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Magnum Opus Download
Magnum Opus is the successor to the programs The Daily Crossword (a PC-DOS program current from 1992 to 1994) and Crossword Express (a program with versions for Windows and Apple Macintosh, current from 1994 to 2009). It creates not only Crossword puzzles (Standard and Freeform), but also all of the following:- Acrostic, Akari, Domino, Doublet, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Gokigen, Kakuro, Kendoku, Ladderword, Letterdrop, Minesweeper, Pyramidword, Roundabouts, Sikaku, Slitherlink, Sudoku, Tatami, Tents, and Wordsearch. It is written in the popular Java language which means that it will run equally well on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Also, since it uses the Unicode character set, puzzles can be made in virtually any language. And another thing that will be of interest to you ... Magnum Opus is FREE!

Magnum Opus.

Magnum Opus.
RoboMind is software specifically developed to support technology education. By programming a robot, students learn about logic, computer science and robotics. The beauty of RoboMind is the compactness of the learning environment. It directly connects logical thinking to solving challenges encountered in daily life and industry. Welcome to, the new way to learn programming

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GeoEquazioni. In questo gioco bisogna individuare quella figura geometrica che si otterebbe se ad un'altra figura aggiungessi o togliessi una sua parte. Gioco su 2 livelli di difficoltà. Rivolto a partire dagli allievi della IV e V elementare. Memories aritmetici. - didattica e divulgazione della matematica