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Top 35 Free Web Design Resources We turn PSD to HTML, PSD to Responsive, and WordPress Coding Conversion We turn PSD to HTML, PSD to Responsive, and WordPress Coding Conversion. Here at The Site Slinger, we help talented web designers like you turn your gorgeous concepts and layouts into fully functional websites. This gives you more time to do the work you’re best at – web design, of course! – by handling the coding for you. We love working with web designers, and we know that you can never have enough free web design resources. Today we’re sharing a list of 35 of the best resources on the web for design freebies. Inspiration Let’s face it – even the most talented among us get creatively stuck from time to time. Designspiration is a visual smorgasbord of high-quality designs. Stock Photography Choosing quality stock photos can make your designs come alive – but you already knew that, didn’t you?

CompFight is a fast, easy way to search the Flickr image pool. BONUS! BONUS #2! PSD Elements, Icons, & Vectors Sometimes you just don’t have time to create every visual element from scratch – and really, you shouldn’t have to. Fonts They say “design is 95% typography!” A Non-Designer's Guide to Typefaces and Layout.

How to Design a Geometric Poster in Photoshop - Tutorial - Nov192010 EmailEmail How to create a geometric poster in photoshop Last week I came across a great set of geometric posters. Soon, I thought of documenting the process of creating a similar poster and share this tutorial with the readers of Pixelonomics. The implementations of this tutorial are far beyond than just creating a poster. Also, it is easier to create a similar poster in Illustrator if you are familiar with its interface and working. The reason for using photoshop as a tool here is just to assist the fellow users. Let’s get started with our poster. Final Result Here is a preview of what we are trying to create. Final geometric poster Setting up the Photoshop file 1. Setup photoshop file 2. Add base color Adding the main Graphic 3. Type a word 4. Rasterize type 5. The height of 1 was decreased a bit and its tip was slant-cut.The tip of 3 is decreased to create a visual spacing between 1 and 3.

Editing & fine-tuning the type 6. Rename the merged layer Adding outside depth 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Photoshoplr. Long Shadow Generator for Photoshop - A PS extension to create long shadow with one click! Long Shadow Generator is made with ♥ by Ray And this will always be free. Donate Ask me anything: A photoshop extension to create long shadow with one click! Features: Shadow length Shadow opacity Black or white shadow Flatten or gradiant shadow Shadow angles Installation: Close Photoshop before install. 1.0 Oct 08 - Release. 1.1 Oct 08 - Fix a bug: The default length value shouldn't be "30px". 1.2 Oct 10 - Fix a bug: Dosen't works well if Photoshop current units aren't "Pixels". Use Your Interface. The Art of Color Coordination. GoodUI. Gesturecons - Icons For Multi-Touch Interfaces.

Abduzeedo: Templates and UI Kits.