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BAB Books: On-Line Stories for Kids. Aesop's Fables. Select Your Region. Picture Books by Dandi Palmer. Kids' Corner - Featuring the Stories of Beatrix Potter (and more!) The Real Mother Goose -- What's Here. Between the Lions | PBS KIDS! BETWEEN THE LIONS is produced by WGBH Boston, Sirius Thinking, Ltd., and Mississippi Public Broadcasting, and is funded in part bythe Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the U.S.

Department of Education's Ready To Learn program, and by the Barksdale Reading Institute. The contents of this Web site were developed under a cooperative agreement, #PRU295A050003, from the U.S. Department of Education. However, thosecontents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Come play again later!

Come play again tomorrow! Folk Tales and Fables. Come play again later! Come play again tomorrow! Best Online Classic Children's Books: By Title. Table of Contents. ICDL - International Children's Digital Library. Children's Storybooks Online - Stories for Kids of All Ages. Story Hour. Membership Rewards — FableVision Learning.

Kids stories,stories for kids, children's stories. Play the Story Retell Game using framework anchors: A great way to teach kids to retell a story using shapes which are moved over text in order to find characters, setting , problem, solution and story events. A fun interactive game to teach story retell. Play the Story Recount Game : A great way to teach kids to write a recount about an event. Kids read a story then put the sentences back in order in a game atmosphere. Learn to Read the Question and Understand it! A great way to teach kids to read the question with understanding. Get lots of Free Graphic Organizers and Worksheets to work on Retelling Stories after reading the stories A great way to teach kids to retell stories with understanding. Free music, free books, free games, free poems and free puzzles that help teach children how to read and improve reading comprehension.

Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun! Toddler & Preschool Kids Educational Story books | Lil' Fingers Storybooks. Inkless Tales: Stories. Make your OWN story!! Story Sparkers HERE Kids: Like these stories? Try some of your own! You can DO it. All you have to do it TRY! You don't need much to get started with a story. Just your imagination. Like paper, and something to write with: Maybe something to draw with, too. Here are some idea starters: Ask yourself some questions: Where did the balloons come from? Where are they going?

Who belongs to the balloons? Is there a problem? Here are some starter questions: Did this boy get what he wanted? Idea starters: What is this girl feeling? Idea starters: Not all stories are made-up. Maybe there are things you are interested in, or things you know about, like seahorses, dinosaurs, or dogs, that would make a good story. You are much more interesting than you might think you are! If YOU are excited about something, it is easy to get someone ELSE excited about it, too. Story Sparkers, here >>>> Audio Stories, Games, Music & Coloring Pages for Kids| Light Up Your Brain. Storybook Online Network - A Storytelling Community For Children. Home. Games Videos More Fun for Families Abby's Flying Fairy School Play Set Print and play with Blogg, Gonnigan and more! Flying Fairy School Colorful Stickers! Sesame Street Go Stream Full Episodes of Sesame Street to Sesame Street Continue » Produced by: With Support From: Watch PBS Local Stations YouTube Sesame Go Podcasts Shop Store Apps & eBooks Live Events iTunes Follow Facebook Twitter Tumblr YouTube Instagram Vine Pinterest About Sesame Workshop Contact Us Terms of Use Privacy Policy/Your California Privacy Rights Helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. © 2015 Sesame Workshop.

Teacher Tap: Electronic Books and Online Reading. How can I encourage students to read online stories? Are novels available online? How can students get involved in creating online stories? Explore online reading including interactive stories, articles, and books. Involve readers in writing stories including adding to stories, writing new endings, creating illustrations, and facilitating discussions. Look for online stories that make good use of the technology. Also seek out electronic books not available elsewhere. While some books are stand-alone on the web, others require special software or apps to load. Explore the following sections of this page for specific Key to Icons Something for All Ages including High School and Adults Easy-to-read Macromedia Flash (or Shockwave) (Download free players) Sound in website Multiple languages Submit your own writing or personalize stories Exceptional Quality Early Reading and Primary Grades The following books include wordless books, picture books, and easy to read books for younger children.

BookPop. Reading Is Fundamental | Reading Planet | Read Along Stories and Songs. Starfall: Learn to Read with Phonics, Learn Mathematics. Decodable passages - FreeReading. From FreeReading Decodable passages are short stories that can be read by a student who knows: How to sound out regular words, and The 30 irregular words taught in the Irregular Word sequence. Many decodable stories included in commercial reading programs are redundant and lack the authenticity of a real reading experience. We have tried to create stories that are more authentic as well as being 100% decodable. FreeReading includes activities to introduce students to reading connected text (see Reading connected text accuracy (passage)) and to help students become fluent in reading connected text (see Reading connected text fluency (passage).

Select a story from: [edit] Passages to practice letter combinations We also have a selection of stories that provide practice for students who have learned the letter combinations (such as sh, oo). Letter combination sentences and passages [edit] Passages to practice advanced phonics skills, fluency, and comprehension.