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Where Are the Syrian Refugees? - Factpod #17

Where Are the Syrian Refugees? - Factpod #17
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Map: The walls Europe is building to keep people out After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, for a while it seemed like border fences and barriers were a thing of the past in Europe. Many on the continent hoped for a new era of integration and receptivity. It didn't happen. Instead, various pressures have led Europe to adopt wall-building projects that would make Donald Trump proud. Right now, in Hungary, for example, the government is rushing to complete a 109-mile-long barbed wire border fence along its southern frontier with Serbia – a project made bitterly ironic by Hungary's 1989 decision to cut its border fence with Austria and help break the Iron Curtain. "We have only recently taken down walls in Europe," European Union spokeswoman Natasha Bertaud said when news of the fence spread in June. The Hungarian government hopes this new fence will stem the flow of migrants and refugees traveling through Hungary on what has been referred to as the West Balkans route. The walls going up in Europe aren't all about migrants and refugees.

Go Back To Where You Came From | TV Documentary | SBS I'm still fuming! Keep hitting the return button and getting bounced! OK, now I AM calm.... The "Moderator" of this assault on our intelligence obviously has social problems it appears. HOWEVER for anyone unemotionally looking at the increasing severity of the world's problems being driven primarily by the one point the "Moderator" kept closed by a stupid extreme-leftist remark about the lady's statement of Islam being the world's great problem IS THE PROBLEM. Not just for Australia, but the civilised world. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between Hitler's Fascism and Mohammedanism. They were both Hell-bent on destroying the world using any means possible. ALL OVER THE WORLD Wherever they gather even in smaller numbers, MUSLIMS are utterly bound by their belief to destroy the civilised world and replace it with the literally sick belief system of Sharia. REMEMBER AUSTRALIANS: The Cronulla Incident - the first attempt to impose the sick controls of Sharia on our beaches.

Invandring och utvandring i Sverige över tid Befolkningsförändringar (invandring/utvandring), 1850-2015 Visa som tabellVisa som diagram Många söker asyl i sverige Just nu kommer många till Sverige för att söka skydd från krigshärjade länder. De som söker asyl blir folkbokförda om och när de får uppehållstillstånd som gäller minst 12 månader. Migrationsverket De senaste tio åren har många människor från bland annat Afghanistan, Irak, Somalia och Eritrea sökt sig till Sverige för att komma bort från krig, våld och förtryck. Alla som flyttar till Sverige räknas Alla som flyttar till Sverige efter att ha bott utomlands ingår i invandringen. Fakta: Vem är invandrare? Vad behövs för att SCB ska räkna personer som invandrade i statistiken? • har anmält till Skatteverket att de har för avsikt att stanna i Sverige i minst tolv månader. • har fått uppehållstillstånd eller uppehållsrätt i Sverige (gäller inte nordiska medborgare). Invandring 2015 efter de vanligaste födelseländerna Invandringen bidrar mest till folkökningen DRYGT 1,6 miljoner

Welcome to Space Math @ NASA ! This page contains a complete collection of books and other Space Math products in PDF format, which are available to download. Note the large file sizes! Also, these documents are full-color, and contain additional explanatory materials about the content and how the topics align with national mathematics and science standards identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Science Teachers Association. These books include most of the weekly math problems assembled by year or by special topic area, in a format that may be more convenient for the teacher than the individual weekly problem downloads. All books contain problems for a mixture of grade levels from 4th through 8th and beyond. The links below take you to the PDF files. Annual Math Problem Collections Space Math IX (2013)106 Problems - This book includes the weekly math problems (Year9 - 479 to 517) and 65 additional problems from individual NASA missions, assembled during the 2012-2013 school year.

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Refugees - Cinema - History - Information - Lesson plans - Novels - Statistics - Videos - Vocabulary As Many as 50 Migrants Found Dead in a Truck in Austria - Text + Audio - 27 August 2015 ( Migrant crisis: Grim find of bodies in Austria lorry - Article + Photos + Video - 27 August 2015 "The bodies of between 20 and 50 migrants have been found in a lorry abandoned in a motorway lay-by near the Austrian border with Hungary, authorities say." (BBC) Senegal migrant town Tambacounda mourns its lost sons - 27 August 2015 "People in one of Senegal's poorest areas are in mourning after dozens of their loved ones lost their lives in shipwrecks off the Libyan coast as they tried to make the treacherous journey to Europe. The BBC's Laeila Adjovi visited them." (BBC) UK net migration hits record high - VIDEO - 27 August 2015 "Net migration to the UK is at an all-time high, reaching 330,000 in the year to March, the Office for National Statistics has said.

Refugees welcome | Playlist Now playing Today's refugee crisis is the biggest since World War II, and it's growing. When this talk was given, 50 million people had been forcefully displaced from their homes by conflict and war; now, a year later, the number is 60 million. There were 3 million Syrian refugees in 2014; now there are 4 million. Inside this overwhelming crisis are the individual human stories — of care, growth and family, in the face of lost education, lost home, lost future. Melissa Fleming of the UN's refugee agency tells the refugees' stories — and asks us to help them rebuild their world.

EUROPA - Länder EU-länder (anslutningsår) EU har 28 medlemsländer: Vägen till EU-medlemskap Kandidatländer Potentiella kandidatländer Bosnien och HercegovinaKosovo ** Denna beteckning påverkar inte ståndpunkter om Kosovos status och är i överensstämmelse med FN:s säkerhetsråds resolution 1244/99 och med Internationella domstolens utlåtande om Kosovos självständighetsförklaring Att bli medlem i EU Att bli EU-medlem är ett komplicerat förfarande som tar lång tid. Karta Algebra I - UTeach Austin: PBI The following projects were created by UTeach PBI students following content guidelines of either the second or fifth 6th weeks of the Austin Independent School District's scope and sequence. *** Design a neighborhood: The students will be working in groups throughout a four-week PBI unit centered around designing a block for a new neighborhood being built in a city. In the final artifact the students will create a blueprint design of a block of this new neighborhood, consisting of four buildings. *** Car Trip: The students are planning for a senior road trip to five different cities across the United States. *** Fun Vacation: The goal of the project is to plan financially for an international trip. *** Light bulbs good for the environment or your wallet? *** Let's Make Some Money!

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In 1 tweet, J.K. Rowling captured the media's hypocrisy in how it treats Syrian refugees. J.K. Rowling is heartsick over how the thousands of Middle Eastern refugees flooding into Europe are being treated. So when The Daily Express published an article about the major humanitarian crisis on the bottom of their front page, Rowling took them to task. Specifically, for the prominent placement of a different story about a dog looking for a home. Of course, Rowling wasn't suggesting that people shouldn't care about homeless dogs. Photo via dudwnhahaha. There are many unsheltered animals that need loving homes, and it's completely understandable — and admirable — to feel for them and want them to be safe. And dogs are, without a doubt, very cute. But the tweet reflects a growing frustration that, while one dog needing a home is sad, there are thousands of people who need homes — and not enough is being done about it. Photo by Philippe Huguen/Getty Images. At Upworthy, we tell stories for a better world.Like us on Facebook to get them first: There is hope, however. Photo by Andreas Tille.

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