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Pingdom Speed Test Tool – Steps for Improving Page Performance. Optimizing page performance is essential because pagespeed is one factor used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages.

Pingdom Speed Test Tool – Steps for Improving Page Performance

It’s an official signal from Google, and you definitely want to follow their guidelines to remain on top of the competition. Check out the official declaration by Google mentioning page speed as a key factor to improve in SERP. Several online tools are available using which you can benchmark your webpage performance. With these tools, you can analyze web pages and prepare a report that tells you which part of the page is working fine and where you need to pay extra attention. In this article, we will guide you through how to test & optimize page performance using a popular website benchmarking tool called Pingdom Speed Test Tool. Let’s go through a couple of thoughts and reality checks regarding Pingdom and page performance optimization advantages before we start. What Does Pingdom Speed Test Tool Offers? A typical representation of the Pingdom test result is as follows: #1. . #2.

How to Create Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2021. Why Analytics is Important In Social Media Marketing. Check Out The Latest SEO Checklist for Your eCommerce Website. Why WordPress Is a Good Option for Your SEO Campaign? How Does Website Security Affect SEO Ranking? Website security should be a top-of-mind concern for website owners.

How Does Website Security Affect SEO Ranking?

However, most of them do not think about web security until they encounter malware or ransomware attacks. Website growth is increasing, and so are the cyber threats that proliferate the internet. But the lack of proactivity when it comes to web security is alarming. It causes businesses and enterprises to pay the high price of a non-secure website. Beyond the loss of money, loss of valuable data, and even online reputation can be one of the unfortunate results of an unsafe website. With the intensity and ingenuity of cyberattacks increasing today, it is critical to invest time and money on website security, because website security at risk is a business at risk. 3 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tools Available Online. Recently, Google has been actively improving its algorithms to give viewers improved performance on search engine services.

3 Best Bulk Domain Authority Checker Tools Available Online

Including a keyword in your text will now only support you by objectively considering the rating along with other aspects. But it is very difficult to comprehend all these algorithms. Here, web developers have developed the bulk DA checker tools for testing domain authority to help customers better understand and improve their web site.

This guide will also support you on your way to the ranking by offering information about anything that includes DA (domain authority) and Google SERP (result results of the search engine) and more. How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search - The Definitive Guide. One out of every two readers visits us through a mobile device.

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search - The Definitive Guide

This ratio is similar to that of many other websites. As a webmaster, it’s reasonable to try everything possible to optimize the site for a better mobile experience. Are a mobile-friendly theme and performant host enough to delight users? Indeed, a good theme, a few effective site-improving plugins, and a reliable host are the basics of a good site, but they’re not enough. Voice search is no longer hype or service enjoyed by early adopters. How to Improve SEO on Your WordPress Website? Many consider WordPress as the most popular content management system (CMS) there is in the market today.

How to Improve SEO on Your WordPress Website?

Businesses of all sizes around the globe leverage on it to build their business website. Today, there are about 40% of websites powered by WordPress. Also, many digital marketing experts recommend the use of WordPress to step up and improve your SEO game. On-Page SEO Techniques for Increasing Rankings and Conversions. On-page SEO can be a little more challenging than off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO Techniques for Increasing Rankings and Conversions

By using the on-page SEO techniques in this guide, you’ll (hopefully) see an increase in your rankings and conversions. Here are some of the best on-page SEO techniques that you should be using: On-Page SEO Techniques Your Title. How to Migrate Your Domain Without Losing Google Ranking? Generally, when you find a better hosting or went through a couple of bad experiences with the current hosting, then you might want to change your Web host in order to run the website fluently.

How to Migrate Your Domain Without Losing Google Ranking?

Transferring a website takes a couple of tasks to be done carefully. But it’s easy if you are used to it and on the other hand, it can be panic if you do not know how to do it manually. Assuming you are at that particular moment when you need to migrate your online business. It can be by means of domain or hosting. How to Use GSC to Increase Traffic on Your Website. My adventure with SEO has been going on for over 13 years.

How to Use GSC to Increase Traffic on Your Website

During this time, I’ve analyzed hundreds of pages for optimization errors, and I know that there are only a few better ways to increase traffic than using data from Google Search Console. These are, for example changing the noindex meta tag to index, unblocking the page in robots.txt, or setting appropriate <title> tags. These are the basics on which each audit of the site begins. However, if you don’t block Google robots and the titles have been set up properly, it is worth going to the next optimization step. How Can You Boost Productivity While Working From Home? We regularly face the arduous task of making tough decisions at a certain point in our lives, and one of those decisions entails either to work remotely from home or to work in an office space.

How Can You Boost Productivity While Working From Home?

This choice is not one to hastily decide, and a lot of important details have to put into consideration. However, studies have shown that those who work from home are relatively more productive than their office counterparts. It is believed that working from home leads to one enjoying a healthier lifestyle, and this counts for so much. Regardless of how you look at it, the pros of working from the comfort of your home outweigh the cons, and it’s up to you to find ways to balance things out. However, while working from home has lots of perks, one cannot ignore the distractions that are attached to it. For those with kids, it might seem like an impossible challenge as kids tend to present the chunk of distraction telecommuters are likely to encounter. How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets - UniClix. Struggling to grow your twitter account to 5,000 followers?

How to Get 5,000 Free Twitter Followers: 12 Experts Reveal Secrets - UniClix

In this round up, we emailed 12 experts to reveal their best secrets – How to get 5,000 free twitter followers. Getting Twitter followers today is still a concern for businesses and influencers. We’ve had a couple brands say before they got into business with a client, they were asked, “and like how many twitter followers do you have?”. It’s a pretty easy question but what do you say when you have just about 100 followers? Most businesses tend to overlook this and just ‘brush-off’ the question. Growing your twitter followers to 5,000 does not only mean more numbers but increase in brand influence which primarily shows that your customers and audience love what you put out. If you’ve been following our blog here, you may have come across one of our previous posts on how to get 100 twitter followers in one day.

7 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives You Should Use in 2019. Whether you wish to edit pictures or design logos, professional software surely isn’t available at lower prices. Or does it? When talking about graphic design software, Photoshop is the first word that pops up in almost everybody’s mind working in this field. It’s such a powerful brand that it even has become a verb, “to Photoshop.” It merely means editing an image. What Is WebP And How To Enable It On Your WordPress Website? Over half of an average web page is made up of images. Therefore if you can optimize these images, then you can save a lot of space on your server as well as decrease your pages load time. Ideally, you will want to compress every image that you upload onto your website. This should be done without altering the quality of the images. If compression does not take place, then the speed of your website will be affected.

Letterhead Ideas That Will Help Your Business Stand Out. Branding is a vital part of doing business; if people can recognize your company based on a flash of a logo, then you’ve certainly done something right. While most businesses conduct their activities almost exclusively through the internet, there are still some situations that call for good old-fashioned letters in the mail.

How to Create Awesome Images for Your Blog Posts. Every graphic designer and their mum knows the secret to run a successful blog with a huge following – keep their minds alert to many different trends in the medium. At its core, blog success has everything to do with the ability to generate compelling and engaging content consistently over time. Different bloggers employ different styles to meet this demand. However, one thing remains certain: A post won’t go very far without a blog image. Let’s go back in time. 10 Types Of Content To Attract Great Traffic - WP Pluginsify. What makes any WordPress writer a good writer? Not to put myself above my fellows, but I strongly believe that a good writer must think and act as a WordPress website owner. Why is that? Because a site owner always wants the best for their website, a good writer should want the same. To be specific, I believe one of many aims an owner sets for their site always involve traffic. A No Sweat Solution for Redirecting Your Visitors - WP Newsify.

Top 10 WordPress Security Tips – Step by Step (2019) Learn How You Can Avoid Typical SEO Mistakes in 2019. How to Effectively Update a Post URL and Get Rid of 404 Error. How to Do Social Media Marketing in 2019 - A Guide for Marketers. How to Maximize Your Facebook Ads Strategy to Boost ROI - WP Newsify. There is no denying that Facebook can help your business in many ways, especially if you know and implement the right advertising tactics. With a good digital marketing strategy, there is no end to your sales.

But, let’s face it, Facebook advertising and marketing is more than just posting images and status updates. Ow Do I Create an SEO Strategy for My WordPress Websites in 2019? Key Elements You Must Include While Designing a Successful Infographic. The Complete Guide to WooCommerce SEO Optimization 2019. 7 Quick WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings. In this advanced digital world, search engine optimization is the best approach to make your brand famous and get acknowledge by your customers and also for business development. Presently, while propelling a WordPress site can be a fast and simple assignment these days, streamlining to rank well absolutely takes aptitude and experience.

It’s the seemingly insignificant details that will awe your clients and search engines. While a portion of the attempted and tried practices, for example, building quality organic links with visitor posting and incorporating significant keywords into your content pool will stay significant for your long haul position in the SERPs, there are likewise some refined strategies you’re presumably not actualizing. 5 Tips for Choosing an SEO-Friendly Domain Name. What a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be Made Of? Website Visitor Tracking 101: How to Make Every Move Count. Website visitor tracking is something every e-commerce business should take advantage of. The information gained from visitor tracking provides marketing teams with actionable and lucrative information.

The Relevance of Using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO. 5 SEO Strategies to Use in Social Media Marketing in 2019. Many business owners think that social media marketing and SEO are different from each other. In fact, these two entities work together to achieve similar business goals. How to Write a Creative Description for Your Facebook Posts? 9 SEO Strategies That Still Work For Your WordPress Blog. WordPress is one of the industry leaders for content management systems. Almost one-third of all websites worldwide use WordPress, and for a reason! With its user-friendliness and SEO-ready plugins available, you have all the basics covered for beginners and advanced developers to take advantage of.

But of course, you still want to go further than the basics and rise from the competition. Common SEO Mistakes and How To Fix Them - Infographic. Infographic: 25+ Major SEO Mistakes You're Probably Making. How to Effectively Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search. Become a Professional SEO Writer With These Pro Tips. Articles optimized for SEO play an integral role in attracting vast numbers of visitors towards your website or blog. Additionally, regularly creating interesting articles works wonders in bringing success to your online business. Manage Your WordPress Images on the Cloud for Better Performance. 11 Tips To Create an Optimized Landing Page From Scratch. Infographic How To Build a Perfect Landing Page - 11 Key Elements. Key Benefits of Performing A/B Tests on Your Website.

Moving Your WordPress Website to a New Host without Hurting Your SEO. Infographic: 11 Key Elements To Create a Perfect Landing Page. 12 Effective WordPress Marketing Tips You Need to Know. Tips To Not Get Ripped Off When Buying SEO Services. 9 Effective and Creative Ways of Promoting Your Android App. 7 Hidden Tricks of WordPress Content Optimization. 5 Crucial SEO Trends to Bump-Up Your Brand Awareness in 2019. Why Quality Web Hosting Is Crucial For Search Engine Optimization. 25 Most Significant Google Ranking Factors in 2019 and Their Details. 7 Content Marketing Tactics That Will Skyrocket Your Search Traffic. WordPress Duplicate Content Issues and How to Fix Them. Successful Tips To Boost Your WordPress Website In 2019. A Guide to Researching Keywords to Boost Your Website Ranking.

5 Useful Ways to Do Keyword Research In 2019 For Maximum Traffic. Here Are the Key Mistakes to AVOID In Your Next Video. Improve the Conversion Rate Optimization of Your E-Commerce Website. Are You Creating Content With These SEO Rules in Mind? Internal linking: What It Means for SEO and How to Do It Right. Here are the 9 Best Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using. Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season with SEO. 5 Amazing Ways How Great Content & PPC Help Each Other. Top 6 Website Redesign Mistakes That Can Be Harmful To SEO. Top 5 Effective SEO Techniques That Work in 2018. 6 Actionable SEO Tips to Help Increase Organic Traffic. Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Converting & What To Do?