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Cooking blogs. Cooking blogs. 100 Top Cooking Sites. Supercook: recipe search by ingredients you have at home. Just add your ingredients and Supercook instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites!

Supercook: recipe search by ingredients you have at home

As featured in: or Forgot your password? Seven Online Meal & Menu Planning Tools. Need help organizing your recipes and planning a menu?

Seven Online Meal & Menu Planning Tools

These seven sites and smartphone apps will help you get organized: 1. Evernote (free): The most popular recipe and menu organizing app we know of. Don't miss The Kitchn's review of Evernote and the ways we rely on it in the kitchen! Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog. Food Forums - Chowhound.

Cooking For Engineers - Step by Step Recipes and Food for the Analytically Minded. Favorite Food Web Sites Deborah Krasner. Kitchen designer Deborah Krasner likes to keep up with interesting food resources on the Web.

Favorite Food Web Sites Deborah Krasner

Here's some of her favorite finds: A big, elegant site with hard-to-find food, equipment, cookbooks and recipes. A simple collection of my recipes. The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community! Beth's Favorite Recipes. My Favorite Recipes. Quick Recipes & Easy Recipe Ideas - Tablespoon. Best Food Blog Awards 2014: Winners. Each year we've hosted the Best Food Blog Awards, we're astounded at the depth, variety, creativity, and ingenuity of the food blogs nominated, and this year was no exception.

Best Food Blog Awards 2014: Winners

They've inspired us to pull out our cameras, travel to experience new foodways, and most importantly, inspired us to get in our kitchens and cook. Breakfast, appetizer, and dinner recipes. 25 Top Food Blogs of 2014. Like it or not, we’re living in The Era of the Blog.

25 Top Food Blogs of 2014

In a country where just about everyone has the ability, with the click of a mouse, to post anything he or she wants to on the internet, it seems like everyone with an opinion has taken to a laptop or a tablet and started a blog. This is obviously nothing new (as anyone who used to have a Xanga account can tell you), but the fact that anyone, anywhere, can set up a platform to instantly reach millions of readers (at least potentially) is worth celebrating. For the fifth year running, then, we’re ranking the top 25 food-oriented blogs, judged according to readership and social media following. 25 Top Food Blogs of 2014 (Slideshow) There’s plenty of time to argue the merits of what makes a food blog great, be it number of scoops, quality of the recipes, layout, industry usefulness, or wide appeal, but ranking blogs in those terms would be highly subjective.

Recipes from Kevin & Amanda. This post is in partnership with French’s Sweet Yellow Mustard and Spicy Yellow Mustard.

Recipes from Kevin & Amanda

I received compensation to write this post through the Sweet and Spicy Influencer Program. All content, photos, and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting sponsors that allow me to create new content for Kevin & Amanda! Today I’m partnering with French’s Mustard to bring you this fabulous Honey Garlic Shrimp. Pinch of Yum - A food blog with simple and tasty recipes. Favorite Recipes Added to Cozi Meals (from Other Recipe Websites) Skip to content A Chart-Topping List of Recipes Added to Cozi Meals (from Other Recipe Websites) Share on facebook Share on twitterShare on email.

Favorite Recipes Added to Cozi Meals (from Other Recipe Websites)

Mel's Kitchen Café Favorite Recipes. Here is where I’ll detail my “BEST” recipes.

Mel's Kitchen Café Favorite Recipes

I probably have over 50 recipes for cookies on my site…but if you want to go straight to the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, I’ll detail it here for you. The best whole wheat bread? I’ll tell you. Brownies? - Recipes, Dinner Ideas and Menus. Smitten kitchen. Your Top 10 Recipe Websites. Last week we put the call out for your favorite sites for recipe inspiration.

Your Top 10 Recipe Websites

You shared a mix of blogs, video sites, and magazines. Here’s the top 10 sites. Thanks to you all, we now know what’s for dinner tonight! Once you’ve found a few new favorite recipes, be sure to check our tips for organizing them online. 1. - Thousands Of Free Recipes From Home Chefs With Recipe Ratings, Reviews And Tips.

Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog. Allrecipes - Recipes and cooking confidence for home cooks everywhere. Fed & Fit. The Top 10 Tastiest Recipes Websites: Best of Food Online 2012 « The @allmyfaves Blog: Expert Reviews about Cool New Sites. Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2012 by Danny Davies Finding delicious recipes for any occasion has never been easier.

The Top 10 Tastiest Recipes Websites: Best of Food Online 2012 « The @allmyfaves Blog: Expert Reviews about Cool New Sites

There’s so many tasty food and recipes websites floating around; but how do you know which ones are worth your attention? Well if you’re a budding online recipes connoisseur, you’ve come to the right place to find the absolute best ones: Dine-with-your-eyes through our definitive list of the absolute best of online food websites & blogs… Here’s our Top 10 Tastiest Recipes Websites of 2012. Bon appetit! 1. Gojee – Kicking off the list is probably one of the most salivatingly good looking food and recipes websites we’ve ever seen, with huge “food porn” style glossy photos of seemingly delicious meals and cocktails the order of the day. 2. Punchfork – No list detailing the Internet’s tastiest recipes sites would be complete without our very own No.1 Tastiest Recipes Site of 2011, voted for voted for by thousands of All My Faves users out of a strong list of nominees. 3. 4. Recipes, Menus, Cooking Articles & Food Guides. Comfort Foods - Best Recipes for Comfort Food. Food and Mood: The Best Foods to Make You Feel Better. Want proof that food can change your mood? Think Thanksgiving, the meal that leaves you as sleepy as a dose of Valium. Then there's the grande mocha latte; does anything else pick you up quite like a drink that combines two caffeine-saturated foods in one foamy cup? And when you're feeling low—your hard drive just detonated, your credit cards are maxed out, your college freshman just arrived home, mid-semester, with a moving van—you don't reach for broccoli, do you?

No, you grab chocolate, because that's what makes you feel better. Classic Comfort Food. Main Dish Recipes With hearty baked pastas, meatloaf, casseroles and some lighter takes, our comfort food recipes cover all the bases. <img src=" alt="Classic Comfort Food" title="Classic Comfort Food"> 21 <img src=" alt="Lasagna and Baked Pasta Recipes" title="Lasagna and Baked Pasta Recipes"> 40 <img src=" alt="Meatloaf Recipes" title="Meatloaf Recipes"> 19 <img src=" alt="Macaroni and Cheese Recipes" title="Macaroni and Cheese Recipes"> 20 Classic Comfort Food 1 of 21 Perfect Macaroni and Cheese Chicken Potpies with Puff Pastry Meatloaf and Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes Tuna Casserole Recipe Photography: Bryan Gardner Skillet Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Salted Fried Chicken Tomato Soup with Bacon Grilled Cheese Photography: Sang An Thin Burger Heather's Texas Red Chili Chicken and Dumplings Pulled-Pork Sliders Photography: DAVID M.

Snack Recipes. Recipes, Cooking Tips & Food Trends - HuffPost Taste. Ratatouille. Whenever I cook a ratatouille, my kitchen smells like a Provençal market, filled with Mediterranean scents. Even though ratatouille is a grand classic French dish, you won’t often come across it in the restaurant menus. This is a true ‘home-cooked’ meal, to be eaten in the best traditional way, with a golden fried egg on top. Creamy Caprese Pasta. Comfort Food Recipes. Comfort Food Recipes. 101 Best Classic Comfort Food Recipes. Recipes - In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita. Recipes»Vegetarian Mozzarella Garlic Bread This pull-apart Mozzarella Garlic Bread is sinfully good. Recipes»SaladsVegetarian Shaved Vegetable Salad with White Balsamic Dressing This beautiful, simple salad is a like a work of art on a plate.

Recipes»Mains Pork Schnitzel Pan-fried in butter and olive until golden brown, this mouthwatering Pork Schnitzel is topped with capers and lemon. Red Cabbage and Apple Salad With fresh beets and dried cherries, this Red Cabbage and Apple Salad is sweet and tangy. Korena in the Kitchen – Someones in the Kitchen - The Ultimate Source for all Things Kitchen! Health Starts in the Kitchen - Helping to Make the World a Healthier Place, One Kitchen at a Time! Coco in the Kitchen. GLUTEN FREE WITH A FOCUS ON REAL FOOD. Life and love through the lens of the kitchen. Jessica In The Kitchen – Pulled from the earth. Hot from the oven. Straight from the heart.

Recipes - Treble in the Kitchen. Treble in the Kitchen Adventures in food, fitness & living a balanced life Home Recipes Recipes I LOVE trying new recipes in the kitchen while making old favorites. I view cooking as a way to understand the nutrients that are needed to fuel the body while having fun in a “trial and error” process. Breakfast. Tori’s Kitchen.

Wilde in the Kitchen. Barefeet In The Kitchen. Comfy in the Kitchen — Step by step, you'll get there yet! Gourmande in the Kitchen: A collection of whole food, seasonal recipes. Miss in the Kitchen – The Kitchen: Food Network. Laura in the Kitchen - Internet Cooking Show Starring Laura Vitale. In the Kitchen with David — Kitchen & Food. Page View: GalleryGallery|ListList|Text OnlyText Only aux1 = |Best Sellers,Customer Top Rated,Easy Pay Offers,Items Recently On Air,Most Wished For| 20 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under $3. In the Kitchen Archive. Chaos in the kitchen.