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Government fined £500,000 for New Year honours data breach. Facial recognition firm faces possible £17m privacy fine. Zuckerberg's metaverse: Lessons from Second Life. Facebook's metaverse plans labelled as 'dystopian' and 'a bad idea' Database firm Clearview AI told to remove photos taken in Australia. Facebook to end use of facial recognition software. Location data collection firm admits privacy breach.

Schools pause facial recognition lunch plans. Is privacy an illusion? You’ve decided to quit Facebook. Here’s how. Neighbour wins privacy row over smart doorbell and cameras. DeepMind faces legal action over NHS data use. Amazon announces Astro the home robot. WhatsApp issued second-largest GDPR fine of €225m. Data protection 'shake-up' takes aim at cookie pop-ups. Apple regrets confusion over 'iPhone scanning' Zoom settles US class action privacy lawsuit for $86m. Facebook warns growth set to slow 'significantly' How your personal data is being scraped from social media. Should we trust big tech with our health data? How did my phone number end up for sale on a US database?

Audio editor Audacity denies spyware accusation. Digital ad industry accused of huge data breach. WhatsApp launches privacy campaign after backlash. iOS15: Apple continues privacy war with app tracker reports. iOS15: China exempt from Apple 'private relay' privacy feature. Patient data transfer still set to start in July. Privacy group targets website 'cookie terror' Legality of collecting faces online challenged. Privacy on iPhone. WhatsApp: Facebook-owned app goes to court over India privacy rules. Reminders on rise as WhatsApp update deadline looms. It’s deja vu for marketers as Apple’s ATT causes consent headache. There’s a whiff of deja vu in waking up to a headache caused by consent notifications.

It’s deja vu for marketers as Apple’s ATT causes consent headache

Marketers are again in limbo as gaining people’s consent to be tracked via pop-up rears its head around Apple’s latest privacy push — just as it did for the General Data Protection Regulation three years ago. Back then, there was a lot more wriggle room for marketers to make their case. Apple, on the other hand, has made things a lot harder.

“There are parallels between preparation for the GDPR prompts and what’s happening now with App Tracking Transparency (ATT),” said Mark Kellogg, head of technical partnerships at mobile analytics company Kochava. Priti Patel: Facebook encryption plan ‘must not hamper child protection’ Facebook faces mass legal action over data leak. Tech Tent: The end of ad tracking?