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Celine Bags and Its Classic Luxury Designs

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CELINE have always been and will be the classics in the fashion circle. It brings us different styles every year.

Buy CELINE clothes, bags and accessories online at ParlourX, Australia. 10 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Celine Handbag. The Bags of Celine Summer 2014 - Page 2 of 46. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Celine Summer 2014, which is coming to a boutique near you soon, contains old favorites like the Luggage and Phantom Luggage Totes, Trapeze Bag and Gourmette Bag in some awesome new colors and combinations.

The bad news is that the crazy Celine runway bags are also being produced. Quite a few of them. In all of their insane runway glory. Check out Celine's full 2014 handbag lookbook below. Slide 1 / 45 Slide 2 / 45 Slide 3 / 45 Slide 4 / 45 Slide 5 / 45 Slide 6 / 45 Slide 7 / 45 Slide 8 / 45 Slide 9 / 45 Slide 10 / 45 Slide 11 / 45 Slide 12 / 45 Slide 13 / 45 Slide 14 / 45 Slide 15 / 45 Slide 16 / 45 Slide 17 / 45 Slide 18 / 45 Slide 19 / 45 Slide 20 / 45 Slide 21 / 45 Slide 22 / 45 Slide 23 / 45 Slide 24 / 45 Slide 25 / 45 Slide 26 / 45 Slide 27 / 45 Slide 28 / 45 Slide 29 / 45 Slide 30 / 45 Slide 31 / 45 Slide 32 / 45 Slide 33 / 45 Slide 34 / 45 Slide 35 / 45 Slide 36 / 45 Slide 37 / 45 Slide 38 / 45 Slide 39 / 45 Slide 40 / 45 Slide 41 / 45 Slide 42 / 45.

Celine Luggage Tote Bags Price Increase for Summer 2014 collection | Spotted Fashion. Just checking the Celine Summer 2014 Mini Luggage bags and it appears that the prices for a solid color mini luggage from the Summer 2014 collection is going to be $3,600 USD. For reference here are the past articles on tracking Celine Luggage price increases: However, it appears that the primary color tri-color bag will be available for $3,300 USD (pictured) but the solid colored mini luggage are being marked up to $3,600 USD from $3,100 USD a 16% increase.

It could be that the new mini luggage bags from the Summer 2014 collection are going to be made of different leather, but for now it appears that the smooth leather calfskin is $3,600 USD. (Update: It appears that the $3,600 price point is for Palmelato leather, which garners a more expensive price point. However, if Summer collections are only going to be this type it could be a permanent increase. Information is updated as they are received, the data here is based on observed prices in stores) Price: $3,300 USD Price: $3,600 USD. Buy Now, Wear Forever: shoulder bags. From Saint Laurent, Gucci and Céline classics to Christopher Kane's debut accessories, these are the shoulder bags the buyers and editors are investing in BY Alice Newbold | 04 December 2014 Céline classic bag Photo: Elizabeth Khan-Greig Ask any style-savvy woman or the buyers of lead designer retailers Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion and they will unanimously crown Mansur Gavriel's bucket bag as the handbag of 2014.

The Tuscan leather drawstring style continues to be an instant sell out on websites with Matches Fashion buying director, Natalie Kingham, describing the reaction as "incredible". With its minimal branding, the non-showy 'It' bag has swerved the "huge resurgence in heritage inspired luxe logos" on shoulder bags that buying manager Sasha Sarokin says Net-A-Porter has seen of late.

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel's bucket bag might be the current hero, but herewith are the shoulder bags that the buyers and Telegraph editors tip to be the timeless classics to invest in. All Consuming | The Céline Bag. HyunBeom Nam Oftentimes, the Internet solves all. Sites like, and have made the act of shopping in person almost obsolete. Still, there are labels that refuse to enter the online arena, and Céline — why, Céline?!

— is one of them. I learned this in the winter of 2009 when my need to acquire the king-size Luggage tote escalated to a level bordering on obsession. Naturally, I began my hunt close to home. Chartering a jet — or more likely, buying a seat on JetBlue — to visit the store was out of the question. With my prospects dwindling I halfheartedly turned to the store locator at and began making calls. What did I gain from the experience?

Correction: August 3, 2011 In a previous version of this article it was erroneously stated that Doris is the store manager at Celine. On the Wings of Céline | Intelligence | BoF. PARIS, France — A flip through any of the fashion glossies currently on the newsstand can induce an uncanny sense of déjà vu. Practically every other advertisement for a luxury brand — from Lanvin to Valentino to Fendi — prominently features a somewhat boxy leather bag that widens towards the top to form a vaguely trapezoidal, ‘winged’ shape. This is no coincidence, but rather evidence of the unmistakable influence of one woman: Phoebe Philo, the creative director of the house of Céline, who pioneered the shape. Celine's Trapeze Bag | Source: It’s no secret that Céline, acquired by luxury conglomerate LVMH in 1996, has been hugely influential, and a favourite of critics, since Phoebe Philo took the creative reins in 2008.

In a recent profile for American Vogue, Hamish Bowles said Philo had “reinvented the way women dress and transformed a mere house into a fashion cult.” But Philo’s Céline has been a commercial success story as well. Johnny Coca, the man behind Céline's icons. You may not recognise his name, but you'll certainly know his work - here we look at the new Mulberry creative director's greatest hits for Céline BY Bibby Sowray | 27 November 2014 Walk in to any high street fashion chain and you'll see Johnny Coca's work.

Not literally, of course, but by way of the catwalk-to-high street trickle-down effect that shapes the fashion market each season. As Céline's head design director for leather goods, shoes, hard accessories, jewellery and sunglasses since 2010, Coca, alongside creative director Phoebe Philo, has been the man to introduce many of the key handbag and footwear trends we have seen in recent years. The return of Birkenstocks? Thanks to him. Slip-on skate shoes? When he takes his position at the helm of British brand Mulberry on July 8, 2015, Coca will bring with him a vast portfolio of bestselling, iconic designs - particularly in the field of handbags - but will also turn his hand to ready-to-wear clothing too. The Celine trio.