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How to Take Great Portrait Photos @Samurai I-am-awry Is not on the list hallelujah!: I don't know where this comes from, but the Nikon DX lenses don't account for any crop factor other than producing a smaller image circle that makes them useless on a full-frame body. A 35mm DX lens looks the same on a DX body as a 35mm non-DX lens would on it. @cmdtacos: Hmmm interesting. @Samurai I-am-awry: There are two main reasons they exist. Part of me also thinks in some cases it's to get people to buy new lenses when they switch to a full-frame camera. With an FX lens or an older film lens, on a DX camera, some light is lost because it's not hitting the sensor, it's hitting the stuff around the sensor. Try this, if you have a 50mm lens, mount it and hold your DSLR up sideways to one eye and open the other eye. To achieve the same field of view on a DX camera, you'd use a 35mm lens. - The most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America The Dude’s Guide Pt 4: Ordering and Buying Wine The Dude’s Guide Pt 4: Ordering and Buying Wine The scenario – You’ve just scored a date with a super hot friend of your co-worker. When you pick her up she is wearing a clingy red low-cut dress. The kind of dress that shows her curves and makes you hope it’s a little breezy. As the evening progresses, all the signs point to success. She laughs at all your jokes, she flings her hair back flirtatiously, and touches your shoulder periodically when she’s talking. The Dude’s Guide to Wine helps demystify and educate the average Joe about wine. In Part One we explained three reasons all guys should know a little about wine – Rated PG In Part Two we explored the basics of grapes and their general characteristics – Rated PG-13 In Part Three we talked about the experience of wine tasting (swirl, smell, sip, savor) – Rated R Why is there so much anxiety when ordering wine or buying from a store? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Directions Tips for Navigating the Store

Google Maps Mania Los Angeles Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors Google adds Helicopter view to Google Maps Google adds Helicopter view to Google Maps Google Maps are now enabled with helicopter view which allows you to view the route in an interactive 3d animation that can be paused and replayed too. Although only a select few might actually travel using a helicopter but helicopter view gives a nice aerial view of the area you will be passing through. Google Maps Engineer ‘Paul Yang’ posted on Google Lat Long Blog “Getting directions is one of the most popular features on Google Maps, whether it be for driving, walking, biking or transit. Step1 : Plan the route To view any route in Helicopter view, firstly go ahead and search for a route for e.g “Statue of Liberty, NY to Times Square Towers, New York, NY” and click ‘Get Directions’. Step2: Switch to 3d View to start the animation Click on ’3D’ button next to the route direction to start loading the map in 3D view using Google Earth. Step3: Pause the animation and view the surroundings Tagged as: Google

Maps with Street View Alright everyone. Despite my complete melt-down further up in this comments thread, I need to put something out there. Disclosure first: although I have access to certain sources, I (and my business) am independent of Google but have direct dealings with Google. I have NDAs that prohibit me from disclosing certain things. I will mind my manners and my NDAs in writing this. These are my words and should be taken as only that. August didn't go according to plan, completely. YouTube was very quick to adopt 360° video but YouTube is comparatively MUCH smaller than Google Maps and incorporating 360° video didn't require a major overhaul because it's still a niche and people are more forgiving of products that serve a niche. 360° photography, on the other hand, has moved from niche to mainstream and made the Street View brand (when tied directly and only to Maps) irrelevant very quickly. Transparency is crucial to Google's success.

I Went on a Wizard Quest A few months ago, I had the most fun I have ever had in my entire life at a place called Wizard Quest in Wisconsin. I've been trying to explain exactly what it is to people ever since, but haven't had much luck. According to their website, it's a "13000-square-foot fantasy-themed labrynth (we call it the quadrasphere)." But that doesn't make it sound anywhere near as awesome as it actually is, so here's a blog about it. If you intend to visit this place in the near future, maybe don't read this blog. These photos make this place look crappy, but that's just because I didn't realize I'd be blogging about Wizard Quest, so the camera I took along wasn't really up to the job. Anyway, this is where our adventure started: in a library room with talking, mystical plasma screen picture frames. Once the mystical plasma screens had explained our mission to us (something about freeing four wizards trapped in elemental realms) this bookcase opened up into a "vortex tunnel." And a mirror maze...

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