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How Amy Schumer took the buzz over her new man and gave it to charity. In case you haven't heard, Amy Schumer's got a boyfriend.

How Amy Schumer took the buzz over her new man and gave it to charity.

And as far as celebrity gossip goes, this is a Big Freaking Deal. Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Glamour. I mean, seriously. Did you feel the ground shaking earlier this week? Meet Grazia’s Chic Italian ‘It Girls’ If you live in Italy and you’re into fashion, it’s a safe bet that you’re a Grazia reader.

Meet Grazia’s Chic Italian ‘It Girls’

The weekly magazine has been embedded in Italian culture for an incredible 76 years — it launched in 1938 and has since spawned 20 international editions. But in recent years, Grazia’s big success has been of a uniquely modern nature. Cv goodlooking. Beauty is in the Mind of the Beholder. Men Sentenced To Longer Prison Terms Than Women For Same Crimes, Study Says. If you're a convicted criminal, the best thing you can have going for you might be your gender.

Men Sentenced To Longer Prison Terms Than Women For Same Crimes, Study Says

A new study by Sonja Starr, an assistant law professor at the University of Michigan, found that men are given much higher sentences than women convicted of the same crimes in federal court. The study found that men receive sentences that are 63 percent higher, on average, than their female counterparts. Starr also found that females arrested for a crime are also significantly more likely to avoid charges and convictions entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted. Other research has found evidence of the same gender gap, though Starr asserts that the disparity is actually larger than previously suspected because other studies haven't looked at the role of plea bargains and other pre-sentencing steps in the criminal justice system. Past studies have also found that minority men are, on average, given longer prison sentences than white men convicted of the same crimes.

A judgment call. They will be kinder when they wake THE best time to come before a judge is never.

A judgment call

But courtroom lore suggests that after lunch is better than before it. A study of Israeli parole hearings shows that just before a meal the chances of success are slim. But other biases abound too. A study of 181 American trial judges this summer in Science, a journal, showed that explaining the biology of psychopathy brought lighter sentences, by an average of one year. Fewer millennial marriages are ending in divorce. There has been a growing shift away from tradition when it comes to the institution of marriage.

Fewer millennial marriages are ending in divorce

Millenials are waiting longer to get married, and divorce rates have been declining since the 1990s. Those two trends, some sociologists have suggested, could be linked. And there's one clear trend that's easy to spot among 20-somethings and early 30-somethings waiting longer to tie the knot: They're moving in with their significant others before deciding whether or not to get engaged. Studies of cohabitation and marriage trends have shown a significant uptick in the number of couples who live together before marriage. While this may sound obvious, looking back at marriage statistics from just 60 years ago reveals how stark of a change this is. iPosture: The Size of Electronic Consumer Devices Affects our Behavior.

Posture and body image in individuals with major depressive disorder: a controlled study. Koliko provodimo vremena sa telefonima. How Much Time Do We Really Spend On Our Smartphones Every Day? Statistics about how much people use their smartphones seem to constantly contradict one another.

How Much Time Do We Really Spend On Our Smartphones Every Day?

The real numbers matter, because major advertisers won’t think of putting more money into mobile if our eyeballs aren’t glued to the small screen for hours and hours every day. Here are some recent data points: In her Internet Trends 2013 slide presentation, Mary Meeker tells us that we check our phones 150 times a day, between apps, voice calls, texts, and utilities. 11 genijalnih hrvatskih tehnoloških tvrtki koje su 2015. totalno rasturale – 10 Workplace Trends That Will Change the Way You Manage. Lighten up, Camille Paglia – Taylor Swift is no ‘Nazi Barbie’ Is Praising Our Children Creating More Anxiety? Banksy depicts Steve Jobs as Syrian refugee. Banksy Apple cofounder Steve Jobs was the biological son of a Syrian immigrant, and the anonymous street artist known as Banksy is using that piece of history to bring attention to the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

Banksy depicts Steve Jobs as Syrian refugee

Banksy has posted photos of Jobs holding the original Macintosh and a sack over his shoulder at the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, a large migrant camp in western Europe. The depiction is pretty powerful, especially amidst the dirt and tents refugees are currently living in. Exploring the World on Foot. Photo BAKU, Azerbaijan — IT’S an odd feeling: being aware of the Earth rotating beneath your feet.

Exploring the World on Foot

It happened to me near the Turkish city of Tarsus. The Anatolian countryside was an antique flag that fluttered under the summer sun: dusty green olive groves, soil as red as burgundy wine, cornflower blue lakes — the old hues of the Fertile Crescent. My boots scared up grasshoppers from the brittle grasses. Whirlwinds of swallows swooped to feed. Where Is the Cure for the Migraine? Photo.

Where Is the Cure for the Migraine?

Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Posture — and Your Mood. Photo THERE are plenty of reasons to put our cellphones down now and then, not least the fact that incessantly checking them takes us out of the present moment and disrupts family dinners around the globe.

Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Posture — and Your Mood

But here’s one you might not have considered: Smartphones are ruining our posture. And bad posture doesn’t just mean a stiff neck. Kako je Kina prevarila svijet? Pozadina kineskih ekonomskih politika s kojima je izbjegnuta recesija. Mediji kao stereotipni odraz patrijarhata — Vijesti — Libela. These 48 comments to women and girls show that sexism knows no age. A new video from Huffington Post shows how pervasive and lifelong sexism is for women. It covers everything from "you look so pretty" to "you must have been beautiful when you were younger," to show that whether you're 8 or 80, if you're a woman, you just can't escape sexist comments.

All images via Huffington Post/YouTube. In two minutes, the video shows the progression of what women hear from society as we age. A Teenage Refugee Champions Girls’ Education. When Muzon’s family fled the war in Syria in early 2013, they briefly considered leaving her behind. The bright 14-year-old had been studying hard all year for her grade-nine school exams, which were just a month away, and her aunt urged the family to let her stay and continue her education. In the end, her father decided the risks were too great, and so she fled with him and her siblings across the border to Jordan.

“I knew she could make up for lost schooling, but if you lose your life there’s no way to make up for that,” Abu Mohammed, 45, told me when I met the family in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp. Education has always played a big part in Muzon’s life. Both of her parents were teachers back in Syria’s southern Dara’a province, and her aunt and uncle were head teachers at local schools. Now 17, her deeply held conviction of the importance of education has become a defining feature of Muzon’s life in exile. National Geographic Channel. Kako je to iz Hrvatske raditi za startup 'jednorog'? “Women who attract chikan, and women who don’t”: The illustrated guide that’s provoking debate.

Chikan: men who grope women in public in Japan. Also refers to the act itself. Just A Collection Of People Scolding Each Other On YouTube. Tko su libertarijanci? Instead of arguing about guns on Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid out the numbers. 7 Ways To Love Yourself and Have Positive Body Image (Because We're Tired Of The BS) Forbes Welcome.