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Growing numbers of consumers can no longer escape an awareness of the damage done by their consumption: to the planet, society, or themselves. But a mixture of indulgence, addiction and conditioning mean that most can’t substantially change their consumption habits. The result? A never-ending guilt spiral. Which creates exciting opportunities for brands that combine tackling this guilt spiral with consumers’ endless status seeking (still the driving force behind all consumer behavior). Indeed, GUILT-FREE STATUS will be the ultimate indulgence in 2014. Time to create products and services that deliver a guilt-free status fix by being one of these: Known by all. Visibly guilt-free. Warning: this trend is NOT about GUILTWASHING.

Tesla Guilt-free status symbol goes global The Tesla Model S sedan luxury electric vehicle began shipping to Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands in August 2013, with right hand drive models scheduled for March 2014. Nudie Old jeans become limited edition rugs.