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Facebook Twitter • issuing an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll. [img=center] Step by Step Process of issuing an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and subsequent dishonors are the steps towards perfecting your competent living status and ensuring the dishonor of any inferior Roman officials associated withe the registrar results in the complete collapse of their authority, any trusts and the endorsement of any sin into money to you as compensation. Step #1 Deed of Restitution + This is the first step, preparing and sending a Deed of Restitution also known as Pronuntio Restitutum ("pronouncement of restitution") which formally annuls any and all claims of guardian, custodian, protector, attorney in law, or parent by the society or agencies of the society.

Step #2 Ecclesiastical Deed Poll (after 7 days of service/recording of step 1) + This is the second step, preparing and sending an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll. Collapse the trusts! Spread this like fire! We need to wake up. The society we live in is nothing but a filthy pyramid scheme of mind control. Pope Boniface VIII in 1302 during the Inquisition, an “express trust” was created with a Papal Bull called “Unnam Sanctum”.

It created this and it created the Roman Empire from Roman Cult Sorcery. It has 3 different “Cestui Que Vie” trusts- 1. All law is Ecclesiastical Law. These trusts demand you retire before 75, because that is outside the law of the trust to claim. In a courtroom you have an Administrator, Trustee, Executor and a Beneficiary. A person taken in to court is the Beneficiary. A constructive trust is defined as – “Constructive trusts in English law are a form of trust created by the courts primarily where the defendant has dealt with property in an "unconscionable manner", but also in other circumstances; the property will be held in "constructive trust" for the harmed party, obliging the defendant to look after it.”

The Clerk is the Trustee, the Prosecutor is the Executor. DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT. Published as a Public Notice on April 16th, 2015 I DO NOT CONSENT to having any human being, living being, machine, entity, person, corporation, secret group, or their representatives, their bosses, their off world allies, anyone working for or with any of the above: to spy, to look into, to watch, or in any way invade my PRIVACY for any reason. Privacy is defined as: my own unique personal life experience. Each experience, had by my being, is for my personal growth and development. They are NOT for corporations to seek profit from. They are not to be controlled by any one/person/entity/corporation/government/religion/machine/being, except MYSELF. These experiences, which are part of my unique life experience, CAN NOT be used by any other being/human/entity/corporation/group - and any other example of someone or something that is not MY SELF- in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being. d.

Freedom from Government: How to Reclaim Your Power - Trent Goodbaudy. Introducing The Talent | Real Currencies. (Left/Above: the logo of the Gelre, the first unit based on the Talent. Soon we will launch a national unit for the Netherlands) Alternative currencies are a crucial component in addressing our monetary problems. However, the monetary architectures that are currently available are wholly insufficient to provide serious relief for Main Street. The Talent is the first independent currency model that provides all functions that modern currencies need to truly compete within the Dollar/Euro paradigm. Not only that: it is now available for immediate implementation at ultra low cost.

Interest slavery and the ongoing gutting of the West through the credit crunch continue to erode living standards everywhere. High class units, operated professionally by people who know what they are doing, have every opportunity to provide small and medium business with both the liquidity they need to operate and new customers. In hard times, alternative currencies tend to boom. Funding remains a huge issue. HOW TO USE THE LETTERS ON GET OUT OF DEBT FREE . ORG. Home Page. Redemption ebook, ucc, ucc1, ucc financing statement, alex jones, AND UCC Financing Statement. Legal UCC also has UCC Forms, UCC Document Prep, Strawman, straw man, artificial person, birth certificate, fictional person, redemption. What is ACH Payment and How Does It Work. ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.

They are a popular alternative to paper checks and credit card payments because of the benefits to merchants and consumers: everybody involved gets to save a little money and automate payments (which means fewer errors and less hassle). If you're thinking of collecting electronic payments from customers or making payments via ACH, it's worth knowing how the system works from everybody's perspective. Most consumers are already familiar with these payments, although they might not use technical jargon to describe them: when employers pay through direct deposit or consumers pay bills electronically out of checking accounts, the ACH network is probably responsible for those payments.

According to NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association behind the ACH network, over 23 billion ACH payments were made in 2014. Basics of ACH ACH payments are simply electronic transfers from one bank account to another. Opening a TreasuryDirect Account. Last night, I finally got around to opening a TreasuryDirect account. For those that aren’t familiar with TreasuryDirect, it’s the web portal for investing in Treasury securities. As I noted a few weeks back, I’m interested in buying some Series I Savings Bonds – this was the first step. Stuff you’ll need Before you begin, be sure that you have the following at your disposal: Your Taxpayer ID number (TIN).

Three easy steps Once you’re ready, there are three basic steps: Choose your account typeFill out your personal and banking informationChoose a password, password reminder, and security questions/answers Once you’re done, they’ll send you an account number via e-mail as well as an “Access Card” via snail mail. I had planned on doing screenshots of the process, but it was so easy that it didn’t warrant them. I’ll update once the Access Cards have arrived and we’ve had a chance to poke around a bit.

Leave a Reply. FRB Services - All Services. a84707_1ad8858191114eab96c8520be6330798. Treasury Direct Account. Access your Treasury Direct Account Today! Did you know you can discharge Secured Loans, Credit Card Debt, Student Loans, Auto Loans, Assessments, Citations, Debts, Demands, Fines, Penalties, Tax Liens and Judgments buy using your own exemption? What is our Treasury Direct Account? According to one theorist, it is a pledge that was made for each birth certificate in the amount of $630,000 (another pegs it at $1,000,000). Thus everybody and everything in the United States is simply collateral for the bonds issued by the U.S. government.

Since the Treasury Direct Account exists for the STRAWMAN -who, until now, has been controlled by government - We can gain control (and ownership) of the STRAWMAN by first activating the TDA and then filing an UCC-1 Financing Statement. First, by activating the Treasury Direct Account we gain limited control over the funds in the account. Secondly, by properly filing an UCC-1 Financing Statement we can become the holder in due course of the STRAWMAN. Blank affidavit of right of suffrage. Your Credit ~ Living In The Private. Every man and woman is born with inherent “credit” derived from human energy, backed by Nature. Human energy creates goods and services and is the essence of all commercial value. The international bankers control and extract the “commercial energy” of the people through the artificial legal “person” NAME, which is a “debtor”, created by “registration”, providing “surety” for the corporate “National Debt” of YOURNATION (INC.). The modern debt-money system began in the 1930s after the “financial reorganisation” (bankruptcy of nations).

The real property, wealth, assets and productive labour of the people, which is the intrinsic living “Credit of the Nation”, was “pledged” by “bankrupt” governments as “surety” for the corporate “National Debt”. This was achieved by creating an artificial legal “person” NAME as a bond servant on the Birth Certificate, which is certification of a Security Bond. The commercial value of the People has been collateralized.