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Christmas Decorations. Good for Scrapbooks - Greeting Cards - Kids Christmas Day Projectss Christmas Letters To Print Out Christmas Holiday Letters For Bulletin Boards and Classrooms Chart of Alphabets Coloring Sheet For StudyIndividual Letters to Print OffNumbers Work Chart and Individual Numerals For Arts and CraftsQuestion Mark and Exclamation Mark Symbols To Print and Color In Each coloring picture opens in a new safe window.

Christmas Decorations

Print Picture of The Snowman Alphabet A Free Printable Of Christmas Snowman Letter A. Christmas-Poems. Christmas – Learn English with videos. Children's animation.

Christmas – Learn English with videos

A brother and sister deal with topics that affect their everyday lives. Christmas. Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping in London.

Christmas shopping

There’s nowhere like it in the world. When the West End Christmas lights go on and the big shops reveal their special Christmas window displays, it’s time for the festivities to begin. Fortnum & Mason, here in Piccadilly, has been selling the finer things in life around the world for over three hundred years. From chocolates to china, luxury goods are what Fortnum & Mason specialise in. And Christmas is their busiest time of the year. Today’s an important day. Paul Symes is the head of visual presentation and the creative force behind the Fortnum & Mason Christmas window display. Amandeep: This is so exciting, Paul. Paul: It’s all about dancing, burlesque, theatre, shows and glamour and style.

Amandeep: And what are the challenges involved in designing something to this scale? Paul: One of the challenges is trying to get it all to fit. Amandeep: So Paul, you’re about to reveal your Christmas shop window. Paul: Very, very. Andrea: It’s a hamper. Advertisements at Christmas. A short history of Christmas traditions. With only a few weeks left until Christmas, our biggest winter festival is just around the corner!

A short history of Christmas traditions

So, we all know why we celebrate Christmas; the birth of Jesus, Bethlehem, the three wise men ... but do we know why we celebrate in the way we do? The tree, the turkey, mistletoe, card-giving? Have you ever wondered where our best loved Christmas traditions come from? Well actually, most of them can be attributed to the Victorians; Queen Victoria and her husband specifically. Take the Christmas tree which is arguably one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas. The Christmas feast has its roots from before the Middle Ages, but it's during the Victorian period that the dinner we now associate with Christmas began to take shape.

The ‘official’ Christmas card didn’t come about until the 1840s. Christmas carolling today is a seasonal tradition to wish our neighbours a merry Christmas in song, but carolling originally had little to do with Christmas. Lastly,the elusive mistletoe. Christmas Day in the UK. December is here and many people are starting to think about Christmas.

Christmas Day in the UK

In some places preparations for Christmas such as displays in shops and lights in the streets start as early as October! I am living in Spain at the moment, last year I spent Christmas in Finland and this year I will be spending Christmas with my family in the UK. It is very interesting to experience the different traditions in different countries during Christmas time. In my family, we usually get up very early on Christmas day and open our presents. My mother likes French food, so we have a French style breakfast with bread, croissants and lots of different cheeses.

Some people go to church at Christmas and I go on my own because I am the only Christian in my family. Christmas comes but once a year. “Christmas comes but once a year”, they say.

Christmas comes but once a year

It seems more often than that, mind you, with Christmas decorations appearing in shops at least a couple months before the holiday season begins. There’s a garden centre near where I lived as a child. It wasn’t very exciting – particularly when you’re eight years old and more interested in more immediate thrills than watching a plant slowly grow and flower over several months. The garden centre did have one thing going for it, however, and that was its Christmas displays.

Every year, half of this shop would be decked out with flashing fairy lights, twinkling tinsel and singing Santa toys; Christmas songs filled the air as children looked on with awe and wonder. The displays were eye-popping, and even adults loved them. Christmas. Christmas can mean different things to different people.


For many people it means eating a lot and spending time with family and visiting relatives and friends. For children it often means presents, presents and more presents! The origins of Christmas In ancient times people had mid-winter festivals when the days were short and the nights were very long. They believed that their ceremonies would help the sun’s power return. Cards and presents It’s very common to send Christmas cards to friends, family, colleagues, classmates and neighbours in the weeks leading up to December 25th.

Father Christmas (aka Santa Claus) Every year small children tell Father Christmas (also known as Santa Claus) exactly what presents they would like to receive. Santa Claus is coming to town (Lyrics - Children version) Nat King Cole The Happiest Christmas Tree.