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Libelium - Wireless Sensor Networks - ZigBee - Smart Cities

Libelium - Wireless Sensor Networks - ZigBee - Smart Cities

Telefónica Digital launches global M2M solution for Smart Cities The new M2M offering will create an open ecosystem enabling town councils, urban service providers and entrepreneurs to integrate all the technology required by this type of service in a single solutionAs part of the Smart City service, Telefónica Digital also announces cooperation agreements with Streetline, a specialist in Smart Parking end-to-end solutions, and Libelium, a developer of M2M Smart Cities sensors 13 November 2012 – At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Telefónica Digital presents a Smart City solution based on the company’s M2M capabilities. This will allow municipal corporations, urban service providers and entrepreneurs worldwide to integrate in a single scalable, flexible and self-managing solution the complex environment of sensors and technology characteristic of the so-called “Smart Cities”. As part of this offering, Telefónica Digital is also announcing today the signing of two important agreements. [Ends]

WSN Platforms - WSN From WSN Hardware Currently there is no common WSN platform. Some designs such as Berkeley Motes and their clones have broader user and developer communities. However, many research labs and commercial companies prefer to develop and produce their own devices. Option CloudGate 3g/4g Router - GetWireless The CloudGate M2M gateway from Option provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single basic unit certified on all major us cellular operators (CDMA/EV-DO and WCDMA/HSPA+). The CloudGate is simple to configure locally or remotely from your PC, tablet or Smartphone. Reliable and Secure CloudGate automatically resolves common problems associated with wireless M2M connectivity. The Embedded Beat: Maker movement will fuel the innovations needed for IoT edge nodes Earlier this year, Tom Simonite published an article in MIT Technology Review titled “Wanted for the Internet of Things: Ant-Sized Computers” that included a review of our Kinetis KL02 chip. The article highlights its size: 1.9mm2 X 2mm2, which makes the KL02 is the smallest 32-bit MCU in the world. And thanks to ARM’s powerful M0+ core, it brings robust real-time embedded processing capabilities to enable what Dr. Prabal Dutta of the University of Michigan calls “smart dust.”

Telefónica and OnStar reach an agreement to provide M2M connectivity to General Motors vehicles outside North America 23 February 2012.- OnStar, General Motors’ subsidiary, and Telefónica, through its Telefónica Digital and Telefonica Multinational Solutions divisions, have reached an agreement by which Telefónica will provide M2M connectivity to General Motors' vehicles in its expansion outside of its natural markets of both the USA and Canada. The OnStar business, which has more than 8.5 million customers, uses advanced data transmission technology to provide services which include emergency services, collision detection, roadside assistance, navigation and remote tracing and maintenance, among others. As part of its expansion strategy, OnStar will rely on Telefónica's extensive international network, on its M2M business know-how and expertise in the automobile sector.

Telefónica presents its vision for smart cities based on M2M solutions Telefónica is the global sponsor of the SmartCity Expo & World Congress, the first European event with a global focus on smart cities. Madrid, 29 th November 2011. - Barcelona opens its doors today to the SmartCity Expo, the first European event with a global focus on smart cities. This is a forum in which companies in the sector, government bodies and research centres can share plans to drive sustainable economic and environmental growth in cities, as well as provide solutions to address growing population density. Waspmote - Wireless Sensor Networks 802.15.4 ZigBee Mote - Open Source Sensor Device New Generation! More than 120 sensors available 16 radios technologies available Open Source SDK & API Features

Telefónica launches its new Smart M2M Solution 21 January 2013 - Telefónica Digital today unveils Smart M2M, a best-in-class web-based platform for the connectivity, management and control of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. As more and more machines from cars through to consumer electronic devices get connected via sim cards, the management and visibility of these lines becomes essential. Developed in-house by Telefónica’s R&D teams, Smart M2M is a secure, flexible and reliable solution for customers. Smart M2M Solution incorporates new advanced features such as real time monitoring of traffic type, volume and current consumption, technical supervision of lines (maps of connected devices, advanced diagnostics) and localization. It also offers innovative fraud detection functionalities, including the ability to restrict communications between a list of given devices or the possibility to establish traffic caps. This new product allows Telefónica to serve both global and local customers.

10 environmental sensors that go along with you capture Over the past few years, the world of clean technology has seen a major influx of environmental sensor technologies. From ones that you can make yourself to those that are inspired by nature, the field has included many interesting takes on a technology that is proving to be more and more important, but the most significant trend in environmental sensors has been in personal, portable devices that measure air and water quality from our pockets or wrists. By making these sensors small and usually Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled, merely carrying out our normal daily routines could make citizen scientists of us all, significantly increasing the amount and precision of environmental data through crowdsourcing.