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PSY108: Encouraging Road Safety Through Application of Reinforcement and Punishment Strategies by the Traffic Police

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The shaping of behaviours by learning from previous outcomes in the form of punishments or reinforcements can be seen in several areas ranging from educating a child on proper manners or a top-salesperson who constantly receives incentives from the company due to high sales production.

Let us look at how can we apply this into the promotion of road safety by the traffic police. Road traffic situation improves but spike in accidents involving elderly pedestrians. SINGAPORE: The general road traffic situation improved in 2019, with fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a news release on Monday (Feb 10).

Road traffic situation improves but spike in accidents involving elderly pedestrians

Statistics from the Annual Road Traffic Situation 2019 report from police also showed that the number of fatal accidents and fatalities fell to a record low. However, police said an increase in the number of accidents involving elderly pedestrians and motorcyclists continued to be of concern. The number of accidents and violations from speeding and red-light running also went up. Overall, the number of fatal accidents decreased by 3.3 per cent to 116 cases in 2019, from 120 cases in 2018. The number of fatalities decreased by 5.6 per cent to 117 in 2019, from 124 in 2018, the statistics showed. The road traffic fatality rate per 100,000 population decreased to 2.05 per cent in 2019, from 2.2 per cent in 2018.

Operant conditioning: Positive-and-negative reinforcement and punishment. Operant conditioning: Schedules of reinforcement. Traffic Matters. In Singapore, you need to possess a valid Singapore Driving Licence to drive or ride a motor vehicle on our roads.

Traffic Matters

The driving licence will indicate which class of vehicle you are able to drive or ride. This applies to: All Singaporean Citizens All Permanent Residents Foreigners residing in Singapore for more than 12 months Foreigners residing in Singapore for less than 12 months and are employed as drivers holding Work Permits or S-Pass If you fall into any one of the above categories and possess a valid foreign driving licence, you are required to convert your licence to a valid Singapore Driving Licence. Safe driving course revises rules to help drivers cut 4 demerit points. SINGAPORE: Motorists who have clocked up eight demerit points, and want to have four of those points expunged from their record will now be able to do so after the Traffic Police relaxed the criteria for joining their voluntary Safe Driving Course.

Safe driving course revises rules to help drivers cut 4 demerit points

Effective Wednesday (Nov 1), the Traffic Police is lowering the number of demerit points a motorist must have accumulated before being eligible to attend the Safe Driving Course, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) announced on Tuesday. This will allow more motorists to benefit from the course, which aims to encourage motorists to come forward to correct their driving behaviour on their own accord. Warning: Better slow down at these hot spots, Transport News. Speed demons beware, the Traffic Police have a new gadget to nab those who break the speed limit.

Yesterday, the TP unveiled a new portable speed laser camera that will be deployed at 44 speeding hot spots, including West Coast Highway, Braddell Road and Changi Coast Road. It is the first time the older cameras are being replaced since speeding enforcement operations began in 2004. Manned by a single officer, the new camera can capture higher-resolution images, works better in low-light conditions and has a battery life of eight hours - double that of the older model. It can also capture video, unlike the older model. Different types of cameras on the roadIn recent years, the TP have replaced their ageing film cameras with digital ones and deployed mobile speed cameras - autonomous devices that can be taken down and set up within a week - at speeding hot spots. Officers will be stationed on overhead bridges or by the roadside. Signs will be placed about 200m before the speed laser cameras. ComfortDelGro Driving Centre - Defensive Driving Course (Motorcar / Heavy Vehicle / Bus)

For Whom:Drivers by Profession Course Objectives:The course will raise Drivers’ defensive driving skills, visual perception skills, knowledge of Vehicle Limitations, and a Driver’s responsibilities to other road users.

ComfortDelGro Driving Centre - Defensive Driving Course (Motorcar / Heavy Vehicle / Bus)

The course, through classroom and in-vehicle sessions out on the road, will provide Drivers with an awareness of actual and potential hazards associated with driving on all road types and equip Drivers with the necessary defensive driving skills and techniques to recognize these hazards, understand the defence, and act in time. Key Content:Attributes of a Good DriverDriver ConditionCommon Driving Errors and ViolationsThe Driving EnvironmentSee and SurviveThe Driving Plan while DrivingVehicle Safety and Recovery SystemsBefore you drive (Pre-drive Checks)Vehicle Control – Out on the Road Methodology:Defensive Driving Theory with case studyPractical Driving using CDC Driver Assessment ToolDriver Assessment ReportIndividual Counseling Medium of Instruction:English/Mandarin.

Defensive Driving Riding Course. Using an evidence-based safety approach to develop China's road safety strategies. First aid as an important traffic safety factor - evaluation of the experience-based training. In the Czech Republic 25,459 people were injured and 583 people killed in 2013 [23].

First aid as an important traffic safety factor - evaluation of the experience-based training

Worldwide every year, 1.24 million people are killed and 50 million are injured in road accidents. Road traffic injuries are the world leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 29 and the second most common cause of death of those aged 5 to 14 [15]. In the event of an accident, the immediate help of bystanders can save lives and reduce damage to health. Providers of first aid can also significantly cut down the time before professional medical assistance arrives by calling professional help immediately. A proper lay first aid, therefore, constitutes one important aspect of road safety. Table 1 shows the percentages of deaths after a traffic accident – before and after entering hospital.