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EXTRAORDINARY Ideas: 25 Christmas Projects! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

EXTRAORDINARY Ideas: 25 Christmas Projects!

Ding…♪ Dong…♫ Ding…♪ Dong…♫ .Christmas is without a doubt my FAVORITE Holiday. As a child I remember waiting month after month to smell the fresh “truchas” { Canary Islands’ Christmas Dessert } made in my mom’s kitchen and the endless parties on Christmas Eve Night. I recall dancing all night long, singing Villancicos {Christmas Carols from Spain} while. Christmas Tree Fruit Salad. We put this together for Sabrina's preschool Christmas party.

Christmas Tree Fruit Salad

It was a huge hit and so easy and fun to make.


ALL THAT GLITTERS...MINUS THE MESS. So...are you like me?...


You heart all things glittery...but hate it being all over you?... You know....looking like you're about ready to hit the's some ornies that have all the sparkle...but none of the mess... 150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas! Candy sleighs. Last week at Bring 'n Brag, one of the ladies showed us how she made candy sleighs for Christmas gifts. update!

candy sleighs

The lady who showed us the sleighs is Lois. Thanks Lois! Joellen and I decided we needed to make our own! They were fun to make. We made a dozen of them in about an hour and a half (plus wasted time driving around town looking for Christmas ribbon!) Next, attach 10 mini hershey bars on top, with just a drop of glue for each. After all the glue is hard and secure, glue ribbon around your "packages" and a bow on the top. Some of our finished sleighs. DIY serving tray « {DIY No Sew Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt}

My secret Project is finally finished! You know me, im always working on something. But this project was a big deal for me. As you know, our baby is due Christmas eve {Yay!} & with all the excitement that will be going on around Christmas time, there will be very little time {& honestly, i think i will be too lazy by then} for me to work on some of the Christmas projects i have been wanting to do. So, I am trying to finish them now while i still have the energy :) Weaving Danish Heart Baskets for Jul. Happy Jul everybody!

Weaving Danish Heart Baskets for Jul

The Christmas season in Denmark is called Jul, (pronounced “Yule”) and starts on December 1 with a variety of traditions, foods and activities that will continue until the evening of December 24th, a day known as Juleaften. I come from a long line of Scandinavians. We’ve got Norwegians, Danes and Swedes in the bloodline, so I tend to cherry-pick the traditions, foods and activities my ancestors participated in, and bring only my favorites into everyday life. For example, I do not condone the practice of raping and pillaging villagers/villages like my Viking ancestors did, but DO think that the Viking burial ceremony of sending the body of the deceased out to sea, in a boat stuffed with supplies for the afterworld, while all his friends and neighbors shoot burning arrows at the boat from the shoreline until the boat catches fire and sinks is pretty awesome, and the way I would like to be buried, thank you.

Start with two long, flat ovals like the ones below.


Cocoa Customization Kit by Megan Reardon. This Cocoa Customization Kit is a simple stocking stuffer that will help transform the ever present hot chocolate mix. Included are decorated wooden stir sticks. You can fill plastic tube containers with anything good to mix or dunk in a cup of cocoa. Here is what I included: - Marshmallows, everybody likes extras. - Drinking chocolate to make that cup of hot chocolate extra rich, we used 2 teaspoons per mug. (Look for the fine shavings, cocoa powder will clump.) - Crushed candy canes. - Malted milk powder (we liked 1 teaspoon per mug). - Miniature shortbread cookies (these were my favorite). - Chocolate dipped candy cane sticks or miniature candy canes. - Wafer cookies. I labeled the tubes with instructions for how much to use. To decorate the stir sticks I simply used thread and some silver washi tape.

If you are giving this to an adult a little bottle of booze to mix in might be appreciated. I simply used a rubber band to hold the tubes together and wrapped a ribbon around the outside.

Christmas Trees:)

Christmas. I love decorating for the holidays.


Santas:) Holiday Gift Toppers / Holidays and Seasonal. I’ve always felt that the way you wrap your gifts is just as important as what is inside the box.

Holiday Gift Toppers / Holidays and Seasonal

When you take the time to make a package extra special, it makes it personal and it shows you care. Here are six different ideas to decorate, personalize and add a little “punch” to holiday packages. Penguin Snow Globe To create the snow globe, punch out two xxx-large circles. Cut one of your circles in half to use as the globe base. Punch out a pair of penguins and adhere them to the globe using dimensional foam adhesive dots.

Deer and Forest Topper Begin by punching out a XXX-Large circle from a scrap of patterned card stock.