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Buntong Famous Beef Noodles @ Kedai Makanan & Minuman Sri Mahkota, Ipoh | Motormouth From Ipoh - Asian Food & Travel Blog. How does “Kon Low Lou Shu Fun” with “Chu Yau Char” sound to you? Utterly sinful and delicious? Or scarily unhealthy and resentful? For me, there’s no denying the allure of “Liew Fun” in Ipoh. Now I am going to skip all the grandfather’s stories and get straight to the heart of this piece. I have this post in draft since yesterday, yet could not find the time to write one proper sentence. Writer’s block? Or purely basking in every single minute of the weekend? Now if there’s a NON-halal satay stall worth trying in Ipoh, aside from Kong Heng that opens only during the day, this uncle must be somewhere up there in the ranks. And why the strange title; amalgamation of three distinct entities (okay, so pork and lard come from the same source, but still …. ) today?

If you love your Ipoh hawker food, don’t miss this place. Now I had absolutely no idea this shop serves anything other than their renowned Buntong beef noodles. I’m not ashamed to admit that … this was my first visit. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5 Keys To Wealth and Happiness. 104-Year Old Japanese Doctor Recommends These 14 Healthy Pieces of Advice. 104-year old Japanese Doctor – Shigeaki Hinohara gives advices how to live to a hindered years and enjoy every single year of the life. The oldest Japanese educator and clinician was born in 1911. He is also an author of 150 books including the best-seller “Living Long, Living Good” and founder of the “New Elderly Movement”. Today we will present you the most valuable piece of advices of Dr. Hinohara that will help you live happy, healthy and long life. 1. Take the stairs and always carry your own stuff This represents firm proponent of doctor Hinohara, he still takes two steps at a time climbing the stairs. 2.

Explore, read and educated yourself. 3. Dr. 4.You do not have to retire If you love the work you do, you do not have to retire. 5.Plan ahead If you want to enjoy your life better, you have to have busy schedule fill with different appointments, lectures, work, etc. 6. Dr. 7. 8. 9. The doctor usually asks himself what his father would do when he faces with some issue. 10. 11. 12. 13. 20120622 746 BI Act 746 BI.


The Japanese Concept of Ikigai: A Reason For Living | Japanology. In recent years, the modern world has been inundated by books, workshops and even public lectures about the importance of finding one’s purpose in life. Those spreading this notion assure their audiences that knowing one’s purpose will not only improve one’s life, but could raise one’s income and lengthen one’s life. In Japan, the idea of having a purpose – what the French call a raison d’etre – is hardly ground-breaking.

The Japanese have long had a word for this sense: Ikigai. Formed of the words ikiru, or life, and kai, or “the realization of what one hopes for,” ikigai is most often translated to mean “a reason to live.” That colloquial saying almost vibrates with the feeling it intends to convey. The first question is, What do you love, what is your passion? That second question is, What are you good at? The third question is, What does the world need from you?

The last question is the most practical, particularly in modern times: What can you get paid for? By DAVID WATTS BARTON.

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Design. Home. Use the seed:661901 as a quick way to earn Stars and experience. : doorkickers. POWERTECH - Panasonic Homes & Living Malaysia. Ideas & Concepts. Albert Einstein's Unique Approach to Thinking | Evernote Blog. “I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” — Albert Einstein In the arena of scientific achievement and the quest to discover genius, Albert Einstein stands alone. He remains a profoundly important figure who undertook extraordinary, groundbreaking work that not only shaped the pillars of modern physics but greatly influenced the philosophy of science.

Quite literally, Einstein changed the way we see and travel across the world and cosmos. He was responsible for the world’s most famous equation and for discovering the theory of relativity, considered to be mankind’s highest intellectual discovery. Einstein went about his work in unique ways. From visualization to daydreaming and even a dash of musical inspiration, Einstein’s creative insights and philosophical vantage points help guide the work we tackle today. The power of play “A new idea comes suddenly and in a rather intuitive way. Einstein took breaks from his work to play the violin. The Only Five Email Folders Your Inbox Will Ever Need. My cofounders and I were 21 and 22 when we started Next Big Sound, and by far the biggest challenge we faced was in convincing investors they should trust us with their money.

That was in 2009, and around that time Mark Zuckerberg was one of the youngest founders to have ever raised venture capital, at 19 years old. Whatever encouragement we drew from that knowledge, it still wasn't easy pitching people 20 to 40 years older than we were. We eventually pulled it off by telling a good story that made sense. If it sounds simple, it actually took a while to get right.

Find The Story Our story started with the music industry in 2009, which was in a state of dynamic change. That counted for more than you might think. Venture capitalists categorically hate the music industry, but most love data analytics businesses. Make Sure It's Also About You We spent the first three years of the business living in a six-bedroom house with the first three people we'd hired. That's the first test.

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Movies and Books. 918. Investments. What is your Ikigai? · The View Inside Me. Spiritual Practice. Fiction. Books and Literature. WHY PSYCHOANALYSIS? « The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. Posted on Updated on By Dr. Mary Shepherd Life is a race. Out of death. Against death. (Pretty soon) there you are. Psychoanalysis has the power to release the energy trapped in these deadly ruts. Like this: Like Loading... We’re All Terrible at Understanding Each Other. Whatever you may have heard to the contrary, Chip Wilson is not an idiot. The founder and former CEO and Chairman of Lululemon Atheltica is, in point of fact, a highly successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, innovator, and self-made billionaire. Idiots are very rarely any of those things. But a 2013 Bloomberg TV interview with him and his wife Shannon, Lululemon’s original athletic wear designer, was not one of his finest moments. When he was asked about reports of customers complaining about “pilling” in the company’s newest line of high-end yoga pants, he defensively replied that “some women’s bodies just actually don’t work” for yoga pants, and that the problem was “really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there.”

Translation: If your fat thighs are ruining your pricey Lululemon yoga pants, that’s your problem. Maybe my pants are not for you. It was, of course, horribly offensive – but was it Chip Wilson’s intention to be offensive? Alas.