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One Pan Garlic Ranch Chicken and Veggies. Crisp-tender chicken baked to absolute perfection with roasted carrots and potatoes – all cooked in a single pan!

One Pan Garlic Ranch Chicken and Veggies

With my upcoming cookbook coming Fall 2016, I have been very short on time for anything and everything so I am in need of all shortcuts, like this one pan meal. Now this isn’t your ordinary one pan dish where your main entree comes together in a single pan. Nope, this one pan meal actually has everything you need, including your veggie side dish. And with Hidden Valley’s Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix, the ingredient list is super short, and packed with tons of flavor. Grilled Salmon With Honey-Lemon Marinade. 21 Crock Pot Dump Dinners For Winter. The Secret to Making the Perfect Steak Indoors. (Photo Courtesy of Sara Remington) For most people, the platonic ideal of a steak involves a hot, smoky grill — the elemental meeting of fire and meat.

The Secret to Making the Perfect Steak Indoors

But some of the best steaks you’ll ever have will come out of a frying pan. The difference is in the crust. Most grilled steaks, when seared over extremely hot coals or gas burners, take on the intense flavor of the black-charred grill marks. But a hot pan distributes heat evenly over the surface of the steak, letting you get a rich, deeply flavored crust. Related: How to Make the Perfect Steak.

Easy Parchment Recipes - How To Cook En Papillote. I can’t remember when or how I learned about cooking in parchment paper, but I do remember a sense of disbelief and cynicism.

Easy Parchment Recipes - How To Cook En Papillote

In fact, I still feel it every time I cook something en papillote. There I am, folding the waxed paper over my food to make a cute little envelope before popping it in the hot oven, and all the while I am thinking, This is way too easy. This is never going to work. Spinach and Mushroom Quiche with Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe. Honey Garlic Glazed Pork Chops. Oh my, it’s already Friday.

Honey Garlic Glazed Pork Chops

My life has been taken over with...with what? I don’t know really, I’ve been just so busy. The week flew past in a flurry of activity. Work, training, appointments, and late night baseball games. No, I will not tell you which team I am cheering for. The Best Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Recipe - Easy Marinated Flank Steak Recipe. This easy marinade really makes this grilled flank steak recipe the crowd-pleaser it is.

The Best Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Recipe - Easy Marinated Flank Steak Recipe

The nice thing about flank steak is it has a thin end and a thicker end, so some can have it a little rarer, and some a little more well done. Preparation Add all the ingredients, except the flank steak and salt, into a large, zip top freezer bag. Seal and shake to combine. Easy Whole Wheat Bread. My mom used to make her own bread and yogurt from scratch.

Easy Whole Wheat Bread

I mean, come on. A Tasty Whole-Grain Pizza Crust Recipe. Several years ago, researchers at the University of Maryland published a study showing that pizza crust made with whole wheat flour, when allowed to rise overnight and bake in a very hot oven for a relatively long time, is better for your health than a standard pizza crust.

A Tasty Whole-Grain Pizza Crust Recipe

Why? Antioxidants, the nutritional substance in certain foods (including whole wheat flour), counteract the harmful effects of oxidation on your system. Research shows antioxidants may help prevent diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, stroke, and cancer, among others. We already know whole wheat flour is more nutritious than "white" flour; so why not up the ante even more, and take full advantage of its health attributes?

Aside from being a healthier pizza crust, this whole wheat version is just plain tasty. Rice cooker frittata with summer vegetables. Here’s the first recipe from my minimal non-kitchen kitchen (see previously).

Rice cooker frittata with summer vegetables

Why mess with mashed potatoes? Because Parm improves them. Plain old mashed potatoes are always brilliant, and it's hard to imagine a Thanksgiving table without them.

Why mess with mashed potatoes? Because Parm improves them

Still, every once in a while we like to change things up. But not too much. Here, a small amount of Parmesan cheese adds earthiness and nuttiness to the classic smooth, creamy potatoes, and turns a traditional side into something inspired with no extra work. Just be sure to go easy on the salt, and taste at the end. Greek Hamburger Recipe. Today I’ve got a juicy Greek-style hamburger recipe to share that we make year after year.

Greek Hamburger Recipe

These greek burgers are a great way to offer something a little different on burger night. This hamburger recipe is a long time coming. I’m not sure exactly why… We’ve been making these greek burgers for years. This recipe is actually one of the first recipes I taught in my cooking class that spurred on ASP. Nevertheless, here they are, and I apologize for waiting so long. Slow Cooker Sunday: A focaccia recipe for the amateur bread baker. If you're someone who is intimidated by baking your own bread, this recipe is for you. Focaccia is a flatter, normally oven-baked Italian bread traditionally topped with a bunch of chopped herbs, but it's also an incredibly simple one to make in your slow cooker. The dough is no-knead, and all you need is about 30 minutes of rising time before you simply turn on the slow cooker and let it do its thing for two hours. The result is a soft and chewy, olive oil- and herb-infused loaf that will have you well on your way to becoming a bread-making machine!

Slow cooker focaccia recipe Serves 8 Prep time: 10 minutes | Inactive time: 30 minutes | Cook time: 2 hours | Total time: 2 hours 40 minutes Ingredients: Best Grilled Flank Steak and Potato Salad Recipe - How to Make Grilled Flank Steak. Best Pork and Roasted Broccoli Recipe - How to Make Pork Cutlets. Easy Yogurt Overnight Oats - She Bakes Here. Easy Yogurt Overnight Oats April 27, 2014 As an early (not by choice) riser, I’m a big believer in having a good breakfast to start my day.

As much as I would love to have a proper sit down breakfast each morning, I’m usually strapped for time. Once I get up, shower, get dressed, pack my lunch and make sure I have everything ready for the day (such as my gym bag for days I hit the gym after work), I usually only have about 10 minutes to make/eat my breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee before I catch my 7:03am bus (ugh) to the subway station.

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Pasta and Pizza. Casseroles. Lists of Recipes. Chicken Recipes. Sweet Tooth. Crockpot. Caramelized Salmon. Caramelized. Do I need to go on? Because the word caramelized pretty much speaks itself straight into my soul. There’s just something about food – any food, including but not limited to meat and vegetables – that becomes sweet and salty and textured and browned into some kind of caramelized dream that makes me never want to stop eating.

It’s regular food meets candy meets me floating on food lovers’ cloud nine. So this salmon is caramelized. But it’s the truth, right? On a personal fish preference note, I like salmon, but it has always been more of that magazine-article-reading obligation kind of liking. I became a pure salmon lover just for the simple goodness of salmon about three days ago when I had this at a restaurant, stolen straight off Bjork’s plate in the middle of the restaurant with no thought about what our dinner guests would think of us because everybody shares off each other’s plates in public, right?

That’s it. Howwwever. Review = Five ingredients. How to Make Tomato Soup Without a Recipe. Here at Food52, we love recipes -- but do we always use them? Of course not. Shells and White Cheddar - She Makes and Bakes. Freezer Meals on the Cheap - A Turtle's Life for Me. Update: One thing I wanted to point out… a lot of people seem to be under the impression that I cook all of my meat ahead of time and then thaw it so I’m losing a lot with the quality of the meat. That is not the case and I’ll go read the rest of the post to see if I led you to believe that anywhere.

The only meat I do cook ahead of time, is the shredded chicken, ground beef and taco. Everything else, gets frozen uncooked. I actually mention that this way it gets to marinate while it’s thawing and THEN we put it on the grill to cook. I’ve been doing freezer meals for a couple years now, and admit that like most things in my life, I could stand to be a little more consistent with this! Have you ever heard the story about the boy who woke up on a gorgeous day and his dad told him he had to go out back and chop firewood. 3 Ingredient Black Bean Soup Recipe - Easy and Healthy. This 3 ingredient black bean soup recipe is easy to make. It’s healthy, full of protein and flavor, and can be thrown together quickly! Originally published September 2014, photos updated April 2015. Canned Biscuit Recipes.

Oven-Roasted Asparagus Recipe - Molly Wizenberg & Brandon Pettit's Red Wine Vinaigrette Recipe on Food52. The Chic Site. We’re always on the run, never having enough time to make a meal for our families. Let’s not even talk about the fact that going to the grocery store can be pretty pricey. Our Chic $3 Dinners are meant to make feeding your family tastier and less expensive! Pan-Seared Salmon with Soy Mustard Glaze - Once Upon a Chef. Turkey Gyros. Steak Recipe: Turning Cheap "Choice" Steak into Gucci "Prime" Steak. Grilled Salmon with Honey-Soy Marinade recipe from Betty Crocker. Easy Crispy Honey Garlic Salmon Recipe. Steak Au Poivre (French Pepper Steak) Recipe. Ratatouille Recipe. Lyonnaise Steak Recipe - Lyonnaise Steak and Potatoes Recipe. Preparation. Bacon Gravy Recipe. Breads. Shrimp Enchiladas. Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Kale Quesadillas - Cookie Monster Cooking.

Do you remember these mexican sweet potato skins? Yeah – they are still one of my favorite meals to date. I kept planning to use the leftover filling from them to make quesadillas, but somehow we always ate all of it a little too quickly. Easy 15 Minute Roasted Sweet Potatoes. - Layers of Happiness. World's Best (and Easiest) Salmon Recipe by VRAKLIS. Common Cooking Mistakes: Cooking Tips and Questions Answered. How to Make: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring from Pillsbury.

How to Cook Bacon in the Microwave: 11 Steps. MOVIE BITES – QUIDDITCH PLAYER’S PIE. Maggiano's Little Italy House Salad Recipe - - 166435. Corned beef hash. Parmesan Roasted Potatoes Recipe. Kitchen Helpers.