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Teacher Institute. My Travelling Object – Open Arts Extra. Many of us have been spending more time in our homes with lockdown during COVID-19.

My Travelling Object – Open Arts Extra

But what stories do the objects in your home tell? For centuries, people have decorated their homes with objects that have travelled across the globe and which tell fascinating as well as troubling stories. Artists too have long been inspired to paint, draw, or mimic imported objects from around the globe. This project from the department of Art History at the Open University sheds light on commonly found objects in your home and traces their historic origins. Building on our outreach work with schools, Open Arts Objects is giving you the opportunity to tell the stories of the objects in your home.

Take a picture, send us a video, create a still life, or draw your object and tell us your object stories! Choose an object or set of objects in your home from one or more of these categories: Blue and white chinaIncense burnerCarpets and rugsCarved metalworkDecorated GlasswareSpice jar Where is the object from? This Architecture Studio Released A Series Of Templates Children Can Use To Create Paper Cities During Lockdown. If you think you’re bored being stuck at home all day, think about all the children that can’t go to school or go outside to play with their friends.

This Architecture Studio Released A Series Of Templates Children Can Use To Create Paper Cities During Lockdown

However, British architecture studio Foster + Partners found a way to keep children entertained during the lockdown. They have released a series of paper building templates that kids can print out, color and use to build their own paper cities to keep themselves busy. The studio even encourages children to share their own creations on social media using the #architecturefromhome hashtag! “Over the next few weeks we will be sharing new activities for children whilst at home, away from school.

We’ll include drawing, making, playing, thinking, reading, watching and other activities to keep them entertained – for at least a few hours!” More info: Foster + Partners | Instagram | Twitter | h/t: Dezeen Read more Architecture studio Foster + Partners came up with a creative way to keep children occupied during the lockdown.

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Crafts. Art App Activities. Back in 2013, visual artist Clara Lieu started writing an advice column for visual artists called “Ask the Art Professor.

" She thought maybe it would last for a few months and take on a handful of questions from college students studying visual art. But "the questions kept coming," said Lieu, an adjunct professor at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design. "I had people who were 12, in middle school, I had people who had just recently retired," she recalled. "It was incredible how many different kinds of people contacted me and I just realized there's this need for this. " To meet this demand and increase access to visual arts education, Lieu is launching a new site called Art Prof.

"A lot of artists tell me, ‘Well, I go to the art store and I have no idea what to get, because there’s 18 versions of charcoal, and which one’s better, and why?’

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The American Experience in the Classroom. Art UK Home School: make your own masterpiece. Whatever age you are, if you're looking for some creative escapism in these tough times, Art UK will be sharing inspiration from our Masterpieces in Schools programme to help you create your own sculptural masterpiece at home over the coming weeks.

Art UK Home School: make your own masterpiece

We'd love for you to share them online with us using the hashtag #ArtUKHomeSchool. Each home school post will focus on a different Masterpieces in Schools event that has taken place since 2018, exploring inspiring sculptures on the Art UK site, insight into the original event day and top tips for creating your own artwork. Studio Grid 2013 Julia Gardiner (b.1964) Art & Heritage Collections, Robert Gordon University First up is Julia Gardiner's Studio Grid which was loaned from Robert Gordon University's Art & Heritage Collections in Aberdeen to Strathburn Primary School in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire in December 2019. Studio Grid 2013, MDF, cardboard & paper pulp construction by Julia Gardiner (b. 1964) Anna Shirron's paper cut-outs.

Artists Are Teaching Free Online Classes to Kids in Both English and Spanish. LOS ANGELES — At the moment, life is at least a little more challenging than usual for all of us.

Artists Are Teaching Free Online Classes to Kids in Both English and Spanish

Among people’s many hurdles is having to school their children from home (while also trying to do their own work and, you know, cook three meals a day). The COVID-19 pandemic has brought even more streams of entertainment and online classes for adults, but perhaps more urgent are resources for children — for their sake and their parents’. The 18th Street Arts Center is about to launch a mini-semester’s worth of virtual art school for children, from toddlers to teenagers. The Arts Learning Lab @ Home series will launch Wednesday, April 15 on Zoom and continue through the end of the school year in June. A different artist will be teaching two classes each week, held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am. Another priority, Yank said, was to “create a virtual community feel” by hosting live classes and giving students the option to see each other during the workshop.

Ashmolean Museum.