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Venues for Events - Houston

Innovation. New Leaders. Team-building Event Companies. Manager to Dir/Exec Transition. Creating an Effective Peer Review System. Employee performance reviews are a hot topic once again.

Creating an Effective Peer Review System

Deloitte and Accenture have abandoned annual evaluations and rankings, and according to the July/Aug issue of HBR, it’s time to “blow up” traditional HR. What practices should be instituted instead? Many people think real-time peer reviews will be a key piece of the puzzle. Why? By providing instant and continuous recognition of positive behavior, typically via a public social platform, they yield more and richer data on employees, offering managers a clearer picture of a team or company’s strengths and weaknesses and everyone a better sense of how they’re performing. 5 Behavioral Economics Principles Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore.

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