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Refugee Crisis 2015

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Why Aren’t Gulf Countries Taking in Syrian Refugees? Refugee crisis: Europe takes many; Gulf states take none. But no Syrian refugees have been resettled in Persian Gulf nations like Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, countries with significant financial and political interest in Syria.

Refugee crisis: Europe takes many; Gulf states take none

"Other countries need to do more," tweeted Nadim Houry, Human Rights Watch deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa. He called those wealthy countries' inaction on the Syrian refugee crisis "shameful. " Officials in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the UAE defend themselves by noting that each has given millions of dollars to the United Nations to help the refugees. The UAE says it's given more than $530 million in relief aid. They stress that Syrians have entered Gulf states on visas, and stayed. When myths go viral: Reclaiming humanity online to make #RefugeesWelcome. In Ireland, people gather the stand in solidarity with refugees around the world.

When myths go viral: Reclaiming humanity online to make #RefugeesWelcome

Photo: Steve Kingston Myths and facts about the Syrian refugee crisis—and why your support matters. My job at Oxfam usually keeps me in the behind the scenes, creating webpages, scheduling tweets, analyzing data from our website, etc. The best part about it is that I get to hear from our supporters, our blog readers (hey you!) , our Twitter followers, and everyone else we engage with online every day. Photographer Goes Inside Refugees’ Desperate Journey. This month, photographer Harry Chun traveled to Istanbul, where he joined a group of Syrian and Iraqi refugees on their quest to reach Germany.

Photographer Goes Inside Refugees’ Desperate Journey

Chun lives in the Hague, Netherlands, and has worked on stories from South Korea, Bolivia and Pakistan. He responded to questions from National Geographic by email, and his notes from his photographic journey make up an emotional collection of impressions and images from the refugees’ exhausting and harried journey. You’ve joined the hundreds of thousands fleeing the Middle East and Africa for Europe, but you’re not alone, right? Think leaving the EU would strengthen Britain’s borders? Take a closer look. As Europe’s leaders gather on Wednesday for an emergency summit on the worst refugee crisis since the second world war, it might seem as if the disarray is another good reason for Britain to leave the European Union.

Think leaving the EU would strengthen Britain’s borders? Take a closer look

The wave of asylum seekers fleeing war in the Middle East has certainly played into the hands of Eurosceptics who argue that quitting the EU is the only way for Britain to “take back control of its borders”. The refugee crisis is just the latest development that has Eurosceptics rubbing their hands. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, might not push for Brexit but he is unlikely to campaign enthusiastically for Britain to stay in the EU either.

Meanwhile, David Cameron’s promised renegotiation of the terms of Britain’s membership seems to have got off to a slow start, because other EU leaders have been so preoccupied. Where Are the Syrian Refugees? - Factpod #17. The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained. The refugee crisis is waking old fears in central Europe. The ethnic background of refugees has changed hugely over the past several decades.

The refugee crisis is waking old fears in central Europe

In the 1990s, after the fall of the iron curtain, most were Europeans, mostly Christian. Now most are Muslims from Asia and Africa. Undoubtedly, the expansion of the European Union has increased its internal heterogeneity, but when the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, mentioned that Muslims are already part of the culture of many EU countries, these were words that were not given the same welcome in all countries. Refugee crisis: ‘Europe needs to take big numbers. Until then, chaos reigns’ Europe’s heads of government gather this week for a meeting billed as a last-ditch effort to resolve the refugee crisis sweeping the continent.

Refugee crisis: ‘Europe needs to take big numbers. Until then, chaos reigns’

But the pace of arrivals has accelerated so fast that the deal some are touting as a solution to the challenge is actually more of a stopgap measure to tackle an emergency. Politicians in Brussels have been arguing fiercely about where 120,000 refugees should be allowed to settle, even though tens of thousands more have already travelled into the continent. Borders are being sealed with bewildering speed, as columns of desperate people move from country to country in their attempt to find a haven. And winter is only likely to bring a pause, rather than an end, to the crisis. Refugee crisis: young migrants blaze new trails through Europe.

When the refugee route to the European Union swerved west into Croatia last week, some of the first people to blaze the trail were the three Ahmed siblings from Deir Ez-zor.

Refugee crisis: young migrants blaze new trails through Europe

After Hungary, the gateway to Europe for more than 170,000 refugees this year, closed its border on Tuesday, thousands of the Ahmeds’ compatriots simply stayed put, unsure of where to go next. But Mohamed, Noor and Ali Ahmed didn’t waste time. After just one day, they paid for a taxi to the last Serbian town before Croatia, and then began marching through the flat farmland that stretches across the Serbo-Croatian border. The eldest, Mohamed, a 26-year-old doctor, admitted they had no idea of what to expect. “We just heard about this route,” added Ahmed.

It’s impossible to say how refugees collectively shift direction, or to specify which of them are most responsible for forging or popularising a new path. Refugee crisis: young migrants blaze new trails through Europe. Explicit cookie consent. EUROPE will soon have more physical barriers on its national borders than it did during the Cold War.

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This year’s refugee crisis, combined with Ukraine's ongoing conflict with Russia, has seen governments plan and construct border walls and security fences across Mediterranean and eastern Europe. On September 15th, Hungary completed a fence along its border with Serbia, a major point of entry for refugees making their way into the European Union (EU) this year. Within hours, over 60 people were arrested for attempting to scale it. Refugees are searching for new routes across Europe - CBBC Newsround. Image copyright Reuters Since Hungary closed it's borders, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees are continuing to trek through southern Europe and the Balkans looking for a better life.

Refugees are searching for new routes across Europe - CBBC Newsround

Many are fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa. Image copyright BBC Sport Hungary has now closed its border with Serbia, blocking off that route. Yesterday there were clashes between Hungarian police and hundreds of people trying to get into the country. Now, migrants and refugees are travelling to other countries looking for help. One of them, Croatia, has warned that it has only a ''limited capacity'' to take migrants. Migrant crisis: Croatia closes border crossings with Serbia. Croatia has closed seven of its eight road border crossings with Serbia following a huge influx of migrants.

Migrant crisis: Croatia closes border crossings with Serbia

Officials in Zagreb said they had no choice after more than 10,000 people entered the country a day after Hungary fenced off its border with Serbia. Meanwhile, Slovenia said it had stopped a group of migrants on a train and would return them to Croatia. The Journey: A refugee's odyssey from Syria to Sweden. A kilometre inside the French border, Hashem Alsouki wonders whether he can leave the toilet yet. He went there to escape the police, but that was 10 minutes ago. Have they left yet? And if not, will they bother to check this bathroom?

Hashem hasn’t planned for this. Wave of Misconstrued Migration. FACT CHECK: Does a photograph depict a tramp steamer carrying Muslim refugees from Libya to Italy? Claim: A photograph depicts a tramp steamer carrying Muslim refugees from Libya to Italy. Example: [Collected via e-mail and Imgur, September 2015] What the mainstream, leftist media do not show us.A tramp steamer leaving for Italy from Libya.And everyone on board gets accepted by the kind, loving, Politically Correct Europeans — who will soon find themselves overrun by people who mostly cannot speak the languages of host nations and have limited skills in areas needed by technologically advanced countries and thus can hardly contribute to the economies of their benefactors.Worse, a floodtide of the Muslim way of life is hereby being imported — by people who refuse to integrate into new societies they infiltrate but instead soon start demanding that their way of life, their beliefs and their laws prevail.The next step is a Muslim Europe.

False Flag. First day of school in Syria: 'With what pupils have seen, aggression is common' Ghina al-Imam is six and has adorable bunches in her hair, but she was sobbing quietly and her face was streaked with tears on her first day at school in Damascus. The teachers were considering whether to call her mother – her mobile phone number is pinned carefully to the child’s blue tunic – but by the mid-morning break they had managed to coax her out to the playground to join the other girls and boys.

Smiley faces and brightly coloured posters welcomed the new arrivals this week. Parents fretted. “Everything is normal, or as normal as possible in the circumstances,” said Mona Hamoud, the principal of the al-Samah bin Malek al-Khawlani primary school. But she presides over an exceptionally crowded establishment – 1,350 pupils in 24 classes, an average of 56 in each. “I have children of nine, 10 or 11 who have not been to school since the war began, so we have a special flexible curriculum to help them catch up and reintegrate,” she explained.

Other issues are less obvious. Crowds build at border with Serbia as Hungary cracks down on refugees. One of the main routes used by refugees to reach the safety of the European Union clanged shut on Tuesday, when Hungary formally closed its border with Serbia, finished fortifying a long-promised border fence, and blocked off a pathway that has brought more than 160,000 people into northern Europe since the start of the year. Crowds built through the morning as some sat in fields, halted by a razor-wire fence, while others pressed against gates demanding passage. Under new rules that took effect from midnight, Hungary, which also declared a state of emergency in two southern counties, said anyone who tried to break through the fence would face jail and those seeking asylum at the Serbian border would automatically be turned back. As tension between the two countries grew, the Serbian government said it was talking to Hungary about the build-up of people and believed Budapest would have to open the border.

It took me six months to get from Syria to the UK. Now I want to live with dignity. I never imagined that I would go through a journey like this. Pushed back into the fire: the refugees who feel compelled to return to Syria. This great map lets you explore the history of migration for every country in the world. This version of Super Mario tells the plight of Syrian refugees crossing Europe.

Diplomacy, partition, intervention – which future is least bleak for Syria? Problem. Danger and death are never far away as the Syrian capital tries to cling to normal life. On top of everything else, last week Damascus suffered its worst dust storm in decades. Refugees in Europe – then and now. Isis murdered my brother, David Haines – but not his message of love. My younger brother was murdered by Isis terrorists one year ago today. David was kidnapped and killed while carrying out humanitarian work in Syria. Migrant crisis: 'We said we were going on a picnic' David Cameron at refugee camp: 'I wanted to see for myself' Migrant crisis: Syrians tell of perilous journey to Europe. Ending Syria war key to migrant crisis, says US general. Ending the conflict in Syria and Iraq is key to solving the migrant crisis facing Europe, a senior US official has told the BBC.

Gen John Allen, special presidential envoy for the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) group, said IS had to be defeated and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "had to go". Migrant crisis: Why is it erupting now? They flee a country at war where the West resists any major military or political engagement. They flee a country where Nato-led forces fought for more than a decade to achieve stability. EU migration: Crisis in graphics. Image copyright Getty Images. Migrant crisis: What next for Germany's asylum seekers? Image copyright EPA As large numbers of migrants and refugees travel to Germany in the hope of a new life, BBC News looks at how the country deals with such arrivals and its modern experience of migration. Migrant crisis: Caring for unaccompanied refugee children.

Migrant crisis: UN warns of 'legal limbo' in Europe. Older refugees don't make the headlines, but they need help too. Are you organising an event supporting refugees? Famous Refugees. Refugee crisis: Germany 'set to close borders and suspend Schengen' This Cartoon Succinctly Explains The Background To The Syrian Conflict. Toys and teddies abandoned at Budapest station – in pictures. Alan Kurdi: Why one picture cut through. Theconversation. The 1951 Refugee Convention. Migrant crisis: Hungary migrants start walk to border. BBC Radio 4 - Today, 04/09/2015, Syrian mother: "Where do we go?" Human suffering on a huge scale: Europe's refugee crisis – in pictures. Syrian refugee crisis: why has it become so bad? Refugee crisis: 'Europe's biggest test since second world war' – live updates. Hundreds of refugees begin long march to Austria from Budapest. Passport, lifejacket, lemons: what Syrian refugees pack for the crossing to Europe.

In 1 tweet, J.K. Rowling captured the media's hypocrisy in how it treats Syrian refugees. New World Map. EU migration: Crisis in graphics. Finding a refugee in my basement was a wake-up call to the crisis. Thousands of refugees stranded at Budapest train station. Migrant Crisis: Your Stories. Desperate migrants find holes in Hungary's razor-wire fence strategy. Migration. The Guardian view on Eritrea: listen to the voices of those who have fled. 10 truths about Europe’s migrant crisis. Kent Police's Alan Pughsley says up to 900 people enter the country illegally each month. 'It was the natural thing to do': family who took Calais migrant into their home. Migrants overwhelm security forces at Macedonia border. Vienna stages protest welcoming refugees.