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Matrix Oracles: Free! Free! Free! Free Oracles! Matrix Oracles online have the ten most popular Divination Oracles, Asrtrology Reading, Compatibility Reading, The ancient Runes Reading, the Chinese I-Ching Reading, Numerology for your name, birth date, or number, Tarot reading, Fortune Cookie, Yes or No answers, Words of fortune, Words of Wisdom, and Words of Humor, and the Farmer's Almanac.Tarot Reading - Deal the cards and extract the answer, Astrology Reading - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow astrological reports, Friends and Lovers Reading - Friends or Lovers reports, Fortune Cookie - Every time you click the cookie you get a new fortune, Runes reading - The ancient Stones, Yes or No Oracles - A quick and simple answer, I-Ching reading - Five thousand year old Chinese System of divination, Word Oracle - Some of the pithiest, funniest, and sagest quotes ever assembled anywhere,Numerology Reading - Assign a number to your name, Electric Almanac - the traditional Seasonal Almanac.

5 Easy Ways To Download & Convert Online Videos Streaming video websites are such a big part of our lives, it’s hard to remember a time when they didn’t exist. These websites revolutionized our computer video experience – no longer do we have to download every single video we want to watch – it’s all right there! But the opposite is also true.

[3.5] Dawnblade: the duskblade's paladin DAWNBLADE"Superman don't need no seat belt."-- Muhammad Ali"I am a sexy, shoeless god of WAR!"-- Belkar, The Order of the Stick The dawnblade is a righteous slayer, a mighty warrior who engages in battle for his god or his principles. In combat he moves fast and strikes hard, felling foes with both smites and channeled spells. He also debuffs tough foes, coordinating fellow party members and making it easier to take down a difficult opponent. The dawnblade is a class for daring, aggressive players who want to be in the center of the action, taking risks and confronting their opponents head-on.Design Notes:SpoilerShowThe dawnblade a counterpart to my knight-paladin class; if the knight-paladin is the stout defender, the dawnblade is the bruiser. CLASS FEATURES All of the following are class features of the dawnblade.Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A dawnblade is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with light, medium, and heavy armor and shields (except tower shields).

Human World Human World The women of the Tiwi tribe in the South Pacific are married at birth. When Albert Einstein died, his final words died with him. The nurse at his side didn't understand German. St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was not Irish.

Afghanistan: April 2011 - Alan Taylor - In Focus Nearly ten years ago, when Bin Laden and his supporters launched the attacks of September 11th, the U.S. and Britain responded with Operation Enduring Freedom in October, 2001 -- a campaign which continues to this day with nearly 140,000 coalition troops in Afghanistan. It remains to be seen if the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden will have any immediate effect on the situation in Afghanistan, but security has been tightened at coalition bases throughout the region. The Taliban has promised a new Spring offensive soon, as the weather warms and Afghanistan's "fighting season" gets underway. Insurgent attacks across the country, large and small, continue at the rate of about 30 per day, an increase from last year. NATO leaders have endorsed a target withdrawal date of 2014, with a handover to Afghan forces beginning next year.

16 Practical Tips for Solving Your Problems More Easily What’s the best way to solve a problem? I really don’t think there is one way to do it. And the ways you can use to solve a problem depends on the problem. But I have found a few tips that have helped me solve problems more easily. I seldom use all of the tips for solving one problem and they aren’t arranged in any special order. However, I find doing some of these things early on can really help you solve the problem faster and with less struggle and pain.

Movie Maker Editing - Reverse The subject of playing a clip backwards comes up fairly often. There are no special effects or features in Movie Maker that lets you do it easily. When you want to take the extra steps needed to do it, here are some suggestions. 5 Methods - listed in no particular order, not the preferred order... personally I like method #5 best. It's the only one I tested so far in Windows 8, where it worked fine. Method 1 - Xander's Video Time Reversal... a ready to use app that needs no installation beyond unzipping the small downloaded file.

Magic Item Shop Random Inventory Generator Instructions: Simply enter a number for how many items of each type the magic shop should have. If a shop shouldn't have any of those items, leave the field blank or enter a 0. Then press submit and the page will reload with a Magic Item Shop inventory listed below that fits your criteria. Or as a shortcut select a value for "Pre-fill as shop size" then submit, or customize the settings then submit. This generator uses the probabilities in the SRD as faithfully as possible with one exception noted below. List of misconceptions about illegal drugs LSD[edit] Some of the strangest urban legends told are those about lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a potent psychedelic drug that gained popularity in several countries in the 1960s and 1970s, and experienced a brief resurgence in the mid to late 1990s before declining from 2000 onward. The drug's relation to the 1960s counterculture was likely part of the reason for such legends.

Bin Laden Ignored Own "Hiding Places" Rules MAY 2--While an al Qaeda training manual offered tips on “hiding places” for jihadists on the run, Osama bin Laden appears to have ignored a couple of his own suggestions when it came to hitting the mattresses. The terrorism manual, "Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants," was seized during a raid on the Manchester, England home of a bin Laden follower. An English translation of the 180-page Arabic document was prepared by federal investigators. The manual’s “Fourth Lesson,” seen here, addressed “Apartments--Hiding Places” for disciples of the al Qaeda leader.

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