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8 Easy-to-Follow Tips for Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience. Why do we shop online?

8 Easy-to-Follow Tips for Improving E-Commerce Customer Experience

Convenience. Let’s take the example of Amazon. For the convenience of its users, it does a lot of things – personalized product suggestions, discounts, tons of brands, 2-hour shipping, easy return policy, and so much more. If buying stuff from Amazon wasn’t as easy as it is today, would it have become the biggest E-commerce website in the world? Probably not. So, what do you get if you summarize all of it? But, the question is, is it worth investing your business’ time and money on improving your customers’ experience if the sales are totally fine? Why Does E-commerce Customer Experience Matter?

Customer experience can be simply defined as a quality relationship between the business and the customer. For instance, a report by Oracle on customer relations shows that 86 % of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience, and 89 % are willing to move to the competitor due to poor customer experience. Those numbers are too big to be ignored. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. E-commerce Trends That Are Shaping the Way Businesses Sell Online. E-commerce has always been something that’s grown steadily over the years, but the pandemic completely shifted the landscape.

E-commerce Trends That Are Shaping the Way Businesses Sell Online

Suddenly everything and everyone wanted to be able to order online. For many businesses who weren’t previously ever considering online ordering, all of a sudden they had to shift operations in order to even think about surviving. Restaurants, for example, had to institute not just e-commerce ordering, but curbside delivery, too. It’s all, of course, pushed e-commerce to the next level of growth in its evolution. The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition for Small Businesses. When it comes to customers, there are all sorts of pressures on business.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition for Small Businesses

For starters, you already have a pool of existing customers that you need to worry about. Have they made just one purchase, and if so, how can you get them back to make more sales with your business, and when will they do so? Choose the Right Conversion Rate Optimization Tool for Your Website. Are Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Working? How far into your ecommerce journey is your company?

Are Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Working?

Surprising as it might seem, some companies are just dipping their toes into ecommerce. They might have finally set up an online store, for example, but aren’t sure how to maximize the customer experience for people. Other companies, however, are much further — sometimes even decades — into the ecommerce journey. 7 Common Traits of Reliable eCommerce Marketing Agencies. If you want to succeed in growing your online store, you might need to work with a marketing agency.

7 Common Traits of Reliable eCommerce Marketing Agencies

You need an agency that can take you to the promised land: one that doesn’t just claim to know what they’re doing, but someone who has a proven track record of providing excellent results. After all, with the right marketing agency, you’ll be able to generate truckloads of leads and sales, and you can even ensure (to some extent) the efficiency of your marketing spend. And so the question becomes, how are you supposed to find the right marketing agency for your eCommerce store? If you’re eager to find out the answer to that question, then this guide is for you. Seven Tips for Marketing Your Service-Based Business. When you’re selling a product, you may want to market come simple.

Seven Tips for Marketing Your Service-Based Business

You create a marketing campaign around what a product can accomplish for its clients, execute it, and the product sells itself. However, when you are running a service-based business, selling the administration requires an alternate methodology and takes the help of a marketing virtual assistant. Rather than features of marketing products. 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Provider. For an online seller, there are a lot of things on your to-do list to manage your e-commerce business.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Ecommerce Fulfillment Provider

You have to attract the right audience, and you have to figure out and optimize your products, and so much more. One other thing to add to your load is the e-commerce fulfillment part of the business. The part of the sales process for an online store where they have to deliver or ship the items to their patrons is what e-commerce fulfillment is all about. This has a lot of logistics needed to work, so you really have to devote a lot of yourself so that everything goes right.

5 Tips to Boost eCommerce Growth for Your WordPress Website. So, you have an eCommerce site?

5 Tips to Boost eCommerce Growth for Your WordPress Website

Join the club! The popularity of online stores is growing rapidly. Top Tips for Successfully Managing Inventory and Fulfillment on WordPress. WordPress is, by far, the most popular content management system (CMS) when building a website.

Top Tips for Successfully Managing Inventory and Fulfillment on WordPress

With a 60% share of the CMS market, WordPress is the go-to resource for most businesses’ website needs. It should come as no surprise that a wealth of businesses also utilizes some form of WordPress for managing their online web store as well. Some of the more widely used native WordPress shopping cart solutions include Woo Commerce, Ecwid, WP Ecommerce, WP EasyCart, and Foxy Cart. Guidelines To Optimise Your e-Commerce Product Pages. The prominence of an e-Commerce store depends on its caliber to attract users and sell the services or products.

Guidelines To Optimise Your e-Commerce Product Pages

But still, many business owners neglect this and focus exclusively on their home page. It is no doubt that the homepage of an e-Commerce store plays a vital role. However, it’s the product page that is majorly responsible for making sales. A poorly optimized product page would be the biggest catalyst for any downfall. Below-mentioned are some tips that can guide you through establishing your business via the product page. Catchy title. 7 Handy Tips to Help Your WordPress Website Improve Lead Generation. We’ve all heard how the competition has intensified manifolds in the market. Thanks to the advent of digitization. There was a time when businesses, irrespective of their size in the market, use to get articles published on various domains. One of the simplest lead generation strategies to increase website traffic and sales for the domain.

But, marketing has revolutionized since then. Now, you’ll see how small business owners, looking for opportunities to monetize even their web pages and ultimately increase sales. In short, generating quality leads has become the foremost priority for those who wish to give their web page visitors a strong and compelling reason to re-visit their site. 10 Must-Have Apps for Tracking Your Competitors. “Competitor” is portrayed as a bad word that should make you roar in anger towards your archenemy or something. However, every sane business person knows that it’s not quite so.

Even though your competition is still your, well, competition, it can also serve as a source of many valuable benefits. Tracking competitors is something you’ve done even before you have entered the business. When you think about it, your current competitors have probably served as an inspiration to you before you’ve started your business. Now, the story turned around, and it’s a shame to admit that you admire your competition.

Why should you track your competition? You may slip the argument, „I’m doing my own thing, and I don’t care what my competitors are doing.“ In response to this, you get a „No business is an island.“ As you are well aware of, doing business – regardless of the industry you’re in – is complicated, competitive, and interdependent. The Easiest Way to Get The Most Out Of Your Profile on Google My Business - Post to Google My Business Plugin. There are many things we take for granted nowadays, especially when it comes to developments in technology. This is mainly for things that you rely on every day, and that you consider convenient. Things that save you time in this modern, hectic world, and that you use to help you make decisions are more important than you give them credit for.

Think of the last time you needed to buy something on the run, what did you do? You Googled it. 5 Reasons Why Good Graphic Design is Crucial for Online Businesses. It’s undeniable that people have short attention spans whenever they’re on the internet. Let’s face it; internet users often develop the habit of mindless scrolling or browsing through online platforms. While it’s not automatically bad for them, it’s bad for business. How to Kickstart Your New Online Business. How to Design Your WooCommerce Product Listing Better? 7 Ways To Increase WooCommerce Store Conversion. Poshmark, Pinterest and Profits - WP Newsify. How to Import Users with Custom Passwords from an Excel File [CASE STUDY] - WP Newsify.

Recently, I had to import a number of users into a WordPress HR portal on behalf of a client. The spreadsheet I received from the client included the emails and full names of the staff who were to be granted access to the LearnDash platform. Note: for this to work you will need a copy of Microsoft Excel – I am doing this on a Mac – however, I am sure most of these operations will be doable from Google Sheets also. So I went and searched among plugins for a solution that will save me time while still getting everything done. Your ecommerce store isn’t generating enough sales? Let’s help - WP Newsify. 5 Best WooCommerce Badge Manager Plugins 2019. Seven Steps To Create An Ecommerce Website With WordPress - WP Newsify. Today, WordPress runs approximately 26.4 percent of the web. It provides unlimited flexibility and is easy to use, making it an extremely popular platform.

With a wide variety of features and free WordPress plugins available, setting up a top-notch e-commerce website through WordPress is quite an easy feat. 10 Reasons Why You Should Use A Website Builder. 7 YouTube Marketing Tips For Your Ecommerce Business - WP Newsify. WooCommerce or Shopify - Which One to Choose for Your E-commerce Business - WP Newsify. 5 Easy Tips to Make eCommerce Conversions Skyrocket. 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions 2019. 8 Steps: How to Develop a Successful Mobile Strategy for Business? 7 Important Things to Discuss With Your Developer Before Getting Started. Developers seem living in their own world, which has its own value and set of rules. This does not mean that they do not approve the traditional marketing tactics.

How to Beat Your Competitors in the Social Media Branding Game. Social media is an abundant source of marketing tricks, but also a playground occupied by many successful competitors. Two brands can employ the same social media strategy and yet achieve different results. The key, as always, is in cutting through the noise by being bold and different. Ready to Boost Your Career: Let's Follow These Five Practical Steps. The Complete Guide to Selling Your WordPress Blog. Tricks to Make the Sales Prospects Interested in Your Content. Building an eCommerce Website With the OsCommerce Platform.

10 Best WooCommerce Extensions That’ll Help You Increase Sales. How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Online Sales. The Ultimate Checklist to Skyrocket Your YouTube Channel. 15 Best WooCommerce Marketing & Sales Plugins to Grow Your Business. Is WordPress Good for Creating E-Commerce Websites? 7 Biggest Challenges That Every E-Commerce Faces in the USA in 2019. Indispensable Elements of an E-Commerce Website. The Need Of Acquiring The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service. 5 Ways to Get More E-Commerce Product Reviews. 8 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups. Benefits of Choosing Android App Development Platform. Instagram Stories: 6 Tips for Promoting Your eCommerce Brand.

What is User Experience UX? & What's the Noise About? The Hidden Costs of Starting an E-Commerce Business. E-commerce Product Page Design: Best Practices For Web Designers. Infographic: Snapchat Stats & Facts for Marketers in 2019. A Complete Guide to Design an E-Commerce Website. How To Add Google Tag Manager To Your Website? Top 6 A/B Testing Tools You Must Consider for Your E-Commerce Website.