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Notes et Messages. Industry Pro: Tech Adviser and Writer Jim Clemente | Your Industry Insider. Industry Pro: Tech Adviser and Writer Jim Clemente Some entertainment careers are carefully calculated far in advance, while others emerge out of some odd twist of fate. For today’s industry pro, a veteran FBI profiler, a one-time meeting with an actor researching a role turned into a side position as a tech adviser on a network television show. He added freelance writing on the show to the mix, and then producing his own scripted and non-scripted shows, all the while staying true to his passion for educating people on criminal behavior.

He couldn’t have planned it better. Read on to find out more… Current position (or recently-completed project or projects): I have multiple positions at this point. Are you interested in working in the entertainment industry? I’m also the tech adviser on a couple of other shows, some new and some that have faded into the past, and I tech advise on features. Hometown: I was born in San Mateo, California and grew up in New York. Were you based in D.C.? aHa. Bibliothèques imaginaires. Bora Zivkovic. A Blog Around The Clock. Psychosomatica. Quotes About Intuition (309 quotes) Picasso on Intuition, How Creativity Works, and Where Ideas Come From. By Maria Popova “To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.” “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work,” painter Chuck Close memorably scoffed. “Show up, show up, show up,” novelist Isabelle Allende echoed in her advice to aspiring writers, “and after a while the muse shows up, too.”

Legendary composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky put it similarly in an 1878 letter to his benefactress: “A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood.” Indeed, this notion that creativity and fruitful ideas come not from the passive resignation to a muse but from the active application of work ethic — or discipline, something the late and great Massimo Vignelli advocated for as the engine of creative work — is something legions of creative luminaries have articulated over the ages, alongside the parallel inquiry of where ideas come from. I don’t have a clue. Matisse does a drawing, then he recopies it. AplusClick Logic Questions: Think Outside the Box. 4 Others. Ple. Laugh Out Loud. Histoire. Maybe Someday. Digi Pixels. How We Created Columbo. (from their book "Stay Tuned: An Inside Look at the Making of Prime Time Television," excerpted in American Film magazine, March, 1981) Each year in February or March, Manhattan is the setting for a rite of spring undreamed of by Stravinsky.

Executives and independent suppliers descend upon the city for what is known as "selling season. " Armed with pilot scripts and a backlog of "concepts," the invading hoard sequesters itself in various hotel suites and begins to bombard the networks with high-powered salesmanship. The object of all of this is to get new series on the schedule, or keep existing series on the air. In recent years the nature of the selling season has changed, but in March of 1971, when Sid Sheinberg and his associates from Universal deployed themselves at the Sherry Netherland Hotel, they had only a few weeks to hawk their wares and convince the three networks that theirs was the better mousetrap.

The expected call came one morning in April, and we met with Sheinberg. Poe's Law. See Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night recreated with 7,000 falling dominoes. That's total apps downloaded, though. That's including games, weather apps, mobile web browsers, and "fart button" apps all in the same statistic. It's impressive, but not terribly useful for gauging how much of a threat mobile phone gaming poses to traditional handhelds. Analysts keep trying to make this argument, but I'm just not convinced. People who want to play Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are a separate demographic from people who want to play Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus; sure, there's some overlap, but I don't think it's nearly as much as the industry talking heads want to believe.

I'm still talking about revenue. Casual gamers used to play gameboys, pretty much every kid in my middle school had a gameboy advance, I don't think that all of the kids in my school were "core gamers". Apple has come out and said games are the best selling apps on the app store and take the majority share of the income pie. 12 Magical Items and the Real Life Gadgets that Resemble Them. Playing with Science and Technology for Fantastic Costumes. Hellish. Insanity. Dark Science #36 - The Department of Congruity. Ideas. ????? An Optical Illusion that Explains the Origins of Imaginary Monsters. David Foster Wallace’s importance of being earnest: Irony, Generation X and the sheer joy of language. Today, we think of the 1920s as a golden age of American fiction.

But to Edmund Wilson, looking back from the vantage point of 1944, the most striking thing about this modern generation, which he did more than any critic to foster, was its failure to reach full development. The best writers of the twenties, he wrote in “Thoughts on Being Bibliographed,” had either “died prematurely . . . leaving a sad sense of work uncompleted,” like F. Scott Fitzgerald, or “disconcertingly abandoned their own standards”—here the unnamed culprit is surely Ernest Hemingway, whom Wilson had helped to discover. To us, these are canonical names, predestined for Library of America cursive. So it is helpfully disconcerting to learn that, to Wilson, they seemed to have been canonized prematurely: “men of still-maturing abilities, on the verge of more important things, have suddenly turned up in the role of old masters with the best of their achievement behind them.”

Except for David Foster Wallace. Greatest Nerd of All Times: Jonathan Vos Post! SHERLOCK HOLMES. Sherlock Holmes Resume Service Phone Free! 1-800-5-SHERLOCK Look at the resume of Sherlock Holmes! Look at the resume of James Bond, 007 630k Full-Sized Image Internationally famous writerOver 1,000,000 words in printWill write you a winning résumé 30 Years Professional WritingExecutive or Entry-LevelCover Letters, Reference ListsFree ConsultationLaser Printing and Computer TypesettingQuality Paper; Matching EnvelopesRush Service--While You WaitStudent DiscountsGeneral and Business Writing, Editing National Writers Union (NWU)Mystery Writers of America (MWA)Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA)Pasadena Chamber of CommerceAltadena Chamber of CommerceProfessional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW) RUSH SERVICE AVAILABLE818-398-46311575 North Lake Avenue, Suite #202(2 blocks north of Washington--Lake Exit off Interstate 210)Pasadena, California 91104Send e-mail to Sherlock Holmes Résumé Service Return to Magic Dragon Home Page.

Ultimate Rain Sound Generator | Hearing Calibrated. ♥ I recently discovered this site while I was trying to find rain noise that was high quality - and I found it. I love this so much! I've been obsessed with it ever since. I'll open a rain noise page and a thunder & rain page and it reminds me of rainstorms in my childhood.

I can't thank you enough for this perfect rain! ♥ I love the sound of rain, and thunder! ♥ This is amazing, I have always loved the sound of rain. . ♥ I discovered this site randomly while looking for "static noise" in order to help me study. . ♥ This is perfect as a background to study/reading research papers. . ♥ Living without myNoise is like living without food and water, great work for this amazing idea. ♥ Perfection honestly. ♥ Sleeping with the rain. ♥ I have insomnia, and I have to say, this generator is perfect, absolutely perfect.

. ♥ I love you guys. . ♥ This is as relaxing as it gets, perfect for concentration or doing nothing. ♥ Heavy and blurred rain is all I wanted, and it's right here at my fingertips! ♥ Shit! Nature Sounds. Listen and download for free. “Ida”: A Film Masterpiece. We are so used to constant movement and compulsive cutting in American movies that the stillness of the great new Polish film “Ida” comes as something of a shock. I can’t recall a movie that makes such expressive use of silence and portraiture; from the beginning, I was thrown into a state of awe by the movie’s fervent austerity. Friends have reported similar reactions: if not awe, then at least extreme concentration and satisfaction. This compact masterpiece has the curt definition and the finality of a reckoning—a reckoning in which anger and mourning blend together. The director, Pawel Pawlikowski, left Poland years ago, for England, where he linked up with the English-born playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

After making documentaries for British television, Pawlikowski began directing features in English, including “My Summer of Love” (2004), with Emily Blunt, then unknown, and “The Woman in the Fifth” (2012), with Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas. Zupher Disorder | Through the eyes of a passerby. Collaborative storytelling. Rube Goldberg - biography, general information, art work, art ideas. - Powered by Hearts & Minds - Home of the End Poverty Campaign. Mrs Columbo Revealed! Mrs Columbo Revealed!

The miracle of Mrs Columbo is that although she is never seen or heard, she makes her presence felt throughout "Columbo". Without ever showing her face, she remains a major character in the show, capturing our imagination and affection. Her success is a testament to the power of good writing in "Columbo". Editor's Note: We have never seen Mrs Columbo -- all we know about her is what we can gather from her husband's remarks over the past 30 years.

The picture that thus evolves is a vivacious woman of endless energy and wide-ranging interests, who keeps her husband going and is never far from his mind. But Columbo is a notoriously unreliable historian. Part of Columbo's charm is that we never know when he is speaking literally, or when he is embellishing and improvising -- especially if he is talking to the murderer. Everything we are told about Mrs Columbo must be viewed against this background. Does Mrs Columbo Exist? Do we know for sure that Mrs Columbo exists? No. Twin Oaks Community, Virginia. An aerial view of Twin Oaks' main entrance and communal garden Twin Oaks Community is an ecovillage[1] and intentional community of about one hundred people [2] living on 450 acres in Louisa County, Virginia.[3][4] It is a member of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.[5] Founded in 1967,[6] it is one of the longest-enduring and largest secular intentional communities in North America.[4] The community's basic values are cooperation, egalitarianism, non-violence, sustainability and income sharing.[7] Founding[edit] The community was founded on a 123-acre (0.50 km2) tobacco farm in 1967[4] by a group of eight individuals with no farming experience that included Kat Kinkade, who wrote two books about the community.[8][9] The community's initial inspiration was B.

F. Skinner's novel Walden Two, which describes a fictional behaviorist utopia. Modified versions of the community's initial organizational structure and labor credit system survive to this day. Life as a member[edit] Angry Birds, Meet Hamstrong: A Superhero Fighting FOR Animals | The Wasted Gift Of Reason We are born with the gift of reason. However, society teaches us to be disconnected from nature. We are surrounded by advertisements which embrace death and destruction yet shun love and compassion. Even in the supermarkets, meat is sold boneless, skinless, breaded and processed in a myriad of shapes and sizes that do not even remotely resemble the animal which it came from. Are children being taught to disconnect from nature by consuming processed foods such as these chicken nuggets?

Bullying, Violent Video Games & The “Knock Out” Game The crusade against violence almost seems like an uphill battle as many of the children’s cartoons and video games promote negativity, self-destruction as well as the destruction of other living beings. Are We Encouraging An Already Rapidly Declining Bird Population? Grasshopper Sparrow by Luke Seitz. An Angry Video Game When I first bought my Android, I was horrified to find a game on my phone called Angry Birds. Perpetual Date Converter from Gregorian to POEE Calendar. Perpetual Date Converter from the Gregorian to the Semi-Divinely Revealed POEE Calendar Seasons The seasons are based on the Five Ages of Discordia as described in The Book of Uterus of the Honest Book of Truth which was revealed to Lord Omar. Days of the Week The Days of the Week are named from the five Basic Elements (which are discussed further in the Cosmogony article): Sweet, Boom, Pungent, Prickle, and Orange.

Sweetmorn Boomtime Pungenday Prickle-Prickle Setting Orange Holydays Apostle Holydays Each occurs on the 5th day of the Season Mungday Mojoday Syaday Zaraday Maladay Season Holydays Each occurs on the 50th day of each Season Chaoflux Discoflux Confuflux Bureflux Afflux St. Those of you who are trying to find your birthday and are getting bug-eyed looking at the above chart may wish to go use the handy-dandy Gregorian-to-Erisian Converter page. Who signs bills? Bird Clan of East Central Alabama. The three sisters are Corn, Beans, and Squash. They are seen as the three beautiful sisters because they grow in the same mound in the garden.

The Corn provides a ladder for the Bean Vine. They together give shade to the Squash. The Cherokee till the mound three times. The Native American story of the Three Sisters vary from tribe to tribe. This story below is taken from an oral account by Lois Thomas of Cornwall Island, compiled by students at Centennial College and found in "Indian Legends of Eastern Canada. " The Three Sisters A long time ago there were three sisters who lived together in a field. These sisters were quite different from one another in their size and way of dressing. The second sister wore a bright yellow dress, and she had a way of running off by herself when the sun shone and the soft wind blew in her face.

The third was the eldest sister, standing always very straight and tall above the other sisters and trying to protect them. She continued to stand tall in her field. Native American Vegetable Contributions: Three Sisters Garden | American Crossroads: Teaching History on the Great Plains. This Will Make You Smarter: 151 Big Thinkers Each Pick a Concept to Enhance Your Cognitive Toolkit. About Us. Maximize Your Potential with books, CD’s and training from Learning Strategies Corporation Our customers are in on a secret for success… and now you are too! When you use a program from Learning Strategies Corporation you are getting some of the absolute best.

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16 Practical Tips for Solving Your Problems More Easily. Matrix Oracles: Free! Free! Free! Lucidity Festival. Keeping Our Eyes Wide Open. Price of Peace Chart: Programs and their costs. International | Working to Protect Human Rights. Alex Stern: Yes, Virginia, Your Reproductive Rights Are Compromised. DNA 'identichip' gives a detailed picture of a suspect - life - 11 January 2013. Civilian 'hacktivists' fight terrorists online. Kakuei Tanaka - a political biography of modern Japan: Introduction. Interview : Pierre Lévy. Edward L. Glaeser: Done Right, a New Applied Science Center for New York Makes Sense. OECD calls for policy reform and technology to prevent impending water crisis. What qualities should we look for in our presidents? Morocco's culture aids its economy. Foundation Research: A Model of Continuous Creation. Foundation Research: About Meru. 100-50-1: Fifty of the World’s Most Talented Mobile Photographers.

25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos. The Moth | True Stories Told Live. Soundtrack Wednesday - Angel Heart. L'Oeil de Links. Inside Secrets of the Making of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan and "Space Seed"!

List of fictional doctors. Sheldon Cooper. It Takes Two: Television's Most Classic Female Duos. 8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite of What You Think. Magic world image. Net Sommaire. Jeff Russell's STARSHIP DIMENSIONS. Starship Schematics Database. Art Prints, Wall Art, Art Clothing, Tees and Goods. Mind Maps.