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Tiny House design/consulting in Portland Oregon

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North Carolina Workshop Announced! SIGN UP DETAILS... HANDS-ON Tiny House Building Workshop with DIY Network Host, Author, Designer, Builder, and Blogger Derek "Deek" Diedricksen We're talking almost 35-40 hours of contact, building, demos, networking, and MORE! It looks like we'll ALSO have a tiny house on wheels visiting us, courtesy of TENNESSEE TINY HOMES! We're excited to meet builder Joe, and see what he's done! Want to learn how to build a tiny house/cabin? JUST ANNOUNCED- EACH ATTENDEE WILL RECEIVE THESE DOOR GIFTS!!!! event. Above: "The Light Box" a tiny/micro trailer house we all built at our last workshop.... April 26th-28th- Tiny House-Building Workshop #4 I never planned on doing many of these, but the first three I did were so much fun and all of them sold out, so I figured, why not do one somewhere warmer? So North Carolina it is! This workshop will be a team up with Steven Harrell of and - a THREE DAY, HANDS-ON, WORKSHOP where we'll collectively build a tiny house! -Giveaways

Oregon Cottage Co. This quaint little home is waiting for the person seeking a simpler way of life or is in need of additional space for an office, art studio, guestroom or personal retreat. This well crafted 8'x20', 130 sq ft (habital space) Bungalow is energy efficient and built with sensitivity toward the environment. It has a standard RV utility hook up or can be connected to public sewer and water. It includes a full kitchen, sleeping loft, shower and toilet all built on a 10,000lb GVWR dual axle flatbed trailer for portability. It is priced at $37,000 and has the following green features: Eco-Batt wall insulation (R-16.9 assembly) Landark Natural interior oil finish Locally milled cedar siding Reclaimed wood flooring and interior door SFI certified wood windows Energystar refrigerator/freezer At a starting price of around $22,000 we can also build a "shell-out"option of this Bungalow where we provide a watertight exterior and sound structural framing. "On the road to where your imagination may lead you."

Your Questions Answered: How Much Does a Tiny House Cost? - Alter Ec'Home Et voici aujourd’hui les premières photos de la construction de 2 Mobile Ec’Home dans l’atelier près d’Hazebrouck (département du Nord) : Pour le socle du Mobile Ec’Home et afin qu’il soit assez rigide et solide pour ses futurs déplacements, le plancher repose sur un cadre métallique.Peint et donc protégé, le cadre reçoit ensuite les poutres qui soutiendront le plancher. Des planches de bois huilées sont ensuite vissées sur la face inférieure (l’habitat sera surélevé par rapport au sol) Le dessous achevé, le cadre de bois est retourné et fixé sur son support métallique Et voilà l’isolant (seule concession d’Alter Ec’Home à l’industrie pétrolière, mais les contraintes liées à l’humidité nous y ont contraint) 10 cm de polystyrène ! La méthode de contreventement choisie pour le Mobile Ec’Home et à base de planches clouées en diagonale, plus léger, plus respirant et plus naturel que les traditionnels panneaux d’osb Mur à ossature bois de l’habitat écologique, insolite et nomade Mobile Ec’Home.

Small House Society | “Better Living Through Simplicity.” History. Founded in 2002, the Small House Society is a cooperatively managed organization dedicated to the promotion of smaller housing alternatives which can be more affordable and ecological. Mission. Our desire is to support the research, development, and use of smaller living spaces that foster sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities worldwide. Media Contacts. Learn More. Directory of Builders. Featured Book World Interest Below are maps showing recent site visitors from around the world. Visitors – Global Visitors – Europe Visitors – North America Visitors – Australia Visitors – Asia Like this: Like Loading...

Tiny Houses - Tiny Home Builders What is a tiny house? A tiny house is a small house that is sized such that it can fit on a trailer. In most areas this means that it can’t be bigger than 8 feet 6 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches tall, and 40 feet long. Why would I live in a tiny house? For many, the dream of owning their own house is only that, a dream. Another advantage of tiny houses is gained time. Another advantage is that the houses can be moved. Finally, one last reason to living in a tiny house is conservation. Why wouldn’t I just buy an RV? RV’s are great for travel, but not so great to live in. Have more questions? Looking for a house for your dog or maybe just a small project to get you started, take a look at our modernDog dog house.

Your Questions Answered: How to Find Parking and a Place to Call Home - Four Lights Tiny House Company Tiny House Talk Open Trail Homes Dear PAD: How can I feel safe in an "illegal" house? - From the home front: Small homes with kids, Americans' dream homes survey; unemployed architecture graduates; Vancouver, B.C., microlofts View full sizeThe Oregonian/2006The bunkhouse in Gearhart has six beds on one side, two on the other, to supply space for a blended family. Small-space bunkbeds for kids: Tiny House Talk blog posed a question, "Do you think it would be comfortable to raise up to four kids in a 2-bedroom home if they're all under the ages of, let's say, 13?" The answer came in four photographs of multi-bed bedrooms, ranging from rustic to sophisticated. It reminded me of a Homes & Gardens of the Northwest story from a few years back about a blended family's beachhouse retreat in Gearhart, which included a pretty cool eight-bed room for the kids. The bunkhouse took up half of the house's two-car garage. The shipshape design had built-in wooden bunk beds, each one outfitted with a nautical wall sconce (with its own switch). "Cheap and cheery was our motto," homeowner Tory Paine said. If you're in the market for bunkbeds, Apartment Therapy's Marketplace has a roundup of 2011 favorites in all price ranges.

Open Trail Homes Open Trail Homes, a new tiny house company has been launched in North Salt Lake, Utah. They currently offer four models from 128 to 320 square feet. All of the homes are built on wheels and the largest measures 12′ x 24′ – which would make it better suited for a semi-permanent installation since special move permits are typically required to move 12-foot wide trailers. All the others could be moved with a full size pickup truck. They are all equipped as RVs with electric & water hookups as well as built-in fresh & waste water tanks. Three of their four models are designed with beds on the lower level and three have additional sleeping/storage space in lofts. I’m very impressed with the packages they’ve put together and suspect this company could become a leader in the tiny homes market. To get a look yourself visit the Open Trail Homes website and Follow them on Facebook. Photo credit to Open Trail Homes. Top: Blue Sky model, 165 square feet. Below: Blue Sky Floor Plan