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Onweer houdt lelijk huis: school dicht, ring onder water en. Een hevige onweerszone heeft donderdagavond lelijk huis gehouden in België.

Onweer houdt lelijk huis: school dicht, ring onder water en

Een deel van de ring rond Brussel stond onder water en in de provincie Limburg vielen enorme hagelbollen uit de lucht. De temperaturen liepen donderdag op tot bijna 32 graden, maar in de loop van de avond barstte het onweer dan toch los boven ons land. De provincies Antwerpen en Limburg en het centrum van het land kregen het stevig te verduren, West-Vlaanderen bleef gespaard. Wateroverlast en onweersbuien in Limburg veroorzaken regenrecord. Museum RockArt dicht door wateroverlast. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen start ontruiming na wateroverlast. Wateroverlast op snelwegen zorgt voor files. Rond 6.30 uur stond het wel al over 100 kilometer vast, maar om 08.00 uur was er spraken van 140 kilometer file en dat is volgens de Verkeersinformatiedienst "een normale ochtendspits.

Wateroverlast op snelwegen zorgt voor files

" Energie vanuit het centrum van de aarde : Geothermische energie. 'Cooked': Michael Pollan Wants Americans to Get Back in the Kitchen. If there’s one overarching lament on Cooked, the four-part Netflix series hosted by the journalist and culinary redeemer Michael Pollan, it’s that Americans are transfixed with the culture of food, but not with the actual cooking of food.

'Cooked': Michael Pollan Wants Americans to Get Back in the Kitchen

Americans, as it turns out, are cooking less and even the food they do consume at home is increasingly being prepared somewhere else. While Cooked, which debuted to acclaim this spring, is based on Pollan’s 2013 book of the same name, the sifting of Americans from their kitchens has been his cri de coeur for much longer, particularly as food-themed television became mainstream. “It’s no accident that Julia Child appeared on public television—or educational television, as it used to be called,” Pollan wrote back in 2009. “On a commercial network, a program that actually inspired viewers to get off the couch and spend an hour cooking a meal would be a commercial disaster, for it would mean they were turning off the television to do something else.” 'Immense Harm Is Caused by the Belief That Work Is Virtuous.' What We Can Learn From the Old Greats.

In 1932, philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an essay titled In Praise of Idleness.

'Immense Harm Is Caused by the Belief That Work Is Virtuous.' What We Can Learn From the Old Greats

He was writing at a time when only the most affluent in society had the opportunity for leisure time while the poor labored away in dirty, dangerous and dull work. Today, in developed countries the situation is quite the opposite. The hardest part in being an impact entrepreneur, is not business model, nor money. I have been a strategy consultant for impact entrepreneurs and changemakers since 2014.

The hardest part in being an impact entrepreneur, is not business model, nor money

I have consulted with over 100 value-driven individuals from 32 different countries (thanks to the magic of Internet!) And I noticed one common denominator that makes almost everyone struggle. Hard to Disagree With the Power of Three. You have certainly heard the expression “blood, sweat and tears,” allegedly from a speech Winston Churchill delivered in 1940 at the dawn of war.

Hard to Disagree With the Power of Three

What he actually said, however, was “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” Our collective memories have reduced those four words down to three. The number three resonates deeply in the human mind, in a visceral, fundamental and pleasing way. There are three primary colors (red, yellow and blue), three wise men, three acts in movies and so on. Innovation Is Overrated. New technologies and their inventors are often celebrated as society’s heroes.

Innovation Is Overrated

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Larry Page: These are all contemporary “innovators” whose “visionary ideas” and “creative leaps” led to “disruptive realities”—that is, if you buy the rhetoric of certain books and novelty-oriented publications (including, sometimes, your very own CityLab). But those who’ve questioned whether technology really is society’s salve aren’t alone. Lee Vinsel, an assistant professor of science and technology at the Stevens Institute of Technology, wrote a dissertation on innovation and regulation in the early days of the automobile. How New York Gets Its Water.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency sets limits for drinking water on more than 90 contaminants.

How New York Gets Its Water

Each state is responsible for making sure that public water systems meet these standards and may add additional criteria. But there are tens of thousands of industrial chemicals that have never been tested for safety. And new ones are constantly being introduced. The regulatory process is long. Periodically, the Environmental Protection Agency adds chemicals to a watchlist of unregulated contaminants that are potentially harmful. The state’s Department of Health, which applies federal standards and sets its own, has been criticized for failing to devote sufficient resources to the issue. De Blasio Postpones Work on Crucial Water Tunnel. The city’s water system, which brings clean water more than 100 miles almost entirely with the power of gravity, could fill an atlas with its abundance and its distinctions.

De Blasio Postpones Work on Crucial Water Tunnel

The third water tunnel claims its own chapter in that history: When finished, its assembled segments will be the longest in the United States, at 60 miles; by many accounts, it is the largest capital undertaking in the city’s history, and it is surely among the most complex engineering projects in the world. Generations of sandhogs, the workers who blast the rock to form the tunnel, have taken up the work begun by their grandfathers. Twenty-four people have died; scores have been maimed or injured. Photo. The Importance of New York City's Water Infrastructure. Here in New York City, we had a fascinating week in the politics of our water supply.

The Importance of New York City's Water Infrastructure

On April 5th, New York Times reporter Jim Dwyer wrote an excellent, well-sourced, and somewhat depressing article about the de Blasio administration’s defunding of the last stages of the city’s third water tunnel. The third tunnel is needed in order to gradually close the other two older tunnels for repair, ensuring the city’s water supply. According to Dwyer’s initial story: The entire Brooklyn-Queens leg of the new tunnel was scheduled to be finished by 2021, with $336 million included in the capital budget in 2013 by Mr. de Blasio’s predecessor, Mayor Michael R. 57 tube stations at high risk of flooding, says London Underground report. Eighty-five sites on the London Underground are at high and rising risk of flooding, according to a report that says it is “only a matter of time” before serious flooding strikes.

Economen-niet-positief-beleid-ouderenwerkloosheid- John de Wolf wordt ambassadeur tegen ouderenwerkloosheid. Being Different Is More Important Than Being Better. If you could instill your product with a single virtue that set it apart from the rest of the market, what would it be? Free by Dissonance. Freedom is perhaps the most elusive idea in modernist lore, but one to which we all subscribe. We can probably all agree that freedom is good and the opposite is bad. Agreeing on what freedom actually is or what’s so great about it, however, is a whole other matter. Indeed, there is such a gaping disparity between how broadly this word is espoused and how vaguely it’s defined, that it can often appear as though freedom is nothing more than a semantic conflation of positive attributes with nothing in common but a nice ring. Self-Esteem and Body Image: Is There Any Correlation? “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”

Asks the queen to make sure that she is the most beautiful. The fairy tale “Snow White” is a clear example how a woman’s mood and self-esteem is dependent on her look, which can go to the extreme and can be the cause of rivalry, hatred of others (usually, more beautiful women) and low self-esteem. Is it something inherent in woman’s nature or something imposed to us by the society? And what does it mean to be beautiful? The concept of beauty has changed throughout the time. Committing to Our Nation's Water Economy. Co-authored by David Henderson, Managing Director, XPV Capital Corporation Pure and simple: The world is undergoing a catastrophic water crisis.

While long thought of as a calamity reserved for arid developing countries, the impending water crisis is now staring all of us in the face. The toll in terms of human, plant and animal existence is tragic, the economic impact is daunting, and the threat of global instability is frightening and definitely real. In general, U.S. water and wastewater utilities are dated and plagued by crumbling infrastructure. Dedicated and sustainable funding has been largely absent, and, as significant changes in water quality and quantity has occurred, there has not been the necessary shifts toward the adoption of new processes and technology that would tackle these mounting challenges to our nations.

Adequate supplies of water, in the present and future, are vital to our health, food and energy production. Who benefits from this ongoing commitment? The Hidden Water Crisis: From Sharing Resources, To Sharing Scarcity, To Dealing With Non-Availability. Over the last month I have been invited by Governments and Corporations around the world to debate the outcomes of COP21 and the impact on business models, focusing mostly on electricity. At the majority of these meetings I was asked to comment on the water energy nexus (the link and interdependence of these two systems) and was interested to see how this issue was either considered as urgent and very important or conversely ignored or left in full denial.

Lawrence of Arabia wouldn’t have been surprised by the rise of Isis. It’s one of the best-known scenes in cinema history. Colonel TE Lawrence, all piercing blue eyes and billowing white robes, crouches behind a sand dune with an army of Arab Bedouin soldiers at his shoulder. How Do You Spell Compassion? Let's Be Honest About Diversity: Age Matters Too. Looking Up: The Congruence of Science and Spirituality. I wrote an article recently about something I’ve been thinking about for a while: the connection between science and spirituality, two completely congruent topics. The Best Use of the Internet: The Power of Your Identity Beyond History and Resumes.

Resumé and history are words I have heard often. All that changed when I heard a TED Talk. Attention Must Be Paid (Except to Climate Change) As Seas Rise, Nature Can Protect Our Cities.