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Digital Transformation of Business and Society. Let’s explore our emerging future together at Frank Diana’s Blog Reimagine the future through video on Youtube Updated December 14, 2018: The anchor visual in this post continues to evolve.

Digital Transformation of Business and Society

Considering the increased traffic to the post, the visual has been updated. Updated July 26, 2018: The anchor visual in this post has been updated several times to reflect new and emerging future scenarios, The current version can be found Here. At a recent KPMG Robotic Innovations event, Futurist and friend Gerd Leonhard delivered a keynote titled “The Digital Transformation of Business and Society: Challenges and Opportunities by 2020”. With regard to future thinking, Gerd used my future scenario slide to describe both the exponential and combinatorial nature of future scenarios — not only do we need to think exponentially, but we also need to think in a combinatorial manner.

Material for Opening

Material for TFM. Fiction: The most useful class you’ll take in college is not science, math or economics. The US Open begins today (Aug. 31), and Serena Williams has a chance to make tennis history.

Fiction: The most useful class you’ll take in college is not science, math or economics

A win would put her at 22 career Grand Slam titles, tying Steffi Graf for second most, behind only Margaret Court. Her skill prompts arguments that she is the sport’s greatest female player of all-time, and currently the most dominant US athlete, of any sex or sport. Katrina Adams, the president of the US Tennis Association, recently opined that Williams is the greatest athlete ever—period. Not everyone will agree on each of those points, particularly that last one, but there’s no disputing that Williams has been among the top handful of athletes on the planet for years now. Hans and Ola Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world.

Get OpenData: Harvesting and Analyzing Tweets. Twitter is a fabulous source for information.

Get OpenData: Harvesting and Analyzing Tweets

Whenever something is happening, people around the world start tweeting away. Often they include hashtags, allowing us to selectively search for tweets about a certain event or thing. Many twitter users also engage in conversations, and looking at these conversations allows us to identify leaders and frequent actors. In this lesson, we will look how to harvest tweets from Twitter using ScraperWiki and how to analyse them using social network analysis and software called Gephi. What you will need Harvesting Tweets using ScraperWiki The first thing we need to do is to get tweets out of Twitter. There are various tools to get tweets out of Twitter. Smart Cities with BigData - FIWARE: an open standard platform for smart cities. Technology Leaders Unite Around ‘Open Data Platform’ to Increase Enterprise Adoption of Apache Hadoop® and Big Data. GE, Hortonworks, IBM, Infosys, Pivotal, SAS, and Altiscale, Capgemini, CenturyLink, EMC, Teradata, Splunk, Verizon and VMware join forces to drive collaboration, innovation, and standardization across big data technologies San Francisco, Calif., February 17, 2015 – Industry leaders in the big data space, including Platinum members GE, Hortonworks, IBM, Infosys, Pivotal, SAS, a large international telecommunications firm, and Gold members Altiscale, Capgemini, CenturyLink, EMC, Splunk, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Teradata, and VMware today announced their intent to create an industry association, identified as the Open Data Platform (“ODP”).

Technology Leaders Unite Around ‘Open Data Platform’ to Increase Enterprise Adoption of Apache Hadoop® and Big Data

The Open Data Platform will promote big data technologies based on open source software from the Apache Hadoop® ecosystem and optimize testing among and across the ecosystem’s vendors. These efforts will accelerate the ability of enterprises to build or implement data-driven applications. Urban Opus Datahub. A Data Brokerage for the Future of Cities Urban Opus will feature a federated data hub that provides data storage and federates existing data sources to provide a single on-line presence and point of access for Urban Opus projects and partner data sets.

Urban Opus Datahub

It will support for both real time and static data, support and visualizations, city data analysis with urban informatics, and easy to use application programming interface (API) and app framework for rapid application development. Intro to Hadoop - Datameer On-Demand Webinar. Intro on Hadoop - Datameer On-Demand Webinar. Internet of Things Market & Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications by Technologies & Platforms. Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications describes how the Internet will expand as sensors and intelligence are connected to physical things such as physical assets or consumer devices and these things in turn are connected to the Internet.

Internet of Things Market & Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications by Technologies & Platforms

The vision and model have existed for years, but there has been acceleration in the number and types of things being connected and in the technologies for collecting, processing, and sharing information. The market research report explores some of the key applications for IoT and M2M communications, including consumer electronics, automotive and transportation, energy and utilities, industrial and commercial buildings, and others. The Internet of Things market allows different combinations of smart things/objects and sensor network technologies. Table Of Contents 1 Introduction (Page No. 16) 1.1 Objectives Of The Study 1.2 Markets Covered 1.3 Stakeholders 3 Internet of Things Market: Executive Summary (Page No. 27) The F*cking Tube Strike. A Big Data use case. Gross National Happiness. The phrase Gross National Happiness (GNH); Wylie: gyal-yong ga'a-kyid pal-'dzoms) was coined in 1972 by Bhutan's fourth Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

Gross National Happiness

The phrase was coined as a signal of commitment to building an economy that would serve Bhutan's culture based on Buddhist spiritual values instead of the western material development that was represented by gross domestic product (GDP).[1] Slogan about Gross National Happiness in Thimphu's School of Traditional Arts. Origins and Meaning[edit] Today, GNH has come to mean so many things to so many people but to me it signifies simply - Development with Values. Thus for my nation today GNH is the bridge between the fundamental values of kindness, equality and humanity and the necessary pursuit of economic growth. The GNH concept has inspired a modern political happiness movement. The four pillars of GNH philosophy are: Quantitative and Qualitative Indicators[edit]

EAE for CAC or DBM A quarter century of predictive analytics Parth Srinivasa. In-store-personalization-solution. About OIN - Open Invention Network. Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine. About the video What was the greatest invention of the industrial revolution?

Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine

Hans Rosling makes the case for the washing machine. With newly designed graphics from Gapminder, Rosling shows us the magic that pops up when economic growth and electricity turn a boring wash day into an intellectual day of reading. More videos Hans Rosling asks: Has the UN gone mad? Hans Rosling: the man who makes statistics sing. “No!”

Hans Rosling: the man who makes statistics sing

He says, almost shouting, when we meet in a function room of a utilitarian west London hotel. “Statistics take up four pages in most daily newspapers – stock values and sport [league tables]. People don’t find these boring at all, but they don’t think of them as ‘statistics’. If you support Man United or Arsenal, or if your stock falling means you can’t go on holiday, you are interested. It’s only boring if you get data you didn’t ask for, or if you don’t realise its link with the real world.” “That’s an exceptionally stupid citation,” says Rosling, who reckons it is most often employed by people who have a fear of maths. A professor in international health at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Rosling has used his moving graphs to illustrate everything from the percentage of women worldwide using contraception, to the average amount of sleep enjoyed per night in various countries.

“We face huge challenges,” Rosling says. Hans Rosling: The best stats you've ever seen. 11 must-see TED Talks. How Gamification will change Business Intelligence. Making BI Analytics Fun. Making BI Analytics Fun The search for BI insight already has a game-like feel to it.

Making BI Analytics Fun

Advocates of "gamification" want to amplify this effect and immerse BI users in their task. The greatest trick Tom Sawyer ever pulled was when he convinced his friends to help him paint Aunt Polly's fence on a beautiful Saturday morning. It was a trick, to be sure, but none of Tom's friends seemed to know (or even to care) that he'd been tricked. Painting a fence is hard work -- on a splendid Saturday morning -- with a 12-year-old's mindset -- is thankless work.

There's a movement afoot to bring a similar kind of experience to business software -- called "gamification" -- and proponents claim that it has particular resonance in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, where the search for -- and discovery of -- insights already has a game-like feel to it. This isn't to turn BI into "Angry Birds," stresses Donald Farmer, product advocate with QlikView. The (Game) Play's the Thing. BI Mobile Labs — Gamification of BI??

Hans and Ola Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world. Google I/O 2012 - SQL vs NoSQL: Battle of the Backends. Introduction to NoSQL by Martin Fowler. El reto de digerir millones de datos. Gartner Advanced Analytics Is a Top Business Priority APMdigest. BigData articulo Vanguardia 2014 09 16. eBook Internet of Things. Kenneth Cukier: Big data is better data. Jeremy Heimans: What new power looks like. Ben Wellington: How we found the worst place to park in New York City. Daniele Quercia: Happy maps. Libelium - Connecting Sensors to the Cloud.

Before doing business in big data, consider the shifting ethical landscape. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the sun famously never set on the British empire. A commanding navy enforced its will, yet all would have been lost if it were not for ports, roads, and railroads. The infrastructure that the British built everywhere they went embedded and enabled their power like bones and veins in a body. 11 truthsof data. The Mobile Future: Wearables. Eran Kinsbruner, Director, Product MarketingPerfecto Mobile Mobile is everywhere today — there is no denying it. And just as enterprises are catching up to the trend, another twist is coming into play: wearables.

But these new technology advancements aren’t totally revolutionary; they are simply an extension of mobile. In fact, everything is starting to mobilize. 2014 will truly rewrite the rules of mobile engagement between enterprises and customers, employees and each other.