are.It is for this reason that we must take a stand against prejudice, along with other artists and businesses, and join those in North Carolina who are working to oppose HB2 and repair what is currently unacceptable. This Factor Is Key to Your Attractiveness. Here’s an Easy Way to Become More Patient. Would you rather take $30 today, or wait for $50 three weeks from now?

Here’s an Easy Way to Become More Patient

While the average person would grab the money and run, a new study finds that people with one particular emotional trait—those who are gracious—have more patience and self-control. “The human mind has a tendency to value the present more than the future,” says study author David DeSteno, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University. Here’s What Sexist Video Games Do to Boys’ Brains. It can be easy to objectify women in some popular video games.

Here’s What Sexist Video Games Do to Boys’ Brains

In some games, you can even have your character pay a woman for sex and then kill her, if you are so inclined. Now, a new study out Wednesday reports that boys who play the kind of games where “women are secondary characters … who are used as sexual objects by players” show diminished empathy toward female victims. The new study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, randomly assigned 154 male and female high schoolers to play one of three types of games: video games that the researchers say contained both violence and sexism (two Grand Theft Auto games), games with violence but without sexism (Half Life 1 or Half Life 2), and games without violence or sexism (Dream Pinball 3D or Q.U.B.E 2). Healthy Alternatives to Trendy Superfoods. Photo: Getty Images Can’t stomach kale, or quinoa?

Healthy Alternatives to Trendy Superfoods

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of my clients aren’t fans of the latest trendy superfoods. Fortunately for anyone with an aversion to chia seeds and goji berries, there are equally good-for-you alternatives. Each of the replacements below contains similar nutrients but differs in texture or flavor—so you can get the same super-healthy perks and please your palate too. How long until sex? For millennials, try 10 texts or less. Note: The following article contains language that may be considered NSFW.

How long until sex? For millennials, try 10 texts or less

The so-called "dating apocalypse" Vanity Fair coined in its recent article unearthed some grim realities around modern relationships, on college campuses and beyond. Take the young man who keeps a rating system on the women he beds — while still living with his mother. Or the Lothario who boasts that he could easily get sex after midnight if he wanted to, all thanks to the (seemingly) millions of options available to him and his generational cohorts on Tinder and other dating apps. 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married. When it comes to marriage, what you don’t know really can hurt you.

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Whether because of shyness, lack of interest or a desire to preserve romantic mystery, many couples do not ask each other the difficult questions that can help build the foundation for a stable marriage, according to relationship experts. In addition to wanting someone with whom they can raise children and build a secure life, those considering marriage now expect their spouses to be both best friend and confidant. These romantic-comedy expectations, in part thanks to Hollywood, can be difficult to live up to. Sure, there are plenty of questions couples can ask of each other early in the relationship to help ensure a good fit, but let’s face it: most don’t.

“If you don’t deal with an issue before marriage, you deal with it while you’re married,” said Robert Scuka, the executive director of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement. 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married.