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Coloring Book Fabrics - Damask Love. Do you remember your days of coloring?

Coloring Book Fabrics - Damask Love

I have a pretty good recollection of it. I remember being really proud of myself when I learned that you could draw a sun in the upper right corner of the paper to make it look like it was peeking in ever so slightly. I remember when I started demanding markers because crayons were for babies. I remember when I meticulously colored in the edges before tackling the center – that way I would stay perfectly within the lines. So – maybe you don’t have memories of these same coloring milestones, but I bet you have some of your own. Well, this project is sort of a coloring book – but made of out fabric – with fabric that I designed all on my own.

Visit Creative Market and search the term “Seamless”. Now comes the honest truth. Craft Buds. Looking for an e-reader sleeve to protect your iPad, Kindle, tablet or other device?

Craft Buds

This easy zippered iPad sleeve is lined and quilted to keep your device protected and dust-free! The e-reader cover can be made with our easy and free sewing pattern, which will teach you how to install a simple zipper in a fully-lined pouch. It also works great as a simple, lined pouch for your journal, pen or crafting supplies. The device cover makes a great gift, too! Materials - 2 fat quarters (18”x22”) of cotton quilting fabric - Quilt batting scraps (4 pieces slightly larger than outer fabric) - 11″ or longer zipper (1.5″ longer than the widest measurement of your device) - Sewing machine with zipper foot Finished Size 10.5″ long x 8.25″ wide All seam allowances are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted. 12 Gifts of Christmas Blog Hop – iPad Case Tutorial + Giveaway. Nalle's House: HANDMADE: FABRIC EASTER BASKETS. I really wanted to make something for my pilots this Easter.


I remembered that I had this vintage fabric that I received from my mom's neighbour for Christmas a couple of years ago (one of the best Christmas gifts ever!). Apparently, the fabric belonged to her mother-in-law who was a home-ec teacher. The fabric has all sorts of little animals (bunnies, birds, butterflies, etc.) and flowers which is perfect for Easter. Nalle's House: MORE DIY FABRIC BASKETS. I made some more baskets!


I seem to have a thing for fabric baskets (you can see my other baskets here). These ones are for Little Pilot's toys and yes, they're pink. It's the fabric that I had on hand when I decided to make the baskets. :) Little Pilot doesn't seem to mind and if he does in the future, I can always use them to hold some of my sewing/knitting supplies.

The library tote tutorial. Here's a fun tote bag project I thunk up (yes, thunk) the other day.

the library tote tutorial

Of course there are tons of ways to make a tote bag, but I thought this one was fun and gives you a lot of options no less! | The Library Tote Tutorial | Whether you like things scrappy or streamlined, this bag is ready to go when you are. Take it to the library or to the park, it's big enough for all the essentials. Open wide zippered pouch tutorial size chart. Please refer to the full tutorial HERE for step-by-step instructions and pictures.

open wide zippered pouch tutorial size chart

For the contrast bottom style pouches, simply cut two pieces of each measurement listed in the chart by the width of the pouch, and sew together using a 1/2" seam allowance. So for the medium size pouch you'll cut two pieces 4.5" tall by 12" wide and two pieces 5.5" tall (the contrast bottom) by 12" wide, sew them together using a 1/2" seam allowance, thus making the front and back exterior pieces.Approximate Finished Dimensions:Small // 4.5" H x 5" W x 3.5" DMedium // 6" H x 6.5" W x 4.5" DLarge // 8.5" H x 8" W x 5" D Fabrics: The Hello Kitty fabrics from the first post were purchased at, seems like Hello Kitty is popping up a lot, so keep your eye open if you're a fan (yip yip!) The medium size pouch is patchwork using an Umbrella PrintsTrimmings pack, if you've never seen their fabrics I suggest you check them out, all handprinted in Australia. Love their basecloth and style.

Open wide zippered pouch: DIY tutorial. Doesn’t it ever get annoying digging through a zippered pouch?

open wide zippered pouch: DIY tutorial

I love being able to see what’s inside and what I’m searching for. I spotted this little pouch the other day and had to make something similar. Let's Make Dumplings! Zip Pouch Tutorial. - {} Ok, are you ready to make dumplings???

Let's Make Dumplings! Zip Pouch Tutorial. - {}

These cute little pouches don't take long to make, and the construction is pretty basic. But keep in mind the zipper is attached to a steep curve, so these are a sewing project for those with intermediate sewing skills and confidence with zippers. This free tutorial assumes you know how to sew zippers, attach binding, etc. Download Dumpling Pattern Pieces You might want to try "The Easier One" first. The one labeled "The Harder One" is even smaller and cuter, and a challenge to sew. Crazy Happy House. So this is it people!

Crazy Happy House

My first tutorial. Make It: sketchy pleat clutch. Simple DIY today…

Make It: sketchy pleat clutch

Tutorial for my car trash bags. Green Goose Car Trash Bags Tutorial Please don't use this design tomanufacture bags for resale! Fabrics you will need: 1. Leather Bottom Tote Tutorial. Written by Vivian of Vivian Eileen and Suz and Viv. If you’re anything like me you can never have enough bags (or totes, purses, clutches, pouches…). They’re probably one of my favorite things to sew because they usually don’t take much time or fabric.

Pleated Tote Tutorial. SOHO SLOUCH TOTE. Zippered keychain clutch. Usually i don't mind doing laundry...but i hate having to trek around with all my stuff only to realize that i forgot quarters. and i'm the only one with a key to the laundry area which means if i'm not home my boyfriend can't do laundry, not that he would anyway lol. so i decided to make a little pouch to hold quarters that i could also keep on a keychain with the key to the laundry room. Supplies: -(2) 5"x4" pieces of outer fabric -(2) 5"x4" pieces of lining fabric -(1) 4" zipper -interfacing Optional: 3/4" D-ring and 1.5"x2" piece of lining fabric attach/fuse interfacing to outer fabric as directed. to attach the zipper, lay a piece of the lining right side up, line the zipper along the top 5" side right side up, and lay the outer fabric on top right side down. pin and sew. repeat for the other side of the zipper and press. if you want you can topstitch along the zipper and add the D-ring. if you add topstitching pull the lining fabric to the opposite side so that you only catch the seams.

Diy laptop sleeve tutorial. I'm sure pretty much everyone in this day and age has a laptop right? Well as i'm sure you all have noticed laptop accessories can be...lacking. i mean who really wants some plain black neoprene case to carry their laptop around in? When you can have a totally cool, custom made sleeve made from any fabric you want??

My laptop sleeves are completely padded, fully lined, and they have boxed corners for an easier fit for you laptop. here's my chevron/blue version...i was really tempted to keep this one for myself. i might end up making another to keep...even though i already have a laptop case. or for something different this one is made from echino bird print fabric with the same blue lining. Tutorial: travel kit organzier. Personalized Kids Messenger Bag Tutorial. Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial. Reversible Messenger Bag Tutorial. How to make a tote bag. Here is a simple way to make a tote bag. The best part it is even reversible.