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The Keisha Bag Tutorial ***The Keisha Bag Tutorial*** Large Purse, Grocery Tote, Book Bag (It was late when I put this together. Let me know if I've made any mistakes, or if you have questions!) This pattern is a Copyright of Jana Nielson , Lola...again!!! 2008. For this project you will need: *1 yard Main fabric*1 yard Accent Fabric*fusible interfacing of your choice. From Main Fabric Cut:-Outside body-2@ 14"x 15"-Sides-2 @ 5"x 15"-Bag bottom-1@ 5"x 14"-Back pocket- 2@ 10"x 14"-Handles- 2@ 6"x 22"-tabs- 2 @ 2"x 5"-inside pocket-1 @ 6.5"x 10" From Accent fabric cut:-Lining body-2 @ 14"x 15"-Lining Sides- 2@ 5"x 15"-Lining bottom-1 @ 5"x 14"-Handle accent- 2@ 2.5"x 22"-Back pocket accent- 1@ 3"x 14"-Front ties- 2@ 6"x 22" From Fusible interfacing cut:-Purse body- 4 @ 14" x 15"-Purse side- 4 @ 5" x 15"-Purse Bottom- 2 @ 5"x 14" Before you begin sewing:-Cut out all pieces. We'll start with the back pocket. Stitch across top with a 1/2" seam allowance. Press sandwich open. Now set this piece aside. That is it!!

Simply Stylish Tote Materials and Tools: 3 coordinating fabric prints, one each for the middle, the base and handles and the linerfusible interfacingthreadmagnetic snapgrosgrain ribbon scissorsrotary cutting toolsewing machineironironing boardrulerparchment paper for patternstraight pinsFray Check or lighter for sealing ribbon ends Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Caroline Ritzer, Pink Lemondade Bags

The Day Trip Purse Tutorial Here is the tutorial for The Day Trip Purse that I posted on Ruffles and Stuff during the Celebrating Mom event. I will show you how to make this simple purse in 10 steps. Here are three more purse options. I look at this purse and think spring and summer outings like picnics under large shaded trees, walks in the park, picking wildflowers, or driving through a street lined with blossoming trees. You could certainly bring it on a romantic date or a girls night out :). This bag takes about 45 minutes to make. This tutorial is showing how Purse A was made. You’ll need: *Two 13” x 15” pieces outer fabric (I used cotton for the outer and inner fabric) *Two 13” x 15” pieces inner fabric *Two 13” x 15” interfacing. *Lace strips, however many you’d like to fit on your purse. *Two 12.5” pieces of lace for the top of the purse by the handles. *Two 6” bamboo round handles, found at most craft stores *Purse B, cut two 13” x 15” pieces of lace with a finished edge Repeat with other side.

Pleated tote (beach bag) tutorial Before we went away, I decided that a new bag for the beach was a must – something big and roomy to hold books, magazines, sunscreen, hats, and all that other good stuff. So I made this big pleated tote, and it worked perfectly. This is a picture of it in action: And here’s a little tutorial in case you want to make one for yourself – doesn’t have to be for the beach either, it could come in handy for schlepping all kinds of things around town. Here’s what you need: two pieces of your main fabric cut in shape A four pieces of the top shape (B) in a contrasting fabric two pieces of a lining fabric in shape C one piece of the long rectangle for the strap in the contrasting fabric two pieces of the top shapes (B) and one of the strap in a medium weight interfacing 1) Along the longest (22″) edge of the main fabric pieces, mark along the top at the following intervals: 3″ – 4″ – 6″ – 7″ – 9″ – 10″ – 12″ – 13″ – 15″ – 16″ – 18″ – 19″ 13) And voila, this is what it should look like.

Sacoche Attention... Un post, un vrai !Avec un truc à montrer, un tuto à télécharger !!!Il va pleuvoir ? Ah non ça c'est en train !Bon j'essaie de reprendre doucement le chemin de l'ordinateur enfin en même temps vu le temps qu'il fait c'est pas trop compliqué. Petit besace en cuir kaki (100% agneau) Doublure en gloria marron N'empêche que je suis fière de moi là !!! Clic-Clic sur l'image pour télécharger le fichier Ne pas utiliser à des fins commerciales Bon sur ce je file ouvrir ma boîte mails... que je n'ai pas regardé depuis plus de 15 jours et qui a largement dépassé les 300 messages en retard... j'essaie de battre mon record !

Blue Cafe bag One of my copies of Cotton & Paint: has a picture of this bag in it: I decided to make my own version: I realized after looking at the photo with morning eyes instead of late night eyes, that I didn't follow the lines of the handle in the original bag at all. I will definately have to adjust this pattern for a remake at some point! List of materials needed: old linen skirt (for outside of bag) thrifted material (for lining of bag) thrifted leather jacket (for handles) material from converting husband's lounge pants to lounge shorts (for pocket lining inside of bag) button hemp cord chain stitched to a length of 10 inches pattern (will post soon) Here is the basic pattern I used: And instructions: I also saw this bag in the same magazine: I think I will have to make this one next. ~Penny

Runaround Bag Pattern In this pattern you’ll find:step-by-step instructions with full color photos and professional illustrations for making one Runaround Bagfull size print-at-home pattern piecestwo interior pocket optionsmagnetic snap optionincludes License to Sell!!! By purchasing this pattern, I also give you (the purchaser of this pattern) the rights to sell finished Runaround bags (on a home based scale). Additional information regarding the license to sell is included in the pattern. Materials needed: 3/4 yard exterior3/4 yard interior1/2" double fold bias tape (store bought or handmade)14mm magnetic snap (optional)8” zipper (optional)1 1/2 yards fusible woven interfacingthreadwater soluble pen Approx. This is an 14 page PDF pattern with full size print-at-home pattern pieces and includes detailed step-by-step instructions with professional illustrations and full color photographs.

Rounded & Embellished {Faux Leather} Zipper Pouches A friend of mine had a birthday……and that gave me a good excuse to make her a little something. Instead of making her a regular ‘ol zippered pouch (like my tutorial here ), I made it rounded. And with Faux Leather…….AKA, vinyl. Ha. If you remember my post here , I purchased a stack of this vinyl on the sale table at the fabric store. But here’s a couple rounded pouch ideas using the vinyl……. ………but these pouches can be made with any sort of fabric . Both pouches are lined with a printed cotton fabric. And adorned with a little label. Just think of what you could stuff these with. And if you are anything like me, you’d appreciate a pouch stuffed with treats. (Good thing this friend of mine is a sugar junkie like I am. Make one for you , a friend, or that neighbor down the street who could use a little handmade love. Would you like to make your own rounded pouch? **Remember, you don’t have to use vinyl…….any fabric would work just fine. First decide on your fabric and prints. Related posts:

Pleated Purse Tutorial ♥ 1 Purse Snap Magnet♥ 1/3 yard cotton fabric for purse body♥ 1/3 yard coordinating or solid cotton for top of purse and strap ♥ 1/3 yard fabric for lining: may be polyester lining, cotton muslin or print fabric♥ 1 yard Fusible Interfacing♥ Optional: any embellishments you want to add to your purse Seam Allowance: 1/2 inch Instructions: Step One: Cut your pattern pieces (Note that most of them are on a FOLD). Step Two: On the purse body pattern (A) I used notches to indicate where you should make your pleats. Step Three: Stay stitch your pleats in place close to the edge so they don't come undone while you're working on your purse. Step Four: Those dainty little side pleats are going to make your purse top bend up... Step Five: Make your pocket. Step Six: Position your pocket on one of the lining pieces, about 2 inches from top of lining. Step Seven: Top stitch close to edge on sides and bottom. You can divide your pocket into compartments if you like. Step Eight: Make your purse strap.