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Colored Pencil Revival. This January, Artsy is launching a series of three features to spotlight the trends we’re watching in 2021.

Colored Pencil Revival

Using our internal data, each of these features reflects a theme we saw emerge during the end of 2020 that we expect to take hold across the contemporary art world in the year ahead. This week, we share the third installment, “Colored Pencil Revival.” One of the less obvious effects of COVID-19 has been the disruption of many artists’ typical practices. With social distancing measures in place, many have been unable to safely access studio buildings or communal workspaces. Some artists have even found themselves stranded in foreign countries due to travel restrictions. Twitter. Twitter. Royal Academy of Arts.

Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist - biography from University of Michigan Press.


How 'Slow Looking' Can Help Students Develop Skills Across Disciplines. Eight seconds — that’s the latest estimate of the length of the human attention span.

How 'Slow Looking' Can Help Students Develop Skills Across Disciplines

The push to cover more material in the same amount of classroom time also provides a challenge, especially when teachers are told that the skills (like critical thinking and creativity) their students will need in order to compete in the 21st century are ones that take time to develop. For educators working with a new generation raised in a world of rapid information exchange, it may seem difficult to hold students’ attention when it comes time for extended observation. Aligning the Arts of Tarot and Tattooing. MIAMI — Last fall, during their residency at the Golden Dome School — an educational and curatorial platform focused on a shifting intersection of art, ecological stewardship, and metaphysics — the artists Angel Garcia and Samantha Rehark together developed a collaborative ritual.

Aligning the Arts of Tarot and Tattooing

They made four quick sketches each day, starting early in the morning and ending at 3 am, the start of the Witching Hour. They would do this separately, meeting later to overlay two drawings from each set into a single artwork. The images would eventually become a deck of oracle cards (tarot-inspired cards used for divination and inspiration) and, in turn, tattoos: Querents could pull a single card from the deck, receive a reading, and have the image etched onto their body by both artists at once. Connections. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Connections The Metropolitan Museum of Art Share Share Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Email.


Inktober. Pin on Lessons. ASU Professor Urges Reflection On Southwest Colonial History. Vanessa Fonseca-Chavez VANESSA FONSECA-CHÁVEZ: Most people know him as the last conquistador, not because they love naming him that, but because he was the last Spanish conqueror to enter this area.

ASU Professor Urges Reflection On Southwest Colonial History

Design Teaching Resource – The AIGA Design Teaching Resource is a peer-populated platform for educators to share assignments, teaching materials, outcomes, and project reflections. The American Experience in the Classroom. Explore the common themes that link artworks across time periods in American history.

The American Experience in the Classroom

What might a portrait from the 18th century have in common with a 20th century multi-media sculpture?

Art activities

Using VALUE in Photography. Tate Kids. Henry Darger Resource Kit for Educators - Intuit. @MuseumModernArt sur Twitter : "Throughout her career, Dorothea Lange took many pictures of children. Learn about Lange and photography with kids ages six and up in this #MoMAVirtualViews activity from @MoMAlearning.

Zines and mini books. The Art Assignment sur Twitter : "Tonight! 8-10pm ET! Join @sarahuristgreen and @johngreen as they pass another night in quarantine, ft. guest artists @Ginike and @teamrecords. Add this link to your calendar #youareanartist… https. For your weekend watching: "15 Documentaries That Get Inside an Artist's Head" Students at ArtCenter College Get Hands-On Experience with Exhibition Design in Partnership with the Getty. Twelve undergrads at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena spent winter quarter developing experimental designs for the upcoming Getty Museum exhibition Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas, which explores luxury arts in pre-Columbian cultures over a span of 2,500 years.

Students at ArtCenter College Get Hands-On Experience with Exhibition Design in Partnership with the Getty

The project grouped students from various design majors into small teams to be exhibition designers for 14 weeks—considering everything from space planning to casework to digital engagement.


Educator Resources. Resources for parents and educators during quarantine.

Educator Resources

If you are a parent or an educator looking for educational and engaging activities to do with your children during this period of quarantine, please check out our suggestions below. We included various state-wide and local options so you can stay connected with our friendly community. Khan Academy is providing webinars for parents and educators, daily schedule and free resources. Scholastic has online lessons that are separated by age group. Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum has design inspired and STEAM lesson plans and virtual exhibitions. Find lesson plans, discussion questions, artist information, and more. Grace Hamilton: History of Payne County Yatika Fields: Connecting Roads from Past to Present. An Instagram masterclass from the man behind the Louvre’s eight million social media followers.

The Museé du Louvre in Paris comes fourth in our new survey of the most-followed museums on social media.

An Instagram masterclass from the man behind the Louvre’s eight million social media followers

It has almost eight million followers, with half of those on Instagram. We caught up with the head of digital communications, Niko Melissano, to get his advice on creating a mega-museum Instagram presence. How long have you been leading the social media at the Louvre? Since 2009.