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Maria Persson

10 Best Free Listening Websites with Quizzes to Practise for Listening Exams. So what do you do to practise listening for exams?

10 Best Free Listening Websites with Quizzes to Practise for Listening Exams

Growing up, I never had the opportunity to do any extra practice to improve my listening skills. We didn’t have the Internet and the thousand possibilities it offers to learners of any language nowadays. The teachers had an old tape player that sometimes stopped and started on its own and old tapes that ended up sounding distorted and most of the times unlistenable so if you wanted to get better at listening, you just listened to the radio and struggled to understand the lyrics and sing along. Not that I ever complained. That was the perfect excuse to listen to music while claiming to be working hard. So, exams are just around the corner and I know you’re beginning to freak out.

These are, in my opinion, the best sites with quizzes to practise listening comprehension. Check also: Strategier för moderna språk. 50 Women Who Changed The World. Women who changed the world. A list of famous influential women, including women’s rights activists, poets, musicians, politicians, humanitarians and scientists.

Women who changed the world

Sappho (circa 570 BCE) One of the first known female writers. Much of her poetry has been lost but her immense reputation has remained. Plato referred to Sappho as one of the great 10 poets. Cleopatra (69 BCE–30 BCE) The last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra sought to defend Egypt from the expanding Roman Empire. Mary Magdalene (4 BCE–40BCE) Accounts from the Gospels and other sources suggest Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ most devoted followers. Boudicca (1st Century CE) Boudicca was an inspirational leader of the Britons. Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179) Mystic, author and composer. Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122–1204) The first Queen of France. Joan of Arc (1412–1431) The patron saint of France, Joan of Arc inspired a French revolt against the occupation of the English.

Mirabai (1498–1565) Indian mystic and poet. Susan B. Queen Elizabeth II Related pages: Listening skills practice. Get started with EF Class. HelaSverigesKlassrum. Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. American English. LearnEnglish Teens. LearnEnglish Teens. Online Desktop Publishing & Design Software. Lärportalen. All Things Topics - Home.

Christmas Traditions and Celebrations Worldwide. On this page you can read some fun facts about Christmas around the World.

Christmas Traditions and Celebrations Worldwide

Read how kids celebrate Christmas and get some interesting insights about Christmas traditions and celebrations. At Christmas, Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Traditional Christmas decoration often can be admired and festive celebrations can be joined in most countries, even in many of the countries where Christianity is not the religion of the majority of people. Christmas trees are a popular decoration as are tiny sparkling lights in windows and on walls.

Christmas Celebrations Christmas all over the world is celebrated on Christmas Day, the 25th of December. Christmas Around the World:France In many regions in France, Christmas celebrations start with St Nicholas day on the 6th of December. Christmas Decorations in Strasbourg/France Christmas around the World: Italy Nativity Scene in Italy Read more about traditions and celebrations for Christmas in Italy Christmas in Germany 69Save. Kindness Advent Calendar 2016 PDF 1.