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Mind My Business. Mind My Business Blog. Mind My Business Blog. Mind My Business NYC. How To Keep Your Work And Life Balance In Check. It is easy for one to get caught up with work and forget he/she has a life to live.

How To Keep Your Work And Life Balance In Check

Planning your time well and setting boundaries between work and family can help you make the most out of your life. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 1) Learn to Prioritize Sort tasks, events, and experiences based on their importance and how fast they should be done/handled.

A good example is when you have to attend a friend’s birthday/graduation party, but still, have plenty of work to do. 2) Don’t Focus on Work Alone You may have heard of the term, a workaholic. 3) Don’t Skip Lunch Breaks. Money Saving Tips for your Business's Energy Bills. Owning a business can become very costly and saving money wherever you can is a top priority for any business owner, so why not start with your energy bills?

Money Saving Tips for your Business's Energy Bills

9 Useful Tips To Manage Your Bitcoin. The internet has lots of success stories about ‘Bitcoin millionaires,’ so it is expected to motivate some enthusiastic investors who wish to try their luck with this recently popular cryptocurrency.

9 Useful Tips To Manage Your Bitcoin

But before you empty your bank accounts to invest in this digital market, keep some of these handy tips in mind to ensure safe investments. Be informed Before Starting. Adjusting To Shift Changes. 1) Give Yourself Time To Adjust Start preparing for upcoming shift changes as soon as you can.

Adjusting To Shift Changes

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Succeeds. Businesses succeed for different reasons.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

Some provide a quality product that can’t be purchased anywhere else while others provide an efficient yet less quality product for a cheaper price. While there are many reasons why companies succeed, here are three ways to ensure your business’ success. Look Beyond The Résumé During Hiring A résumé is a good place to start when conducting an interview, but a piece of paper doesn’t tell the entire story. Why Small Business Owners Need an Air Compressor. You’d be surprised to know all the ways a small business owner can benefit by owning an air compressor.

Why Small Business Owners Need an Air Compressor

Even if you are not a mechanic or workshop owner, you will still be better off with investing in a reliable air compressor. What Exactly Is an Air Compressor? It’s a machine which uses power to suck in and compress a large amount of air into a tank. Cheap Alternative of Shopify. With the arrival of digital market, it’s more simple and easy for the professionals to market their skills to the wide range of customers.

Cheap Alternative of Shopify

There are plenty of E-stores that are offering services like Shopify but it’s a costly option. You can use the cheap alternatives to Shopify and those are Sellfy, Bigcommerce, Volusion and Squarespace. If you want to sell your digital products in an easiest way, you must consider Sellfy, one of the most amazing e-store. Here you can sell your digital products like software, videos, music and much more. 5 Tips to Create a Perfectly Operating Family Business. When we are talking about the family business, the first thing which comes to mind is the American Dream.

5 Tips to Create a Perfectly Operating Family Business

And what could be wrong with “the Dream”? Is there any chance of failing? How To Find Good Traders on TradingView? If you are in trading, you are probably aware of the existence of certain websites or platforms that could help you.

How To Find Good Traders on TradingView?

Among them is TradingView, a portal well-suited for beginners and veterans alike. Learn why here: What is TradingView? For those unfamiliar with this nifty portal, TradingView is a space where you can use charts and analytics tools, as well as connect with like-minded traders. It’s useful for traders in Forex, Index, stock market or even cryptocurrencies as it provides helpful charts and analysis. As it’s available on all desktop devices and iOS devices, it strives to be a good companion to any active trader, no matter their level of involvement. What Does TradingView Offer? TradingView has grown in popularity over the last year because of its invested approach. Similar platforms offer simple charts like line or bar charts, while TradingView goes a step further and offers Heikin Ashi charts, Hollow Candles Charts, area charts and so on. How to Keep Up with Commercial Property Maintenance.

Besides making sure they make enough money to keep the lights on, business owners must also ensure that their commercial property remains up to par.

How to Keep Up with Commercial Property Maintenance

Keeping the premises clean, comfortable, and safe from the inside out is vital to the health and safety of your staff and customers. In many cases, this is also a legal requirement based on local building codes and regulations. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Property. From house and land packages to luxury apartment buildings, there is no shortage of properties for a beginner to invest in. If you’re ready to take the plunge into buying up rental properties, there is plenty of information out there to help you get started. What isn’t as readily available is a way to avoid the mistakes that past investors in rental property have made. In this blog, you will find a few of those top mistakes and a little on how to avoid them as well. Purchasing Property with Your Heart, Not Your Head One of the most common traps investors fall into is purchasing homes with their hearts instead of their heads. Will it provide the gains and revenues you need?

5 Ways to Build a Successful NYC Construction Business. To truly thrive in the construction world, businesses need to upkeep, maintain and keep on track with operations. If you own your own construction company, there are various actions that you can take to ensure customer satisfaction, helping to grow your business. Here are five fundamental steps that you need to take to get started. Prioritize Customer Service When hiring employees in your construction business, you need to make sure that they possess the right contracting skills. Your number one priority should be to provide excellent customer service to your clients, so having the right people working for your company is essential.

Find Your Niche. 4 Essential Online Tools for Writers. Whether you are a beginner in writing or a professional writer, there is a high chance that you will need help at some point of writing. With the technologies and online tools available today, no writer needs to go anywhere else for help. There are a lot of applications out there that can help you proofread, improve and protect your writing. Writing is something that you can always improve, no matter how good you are. Understanding What an Event Production Company Does. From corporate meetings and networking events to holiday parties and employee appreciation ceremonies, businesses often host lots of events throughout the year. If you’ve ever had to plan a corporate event before, you know that it takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail in order to pull off an event that reflects your brand and entertains your guests.

That’s why many businesses decide to work with a company that specializes in event production. How Do Event Production Companies Help Businesses? An event production company is a business that assists corporate (and residential) clients in hosting events like meetings, product launches, conferences, and more. Depending on the service provider you choose you can get help with everything from lighting and design to entertainment. Using the Eco-Friendly Approach to Fleet Management. Fleet companies are encouraged to take an eco-friendly approach in their management endeavors. Every organization is encouraged to be an ambassador of environmental protection now that global warming is almost becoming catastrophic. No company that runs a fleet of vehicles should think that going green is tasking and costly, especially after all relevant organizations have played their part well in supporting this move.

If you are a fleet company out there, make sure that you endeavor to go green and save the environment. 4 Ways Businesses Can Do Better Internationally. For many businesses, going global is the ultimate goal. 3 Ways to Remove Workplace Bathroom Odors. There are few things more unpleasant than stepping into a bathroom that’s just been used. 5 Tips for Financing Investment Property. Utilizing Manual Lift Tables to Enhance Workers' Ergonomic Safety. Manual lift tables can come in handy to help enhance employee safety in the material handling industry. It’s worth mentioning that this sector can be hazardous especially where there is no proper equipment and training. Material handling activities involve moving heavy objects from one place to the other. Enhanced Equipment Mechanical engineering enhancements such as manual lift tables boost worker safety in the material handling sector.

Best Craft Businesses That Are Most Profitable. Businesses are generally more difficult to start at first, but in the long-term can be much more profitable and do not require much work in the long-term when compared with a standard 9 to 5 job. Leverage of Business Investments in Cyprus. Europe has been settled as one of the most sought-after regions in terms of the largest net worth immigration including Cyprus and other European countries. How Economic Calendar Is a Vital Tool for Daily Trading Strategy? Whichever way you turn in the forex marketplace, there’s a myriad of statistics to support its size and appeal. An estimated $5.3 trillion is traded every single day on the foriegn exchange, for example, whilst this space is worth a cumulative amount of $1.934 trillion (which just happens to be 2.5-times larger than the global GDP). Whilst these figures may shine like beacons to aspiring traders who are looking to access a volatile and highly leveraged market, the derivative nature of currency means that you can occasionally lose considerable more than your initial deposit.

How Can Investors Make the Best of Silver? 5 Questions to Ask During Your Performance Review. The end of the year signifies a lot of opportunities for analysis and growth in many organizations. If your company is preparing its annual review process this time of year, it’s a good idea to get yourself ready as well. Annual performance reviews are a great way to stand out amongst the crowds and be seen and heard with top executives in your organization. What you Do Wrong When Budgeting in Business. Budgeting your finances is an important factor in maintaining a small business. Without one, you’ll end up squandering most of your profits on pointless upgrades and improvements that might not even help in the long run. Teach Your Employees About Security Awareness. 5 Things Car Dealers Don't Want You To Know. Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips that let you Put your Feet Up over Christmas. How Tech is Changing the Face of Farming.

Unsure About Custom E-Learning Content? 3 Reasons Why You Should Take The Plunge. How To Start Gaining Links For Your New Business. Could a Telecoms Audit be just the Thing for your Business Before the New Year? 3 Reasons Why You Need to Develop Communication Skills. The Best Ways to Become a Millionaire. Mind My Business. Must-Follow Rules to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur. Learning to Analyze Forex Market Like an Experts. How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing? The 5 Best Interview Questions Candidates Ask During Job Interviews. What to Know Before Buying Investment Property in Another State.

Easy Ways to Manage Office Supplies. Benefits of Office Branding. Tips For Giving An Excellent Job Interview. Top 6 Reasons New Businesses Fail. How to Improve your B2B Customer Loyalty Program? How to Become an Electrical Contractor. Create the Perfect Forex Trading Plan. 5 Webpages Your Small Business Site Should Have. Benefits Offered By Disruptive Innovation. How To Prevent Slips and Falls in The Workplace. 7 Rules to Keep Your Office a Safer Workplace. Five Reasons to Hire a Contract Packaging Company for your Retail Products Business. How to Become an Electrical Contractor. What is Threat Intelligence – and Why Does it Matter? 4 Tips To Retain Employees and Build Your Workforce. Biggest Risks When Becoming A Massage Therapist. Four Helpful Hints When Importing or Exporting from Mexico. The Tech Effect: How Changes in Technology Affect Businesses.

4 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself. 10 Key Steps To Getting A Small Business Loan. Automation Tips for Small Businesses. What Is Salary Pay And How Can It Affect Your Company? Budget-Friendly Small Business Software for Busy Entrepreneurs. Payroll 101: 4 Essential Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing. 5 Reasons Why You Might Get Denied an EIN. Choosing Between Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy- The Best Option for Debt Relief. A Guide To Managing Communications For A Cybersecurity Breach. 6 Ways To Create A Good Brand Identity. Why Insurance Is A 100% Beneficial Investment? 5 Business Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid. How to Write a Simple Business Plan for Students.

Selecting a Cryptocurrency Wallet - Things to Understand. The top benefits of using LED lighting in factories. 5 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Lawn Care Business. 3 Ways To Beat Distractions and Stay Focused At Work. What You Need to Consider Before Starting a Small Logistics Company. Tips on Getting a Good Credit Score and Keeping It. Importance of Content Marketing for your Business. Apply for a Small Business Loan in 6 Steps. 5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Daily Planner for Business.

How to Use the Cloud for Your Small Business. Choosing a Conference Call Service: A Business Guide. 7 Interesting Pros And Cons Of Cloud Computing For Your Business. Best-of-Breed Tech: What You Should Know. Why You Should Invest In a REIT? 3 Criteria for Choosing Between Types of Accounting Software. 10 Business Tools Every Startup Should Have to Grow Quickly. DON'T EXPECT BUSINESS SETBACKS BUT EXPECT TO DEAL WITH THEM. Loans For Those With Bad Credit. Your Guide to SSI Wage Reporting for Payroll. Four Benefits of Switching Bank Accounts and Why Should You Do It Now. You Need To Know These Things Before Buying A Small Business.

Impress Your Customers With These Dental Practice POS Upgrades. Happy Christmas. Questions & Answers on Product Liability.