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MAAN Softwares INC.

MAAN Softwares INC. is your partner for digital growth, we specialize in Web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing. It serves end to end solutions for all types of companies, whether it is small, medium and large-scale companies. We have an expert team who are highly skilled in making responsive websites and applications that too within given timeframes. These days internet surfing is prime important and websites and mobile apps play a vital for it. Also, the website and application give a brand image for your product. Our work inspires, satisfies and gratify the customers of the client. The professional developers of our team have reflected their engineering skills and artistic designs in the mobile apps and websites. They fulfill all the clients and market requirements and give them a collaborative team support for all the projects. The project managers are smart enough to understand client needs. We have belief in strategic partnership completing all the business needs.

MAAN Softwares INC.

Best Mobile App and Custom Web Development Services in USA. Jessica. How M-Commerce Has Become The Prominent Part in Digital Market. M-commerce “alludes to mobile commerce that understands purchasing, buying, and selling of items and services on smartphones.

How M-Commerce Has Become The Prominent Part in Digital Market

In business term, it can be depicted as a shopping background where business transactions are done by means of smartphones". The skyline of M-commerce is quite recently not constrained to the E-commerce industry. Generally, M-Commerce is simply not a trend rather it's a transformation that has set off the procedures and essentials of online marketing.

There has been a huge ascent in the quantity of mobile user recorded in the past decade. What's more, if overviews are to be trusted, the m-commerce has jumped up higher and quicker than the entire E-business in most recent years. M-commerce has developed as a genuinely necessary and non-discretionary technique for business people who anticipating offer their products and services on the web. 1. Related Resources 2. Start with the mobile site of your business. 3. How chat-bot integration can influence traffic engagement and conversions? 5% online leads were reported to generate in real estate deals in 2014.

How chat-bot integration can influence traffic engagement and conversions?

Such leads come via ads or organic search which lack the targeted focus necessary to improve the likelihood of a sale. Thus, most marketing agencies still consider referrals as the best prospect. A Blog By MAAN Softwares: Trending Technologies Served by Top Web Development Company in USA. Drupal The reason why web development company in USA is pioneering in Drupal because out of 600,000 live websites across the globe, more than 200,000 belong to the United States alone, referring to the largest revenue generation hub for Drupal across the globe.

A Blog By MAAN Softwares: Trending Technologies Served by Top Web Development Company in USA

Drupal has a complex face in terms of its accessibility but also is attributed to be the most secure CMSs for web development. Plugins and the library does not require any premium for additional downloads as everything is available free of cost. As far as the comparison between CMSs is concerned, Drupal goes down in terms of ease of use as its modification requires technical expertise in Php especially.

Tesla, The Economist, the Pinterest blog is the famous websites made in Drupal. Php Php as a core language itself has the largest portion of development today. 7,700,000 websites are live today. Taneka. 5 Ways into App Optimization to Suffice Needs of Customer Retention. “Get closer than ever to your customers.

5 Ways into App Optimization to Suffice Needs of Customer Retention

So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves. . ” – Steve Jobs A mother needs to engage her child in learning good habits of growing up, so she knits the magic words into a story. But if she had just quoted the good habit, without any fancy decoration, the kid was not going to remember it in the next moment. Coming to the life of grownups, the e-stores and customers share the same relationship. D7UBRKzUEAE NoV. Productivity Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update) Did you know American Workers estimate that their own personal productivity is 11% higher than the average American worker?

Productivity Tools: The Complete List (2019 Update)

(Source: Qualtrics) MAAN Softwares INC. - Effective Tools for Developing Mobile Application - Effective Tools for Developing Mobile Application. A Blog By MAAN Softwares: Niche Technologies Served by Top Web Development Company in USA. Ruby on Rails- The language is believed to be the most friendly language by the programmers.

A Blog By MAAN Softwares: Niche Technologies Served by Top Web Development Company in USA

Not just because of this, but also its easy accessibility and availability become points of attraction to the developers. It is colloquially said that Rails are written on Ruby, simply shows that the name of the language is Ruby. Though some super tech giants like Twitter, GitHub and Shopify use this language. Tommy. How to choose between CMS or PHP for my website? In website design and development there is a huge competition these days.

How to choose between CMS or PHP for my website?

The websites should be able to attract potential customers and we at MAAN are experts in this. There are two major frameworks common these days and they are CMS and PHP. Now the question arises how to choose which framework is best for your website. PHP and CMS have different benefits so in order to make a selection one should know what CMS and PHP frameworks are. With CMS one can have a complete control of the website without having much coding knowledge. The CMS needs just log in and access details to build the website. GENESIS LODISE. Clients. TestimonialS clients. Speed Up Website with CSS Performance Tools. In the age of the internet, every day millions of websites were accessed for a different reason.

Speed Up Website with CSS Performance Tools

In which some of the websites are heavy and troublesome to use. Why is using framework a great idea? A less logical more pun intended answer to this question is because we as humans like everything with frames and we as IT guys love when things get framed.

Why is using framework a great idea?

Let’ move further to a more logical and precise reason. The IT world is pacing and so do the demands we can’t afford to waste our time on basics if a program is needed to be built it must be built within a time duration it could be valued and that’s why frameworks matter, they keep the web developer from entangling into unnecessary stuff like authentication or gathering basic cryptology and provides him or her a ready to start platform. Some of us may not agree to consider frameworks as an underlying need but even they cannot refuse to the betterment caused after the genesis of these revolutionizing programs.

D9. Why Magento is best for ecommerce business. If someone has decided to open an e-commerce store then they took the right decision.

Why Magento is best for ecommerce business

But one should always keep one thing in their mind while choosing a platform for website development that businesses give the option to select between open source or hosted solutions for development. It seems that the hosted option is safer because this one can be limited by its constraint. However, by using an open source platform you take full control of your website. Here in this following blog, we give you some reason why Magento can be the ideal e-commerce platform to develop your business. 1. Generally, most people are more familiar with WordPress but WP is a content management platform which basically offers an e-commerce plugin.

MAAN Softwares Rises to the Top on Clutch. MAAN Softwares is not your average development agency. What sets us apart from our competitors is our team is compiled with a number of different talents which can assist a wide array of client’s problems and help put our clients at the top of their industries. Recently, we were featured in Clutch’s 2019 report on the leading B2B agencies in India, and we couldn’t be more excited! Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that publishes unbiased client reviews of companies across a vast array of segments and industries. Each company has a profile where reviews conducted by Clutch analysts are posted. The data on each company is collected through phone interviews, online reviews, and Clutch’s own thorough market research process. We are so excited to announce that we were ranked one of the leading php developers, one of their most competitive segments! With fewer UX problems and glitches, customers are more likely to stay engaged and loyal to the company.

Digital transformation and customer engagement. Mobile App Development Company. 7 Ways to Improve your eCommerce Store Sales – Pooja Gupta. Online stores are the best marketplaces in today’s time. To increase the sales and boost conversion rates one needs to have an excellent website with few more measures as mentioned below. Also Read:- 5 Easy ways to Promote E Commerce Store Online The foremost factor for any online website sale is its traffic. The organic traffic and potential customers are the real heroes of business.

Tips to grow social networking profile. "Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships. " - David Alston, Salesforce It’s a basic need of any individual to be socially active. We all know that social networking is important to your success. High schools, colleges, fraternities/sororities, workplaces, sports teams, and community and religious groups give you friends, colleagues, associates, and acquaintances --- this is basic social networking. Things You Must Know About WordPress. WordPress is one of the oldest and prominent content management system. Millions of websites run on WordPress every day. It is free of cost CMS which can serve a blogging portal to manifold pages website designs.

Also Read:- What Will Design Be Like In Coming Years? All you need to get started is having a domain name and hosting. The best thing about WordPress is that you can download and install certainly from Business consultant. Want To Step Up Your new Website? You Need To Read This First. In the present scenario where everything is online, professional website is a prime requirement for any business.

It provides you a huge market, reputation, communication channel and an area where you can do as much as branding you want and that too without paying a single penny. Trends to Make Your Opencart Website Popular in just a few days! Among open source cart systems, OpenCart is the most powerful and rich in feature shopping system. It is one of the most reasonably priced e-Commerce options for all businesses. It has almost always for payments and shipping options. 5 Easy ways to Promote E Commerce Store Online – Pooja Gupta. Hire fullstack webdeveloper. Coding Standards The Way to Maintainable Code.

We live in a society that is running on rules or the laws as we call them. They are important for the smooth functioning of the society. In the same way, some rules have been made for the website developers to follow. They are called coding standards. Let’s find out their necessity and use. PhoneGap Application Development – The Next Big Thing? – A Blog By MAAN Softwares INC. Apache Cordova or formally known as PhoneGap is one of the renowned cross-platform technology to build the mobile application that can run smoothly on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, windows to name a few. Various app development frameworks have been introduced in the market, where PhoneGap framework is playing an important role.

IoT web development feature. Why WordPress for blogs. Winner of CMS Critic Award's as Best CMS for Personal Websites WordPress is a renowned open source CMS all over the world associated for blogging and content managing. Statics quote that 30.6% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress to build their business module. WordPress’s diverse features furnish pervasive display system (PDA) and over 55286 plugins allow extensive user functionality of a website. 10 TOOLS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR WORDPRESS SEO TRAFFIC – A Blog By MAAN Softwares INC. When content management systems are considered WordPress is among the top list. Hire wordpress developer1. Why WordPress is a viable CMS for the enterprise Solution. The imperative decision that you should take for your enterprise, is choosing the right platform for the development and designing of your work.

Basics on which the integrity of web development organization lies - 22796. Online Marketing trends. HIRE ANDROID. Blog PrestaShop Banner. MAAN Softwares INC. - Effective Tools for Developing Mobile Application - Effective Tools for Developing Mobile Application. Why Counting in Web Marketing Has Become More Feasible Than Traditional? The market is upgrading itself day by day. The upgradation has very finely affected the marketing strategies too as all the push regarding marketing is shifting towards the web ones instead of traditional ones. All the firms that use traditional means also make sure that they are attached to their audience on online more too.

Right now, you may or may not have newspaper, television or any printed ad of a firm that you may require but you surely have the internet to get access to your desired information. Knowing More About Web Marketingand Traditional Marketing Outbound Marketing (Traditional Marketing) is the marketing done offline or without the internet, counted among the “old school”. Why Drupal 8 is best for your website or business.

Mobile App Development Guide to Develop a Mobile Application. Devops dictates a new approach to cloud development. Ways Drupal 8 can develop Your Small Business. How Machine Learning can affect our thinking abilities. Programming Language for Mobile App Development. Learn How To Use The WordPress Dashboard like a Pro in 10 Min. How Magento Can Enhance M Commerce. Know Why It is Necessary to be a Part of Search Engine. Drupal Web Development. 10 Reasons Why One Should Opt Magento. Cms development. Trending Web designing Techniques for 2019 [Updated] MAAN Softwares INC. - How Can Mobile Apps Change your eCommerce Business? - How Can Mobile Apps Change your eCommerce...

RealEstateApp Development Solutions. How to choose between CMS or PHP for my website? Why People Love Drupal CMS? Educational. Want To Step Up Your new Website? You Need To Read This First. Why having an expert’s rating is necessary for your website idea? Travel Industry Solutions. Coding Standards The Way to Maintainable Code. Greater Website Credibility Means Greater Conversions. Healthcare Industry Solutions. Advantages of including a chat-bot on your website. Gaming Industry Solutions.

How to Optimize Prestashop for Increased SEO and Conversions. Media Industry Solutions. Tips to grow social networking profile. Why Is Responsive Web Design an Asset for Your Online Business? - 1 Webs Directory Blog. Ecommerce Solutions for Fastest Growing Online Business in USA. Website development with wordpress. Hybrid App Development - The Middle Approach, Tools and Platforms. Top 16 Drupal 8 modules for your Upcoming Drupal website. What can all PHP do for your Website? Taxi one. Trending On Demand Mobile App Development Solutions For Your Business.

10 Misconceptions about Drupal that You Should Know. Comparison 2019: OpenCart vs Magento vs Shopify vs WooCommerce. How can SEO contribute to your bottom line? How to hire Drupal developer - Step by Step guide. These cryptocurrencies could give you great ROI in 2019, check out which one. Everything You Need to Know About Mark Zuckerberg Jarvis. Why is using framework a great idea? Online Marketing trends. Why WordPress for blogs. Win Games of Thrones with Responsive Web Design. Top 10 web and mobile based Industry solutions.

Drupal Development Company USA

Get your website with drupal development services. PRESTASHOP : THE ROUTE TO YOUR ONLINE STORE.