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How to Analyze a Movie: A Step-by-Step Guide. Activity Sheets — Oxford Doodle Club. Open Arts Objects. Twitter. Looking Is Not Seeing » Norton Simon Museum. Michelle Brenner and Mariko TuMay 5, 2020 For nurses on the frontline, making close observations is key to saving patients’ lives.

Looking Is Not Seeing » Norton Simon Museum

To help with building this critical skill, the Norton Simon Museum hosts nursing students from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles each winter and spring for “Looking Is Not Seeing.” This innovative training program was developed in 2008 by the Yale School of Nursing in partnership with the Yale Center for British Art. Looking at art in a museum helps nursing students slow down and notice how they might jump to conclusions about a given situation before having all of the necessary information.

11 Meaningful Writing Assignments Connected to the Pandemic for Middle and High School Students. With students currently at home because of the pandemic, it’s helpful to provide learning opportunities that get them talking about what’s happening in the world with trusted adults and peers.

11 Meaningful Writing Assignments Connected to the Pandemic for Middle and High School Students

These ideas for home assignments build connection and help our young people process this difficult experience while developing their writing skills. 11 Writing Assignments for the Current Moment 1. Interview senior members of the community: With our older community members at higher risk, hearing their stories has increasing significance. Generate interview questions with your students, and conduct a sample interview as a model. Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Mysite. The power of educational development lies in a single thread—one specific message—that runs through our entire enterprise.


It is simply this: You are not alone. Pedagogies of Care: Open Resources for Student-Centered & Adaptive Strategies in the New Higher-Ed Landscape offers practical and engaging advice about what "next" should look like across higher education, from sixteen current and forthcoming authors in the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education book series from West Virginia University Press. Collection editors Victoria Mondelli and Thomas J.

Tobin note that the resources in Pedagogies of Care take many forms: "Our contributors created videos, audio podcasts, interviews, infographics, and articles. Twitter. Studio Art Exchange. Teaching & Learning Art Online: Art Prompts. Dr Katie Linder. DIY curating: UK galleries mount virtual shows on lockdown using new digital tool. A new online tool called Curations allows institutions to mount virtual shows UK museums and galleries have been handed a digital lifeline with the launch of a new online tool called Curations that allows institutions to mount virtual shows during the coronavirus pandemic.

DIY curating: UK galleries mount virtual shows on lockdown using new digital tool

Curations, a free-to-use initiative by the Art UK charity, allows users to create exhibitions drawn from Art UK’s online collection that currently numbers more than 250,000 works by 46,000 artists drawn from over 3,000 public institutions. The London-based Fleming Collection subsequently organised a virtual exhibition on the Curations platform of works by the late 19th-century group known as the Glasgow Boys and Girls, featuring artists such as Edward Arthur Walton. How to Create an Online Art Gallery With Padlet and Google Sites. Thoughts on LinkedIn @randajab @sam_nobes □ Discover Curations. Seven Ideas for Flipgrid Activities. One of the reasons that Flipgrid became popular and continues to grow in popularity is that it can be used across grade levels.

Seven Ideas for Flipgrid Activities

Ready for the week? □ Sal's guided meditation offers 7 minutes of positivity to help you get motivated! □ This week, let's move forward with energy and confidence. □ You got this!… - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Search Results. Globalism and Transnationalism. The key ideas of this lecture can be explored in an hour and fifteen minutes through a variety of examples, including: William Marlow, View of the Wilderness at Kew, 1763Édouard Manet, Portrait of Émile Zola, 1868Jean-Léon Gerôme, The Snake Charmer, c. 1870Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, 1907Aaron Douglas, Negro in an African Setting from Aspects of Negro Life, 1934Zhang Hongtu, Long Live Chairman Mao Series, 1989Alighiero e Boetti, Mappa del Mondo, 1989Ai Wei Wei, Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Label, 1994Yinka Shonibare, The Swing (After Fragonard), 2001O Zhang, Daddy and I No. 18, 2006Shelly Jyoti, An Ode to Neel Darpan, 2009Samson Young, Liquid Borders, 2012Laura Kina, Okinawa — All American Food, 2013.

Globalism and Transnationalism

Thematic Lesson Plans. 10 Art Museums Whose YouTube Channels Are A Delight. March 30, 2020 A philosophy graduate interested in critical theory, politics and art.

10 Art Museums Whose YouTube Channels Are A Delight

Alias of Jelena Martinović. Colorful coffee filter sculpture - Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Transform a flat coffee filter into a sculptural work of art inspired by artist Sam Gilliam.

Colorful coffee filter sculpture - Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

All you need is a coffee filter, some markers, and a spray bottle or cup of water. [time] 30–40 minutes [skill level] beginner [topic] 2D to 3D transformation. Metacognition helps readers analyze texts as they read, and it’s a skill you can teach your students. Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture Helps Visualize Design Concepts. Dr Suzy J Styles sur Twitter : "On the other hand, these kids have never traced anything, because googling was so easy □□ No one has ever told these folks □□If you create something you own it □□Tracing is a legitimate step in creating - even professional. #CanvasGIF @Dave4EdTech #instcon I use this one on a “Feeling Overwhelmed” page, with a list of available wellness resources.… Tips for Allowing Test Retakes. Edutopia sur Twitter : "“The traditional policies—giving each assessment only once, penalizing late work, and giving zeros in some situations—help most students maximize their learning.” A teacher discusses 3 reasons that traditional test taking policies.

7 Great Children’s Books About Art That Just May Inspire the Next Generation of Wee Warhols from @tatianaberg @artnet #books #artbooks #kids… When will your class meet? This calendar tool from Caleb McDaniel will quickly generate a list of class meeting dates. Here’s how to use 4 stations to introduce students to your syllabus, your expectations, and each other. 7 movies featuring dastardly art dealers that prove gallerists are the best Hollywood villains. Kelly Hogan sur Twitter : "I recently spoke to ⁦@bonni208⁩ with ⁦@vijisathy⁩ on ⁦@tihighered⁩. My tip at the end was about a time-saving form for writing letters of recommendation that students complete, I’ve modified from someone... who modified from som. Adding this information to a syllabus can make an important difference in students' lives. I use a "Help & Resources. The Courtauld Institute of Art see a 723% increase in visitors to their virtual gallery tour. @CourtauldGall… Illuminate your own manuscript on this wet and windy Sunday! □□☔️Hundreds of colouring books from libraries and museums are available, online, for free.

Collaborative Zines: Making Art History Accessible to Pre-Service Educators. Art Matters podcast: how blind and partially sighted people engage with visual art. Download and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn Art Matters is the podcast that brings together popular culture and art history, hosted by Ferren Gipson.

Art Matters podcast: how blind and partially sighted people engage with visual art

Next time you're uploading an image to Instagram, scroll to the bottom of the page where you add a caption and you'll see 'Advanced Settings'. Within these settings, you have the option to add something called alt text. This is text that enables screen reading applications to describe what an image looks like. Art/History/Criticism/Theory. Excelsior OWL - the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab. Interactive iPad Museum Catalog.

Art 1. The elements and principles of design are the building blocks used to create a work of art.

Art 1

Elements of Art are the visual "tools" that artists use to create an art work - they are what makes up an image or an art object: line, shape/form, value, color, space, and texture. Principles of Design are the ways artists use the Elements of Art in an artwork - this is "what we do with the Elements" - how we arrange them, how we balance them, what is being emphasized, etc. The principles are: balance, contrast, repetition, emphasis, and unity. elements of art Elements of Art are the visual "tools" that artists use to create an art work Artists manipulate these elements, mix them in with principles of design and compose a piece of art. Bringing_Digital_Humanities_into_the_Art. 20 Curators Taking a Cutting-Edge Approach to Art History - Artsy. Securing the Shadow: Posthumous Portraiture in America. Issue 7. Advancing Women Artists. 4 Ways to Play Seterra's Online Geography Games.

Pinterest. Teaching International Students: Six Ways to Smooth the Transition. June 29th, 2018. Writing Right Ep. 3. Pinterest. The Cure for Students Sleeping in Class. Getting “lectured” is rarely, if ever, a pleasant experience. You’re being told what to do and think, or even chastised. Don’t lecture me, we like to say. Flipbookit (@Flipbookit) How Accurate Are Your Grades? Edutopia. Challenging students to dig in and achieve their potential during instructional hours confronts a mighty obstacle: the principle of least effort, the idea that people apply nominal effort to achieve a basically acceptable result instead of pushing themselves in pursuit of greatness.

We might be tempted to conflate low effort with laziness, but that misses an important physiological point: To conserve finite attention funds, our brains are designed to avoid tasks that are cognitively demanding. Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, describes two modes of thinking. Ethical Online Learning: Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice - Hybrid Pedagogy. Is My Teaching Learner-Centered? It’s hard to say—we have no definitive measures of learner-centeredness or even mutually agreed upon definitions. And yet, when we talk about it, there’s an assumption that we all understand the reference. My friend Linda recently gave me a beautifully illustrated children’s book that contains nothing but questions. Student Panel - CCC Digital Learning Day. Online Course Design Standards - Online Education Initiative. 2 Simple Tools handout.pdf. The Online Lecture Toolkit. Sharing Practices, Building Community. TateShots: Art Beyond Sight. I have congenital glaucoma, it is a degenerative disease, so at this point I have no vision in my left eye at all and haven't since I was about 13, and have very limited vision in my right eye.

The audio descriptive tours are designed for people who have limited vision or no vision at all. I give an hour and a half audio descriptive tour giving detailed descriptions of the paintings. Verbal Description Database. Thomas J. Watson Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Coloring Book – #Color Our Collections. Make more out of Kahoot! Tips and tricks from Leslie Fisher. Architecture Documentaries to Watch in 2018. The Crowd-Sourced Study Guide. I won’t bury the lede: the crowd-sourced study guide gets your students to study for the test two weeks in advance. It’s a scenario that’s familiar to anyone teaching an art history class: as a test or an exam approaches, students inevitably ask for a study guide. Why is Young Earth Creationism so appealing?

Appeal of Young Earth Creationism. Resources for Academic Art Museum Professionals (RAAMP) Museums: Writing Exhibition Reviews. Teaching art history, as with any discipline, comes with a set of obstacles: from the intellectual (how to make the past relevant to the present); to the technical (the problems of the digitization that distort image quality, scale, and size); and to the practical (the prickly but persistent question of what one does with an undergraduate degree in the history of art). Do No Harm: Flexible and Smart Grading Practices. Three Sites That Help Students Compare the Size of Countries and States.

Over the weekend Open Culture featured one of my favorite websites to use in geography classes. That website is called The True Size Of... and it lets you quickly compare the size of two countries or two states within the United States. To compare two countries simply enter one into the search box then enter a second one into the search box. Metacognition: Nurturing Self-Awareness in the Classroom. Active Learning in Art History. Ap art history course planning pacing guide gray. Evaluation Within Project-Based Learning. Bell Ringer Exercises. 53 Ways to Check for Understanding. Top 20 Art History Blogs and Websites for Art Enthusiasts. California State University Stanislaus.

Online Learning Readiness Student Self-Assessment. ​5 Invisible Barriers Preventing Change in Higher Ed. 3 Ways to Leverage Technology to Help Nontraditional Students. The Course Review Process: Teaching with the OEI. WhitePaper FlippedLearning. Learning Out Loud: Make Online Courses Meaningful and Accessible. Flipgrid. Dispelling Myths about the Online College Student. Free Mobile and Online Video Editing Software. Twitter. Using Apple Teacher for Professional Development. Hello from the Other Side! A Student Perspective of Online Learning – Teaching and Learning Innovations at CI. If You’re Serious About Designing Edtech Solutions, Start With the Learners.