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System Monitoring

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Free Network Monitoring & Network Monitor from Spiceworks. Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System. Start page – collectd – The system statistics collection daemon. Performance Co-Pilot. Network Management Information System (NMIS) » Open source Network Management Software. Zenoss Community - Open Source Network Monitoring and Systems Management. NetXMS. Monitorix Project by Jordi Sanfeliu (aka Mikaku) FreeNATS: Free Network Automatic Testing System. Argus - System and Network Monitoring Software. Home - Icinga: Open Source Monitoring. Enterprise IT Monitoring for Networks, Applications, Virtual Servers & the Cloud. About OpenNMS « The OpenNMS Project. OpenNMS is an award winning network management application platform with a long track record of providing solutions for enterprises and carriers.

About OpenNMS « The OpenNMS Project

While the features list is long and constantly growing, they can be divided into four main areas. Automated and Directed Discovery Simply point OpenNMS at your network and it will discover the network services being provided. Or, if you prefer a fine-grained control over what is being managed, opt to provision devices manually. If you want, you can even have a combination of the two. Event and Notification Management OpenNMS can generate its own events or receive events from outside sources, such as SNMP Traps, syslog or TL/1. OpenNMS can serve as the central repository for your network event stream. Once the important events have been identified, they can generate notices or trouble tickets. Service Assurance OpenNMS was started during a time when Service Level Agreements (SLAs) were the focus of much management effort. Performance Measurement.

Application Performance Monitoring Software - APM. Transforming IT Operations. Enterprise Server Monitoring Software for Today’s Datacenter Server monitoring in today's datacenter is more challenging than ever.

Transforming IT Operations

Monitoring today's infrastructures usually means working with Windows, multiple Linux flavors, and most likely several legacy operating systems as well. Add virtualization to the mix and the impact of network layouts and storage networks is greater than ever. Traditional management software cannot keep pace with the amount of change in this dynamic environment. Zenoss is a single product that makes server monitoring simple. The OpenNMS Project. SmokePing - About SmokePing. Munin. Cacti® - The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution. Home - Website Uptime and Performance Monitoring. Orca Home Page - OrcaWare Technologies. Orca is a tool useful for plotting arbitrary data from text files onto a directory on a Web server.

Orca Home Page - OrcaWare Technologies

Orca Example Plots More sample sites using Orca. Say Thank You To Blair Orca is given away for free for people to use. If you wish to show your appreciation, please consider on the the following options, sorted in decreasing order of preference: Donate - Make a donation to the inventors fund. Download Latest stable versions: The Orca package contains the Orca Perl script and all of the data gathering programs, i.e. and Latest development snapshot: Orca tarball. Systems Monitoring, Server Monitoring & Systems Management Software. Argent Global Directory. The Argent Global Directory is an automated software inventory control system, maintaining an inventory for large-scale distributed networks.

Argent Global Directory

Both the control information and network scanning results are stored in an ODBC backend to provide excellent performance and complete reporting, such as Crystal Reports (which is built into the product). Sophisticated Task Scheduling The Argent Global Directory is implemented with a sophisticated task scheduling system. Remote Monitoring and Management. PolyMon - Home. Xymon systems and network monitor. Network Monitoring Software - WhatsUp Gold Network Management Tools. Ganglia Monitoring System. PRTG Network Monitor - intuitive network monitoring software. Trusted Every Day by 150,000 Admins Around the Globe More than 150,000 administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more Network problems create business emergencies.

PRTG Network Monitor - intuitive network monitoring software

When the network goes down, employees can't read emails. Customers can't purchase the product. Work stops. Avoid expensive outages Address bottlenecks before they cause problemsReduce costs by buying only the hardware you need Stop wasting time putting out fires. Monitoring network software. ManageEngine - Enterprise IT Management.

Network Monitor - Network Monitoring Software for Windows. 10-Strike Network Monitor is a network device monitoring program for Windows.

Network Monitor - Network Monitoring Software for Windows

The software allows you to monitor computers, servers, switches, and other devices (hosts) connected to your local area network or the Internet. It also monitors databases, services, files, folders, processes, free space on disks, VPN connections, results of JavaScript and VisualBasic scripts' execution, etc. The program's functionality is based on periodic automatical device polling. It can send an ICMP packet (ping) to a device, attempt to connect to the required TCP port over the network, access a database, or check a managed switch (via the SNMP protocol), etc. You can use any check from the list of supported network host monitoring checks. The program stores results of all the monitoring checks being run, gathers statistics, and displays the response time diagrams in the real time for any host you select in the list. Our monitoring programs are being used by thousands of users all over the world. Feedback. Server Monitoring. AlertGrid provides instant notifications for custom events received from external systems.

GroundWork - Unified Monitoring for Real. An Enterprise-Class Open Source Distributed Monitoring Solution. Nagios - The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring.