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Stand Together and Resist Pipelines - Waterkeeper Alliance. On Wednesday, the U.S.

Stand Together and Resist Pipelines - Waterkeeper Alliance

Army Corps of Engineers granted the final easement allowing Energy Transfer Partners to proceed with construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline by drilling under the Missouri River just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, which paves the way for construction of the final 1.5 miles of the almost 1,200-mile pipeline. What this means is that oil could begin flowing under Lake Oahe within 60 days, and that the public comment period for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the crossing of the Missouri is no longer an option to make your voice heard on this issue. In sum, Wednesday’s action of granting the final easement shut down the environmental review process. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and allies will return to court to fight this project, and water protectors on the ground at Standing Rock have vowed to continue peaceful protests. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Waterkeepers Worldwide Stand in Solidarity with Sioux Nation to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline - Waterkeeper Alliance.

NEW YORK, NY — Robert F.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Waterkeepers Worldwide Stand in Solidarity with Sioux Nation to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline - Waterkeeper Alliance

Kennedy, Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance, and 93 Waterkeeper organizations worldwide sent a letter to Standing Rock Sioux tribal leaders today expressing solidarity and unwavering support for efforts to stop the Dakota Access pipeline that threatens their land, water, public health, and tribal rights. The letter, signed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Waterkeeper Alliance and 93 Waterkeeper organizations worldwide, is available here. The Dakota Access pipeline, which would extend 1,168 miles across North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois, would pass within just half a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, putting sacred sites and culturally important landscapes at risk and posing a devastating public health threat to the Tribe’s drinking water in the event of a spill. “Waterkeepers across the globe know firsthand how oil spills destroy clean water, wildlife and livelihoods,” said Marc Yaggi, Executive Director of Waterkeeper Alliance. Even The Standing Rock Tribe Is Sick Of The Dakota Pipeline Protesters - Dakota Access Pipeline Facts.

The Youth Group That Launched a Movement at Standing Rock. Jasilyn Charger was 19 when she learned her best friend had killed herself.

The Youth Group That Launched a Movement at Standing Rock

Charger was Lakota Sioux, and she had left the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota for Portland, Ore., just a few months earlier. But in the summer of 2015, she flew home for her friend’s funeral. Then, two days later, while she was still in Eagle Butte — the largest town on the Cheyenne River Reservation with a population of 1,300 — another friend killed herself. Charger was shocked. Arrests and Anxiety at Standing Rock As Trump Pushes DAPL Ahead. Veterans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in December.

Arrests and Anxiety at Standing Rock As Trump Pushes DAPL Ahead

AP Photo/David Goldman. DAPL protests have caused "Decades of Damage," says NDFB President Daryl Lies. ND Farm Bureau President Daryl Lies spoke with us about the impact DAPL protesters have had on farmers and ranchers.

DAPL protests have caused "Decades of Damage," says NDFB President Daryl Lies

We also discussed a meeting between Governor Doug Burgum and farmers/ranchers in the area. (Please note - this transcript was copied from an electronic captioning service. We apologize for any errors, spelling, grammatical, or otherwise.) Chris Berg:Last night, big meeting in St. Anthony, farmers and ranchers impacted by the DAPL protests. Daryl Lies:Well, you know, Chris, the people that are farming and ranching down in the St. Chase Iron Eyes among protesters arrested in confrontation. Former Congressional candidate Chase Iron Eyes was among 76 people arrested Wednesday after Dakota Access Pipeline protesters tried to establish a new camp on private property located on the west side of N.D.

Chase Iron Eyes among protesters arrested in confrontation

Highway 1806 in southern Morton County. After failed negotiations with leaders of this new camp, law enforcement moved in around 3:30 p.m. and arrested people who refused to leave, according to the Morton County Sheriff's Department. The confrontation continued until about 4 p.m. The short-lived encampment, known as the "Last Child Camp," was composed of several teepees atop a hill across from the main Oceti Sakowin camp.

According to a post from Dallas Goldtooth, a campaign organizer of the Indigenous Environmental Network, police told Oceti Sakowin camp security they would not be raiding that encampment on U.S. BREAKING: Police Are Trying to RAID Standing Rock Protest Camp RIGHT NOW! In breaking news, at least one of the camps at Standing Rock is being raided as we speak… Or at least that’s what the police in North Dakota are trying to do.

BREAKING: Police Are Trying to RAID Standing Rock Protest Camp RIGHT NOW!

We were just sent this livefeed from Shiyé Bidzííl who is live at the camp. It shows police trying to raid the Oceti Sakowin camp, but being pushed back by water protectors onto the road. Once that stream cut, the following was initiated… Water Protectors can be seen and heard singing and praying – something that seems to torture the police trying to carry out the raid. Helicopters can be heard over head, as well as the shouts of frustration and anger from protesters. Article_4ca4fd2e-c312-5e01-83c3-93eb831b16c6. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has disavowed any perceived connection to a group of protesters, including Chase Iron Eyes, who set up a short-lived camp on private property on Wednesday.


"This group's actions do not represent the tribe nor the original intent of the water protectors," Chairman Dave Archambault II said in a statement Wednesday night. "If we are to fight for treaty rights, then we must all work together. Tribes came to Standing Rock in support of our tribe’s effort with the recognition that it will reflect back on us all. This type of action was not undertaken in that spirit, because, instead of empowering us, it undermines us. " A group of protesters established the Last Child Camp atop a hill across from the main Oceti Sakowin camp early Wednesday on land authorities say is owned by the pipeline company. During the eviction, there was some resisting arrest but no real violence toward the police officers, Herr said. Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Block Surveillance and Stingrays. WASHINGTON, DC — Reports about agents using a Stingray on protesters to unconstitutionally monitor their phones are circulating widely, and now protesters have a way to fight back.

Brilliant New Device Lets Protesters Block Surveillance and Stingrays

Earlier this week an anonymous leaked recording exposed the agents monitoring the protesters’ movements by tracking their phones. A Stingray mimics a cellular tower, letting agents pry into citizens’ cell phones and gather their data/location without a warrant. The importance of #NODAPL. I am writing this as a woman who identifies as indigenous, who claims her roots as Diné.

The importance of #NODAPL

I am writing this as a water drinker. I am writing this for my ancestors before me who fought for my existence. I am writing this for my relatives, who are so strong and resilient. I am writing this for those fighting for our right to clean water. G4S Admits It Guards Dakota Pipeline as Protesters Get Attacked. G4S, a U.K. -based security multinational, admitted to having personnel deployed at “remote sites” where Native Americans are defending their lands from the planned US$3.8-million Dakota Access pipeline that they say would pollute the drinking water of millions. ANALYSIS:4 Reasons It’s No Coincidence Orlando Shooter Worked for G4S The actions have brought together over 200 tribes in solidarity and faced a heavy offensive by private security companies and state officers deployed under a state of emergency. The security company has been under fire for providing services to Israeli prisons and settlements, expanding across the Middle East including Afghanistan and Iraq and operating juvenile detention centers and handling deportations from the U.S.

In an email to teleSUR, G4S Communications Director Monica Lewman-Garcia wrote, “G4S Secure Solutions is providing fewer than 10 security officers, assigned to remote sites, providing limited short-term unarmed patrol services.” Dakota pipeline protesters say activist accused of shooting at police is a pacifist. Red Fawn Fallis saved her from the violence and chaos. On 22 October, when police arrested more than 120 people protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline, Lauren Howland was caught in the middle and suffered a broken wrist when, she said, an officer attacked her. Fallis, a 37-year-old Native American protester, known as a mother to many of the youth at the Standing Rock protest in North Dakota, “personally came back into the frontlines and wheeled us all out”, Howland, 21, recalled.

“She’s a protector.” Howland and other youth protesters said they were were devastated to find out a week later that local police had arrested Fallis and charged her with attempted murder, saying that she had pulled out a .38 revolver and fired three gunshots at police during another mass arrest incident. “None of us could believe it. Fallis is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe and had previously lived in North Dakota, but is currently based in Denver, Colorado.

Five reasons why the North Dakota pipeline fight will continue in 2017. In December 2016, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) denied an easement that would have permitted the company Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) to complete one of the final segments of the 1,100-mile Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which seeks to connect the oil fields of North Dakota with terminals and refineries in Illinois. The denial of ACE’s easement is undoubtedly a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux. The tribe and its allies in the #NoDAPL movement opposed the pipeline over risks to water quality, the destruction of cultural heritage and the injustice of, once again, having to make sacrifices for the economic gains of others. David Archambault II, chair of the tribe, thanked those who had been gathering for months at the construction site, saying their “purpose had been served,” and that they may leave now.

But as we start a new year, many people are convinced that the need for resistance has not ended even after the tribe’s monumental victory. 1. 12.10.16 Grand Jury Probe Targets Standing Rock Water Protectors. Port: Anti-mask law aimed at #NoDAPL riots. Campers say DAPL protest camp numbers remain around 1,000, despite subzero temperatures. CANNON BALL, N.D. - Since the Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Missouri River and the onset of subzero weather, there has been plenty of speculation that protesters would start leaving the protest camp in southern Morton County in large numbers. Tuesday, Governor Jack Dalrymple announced he met with Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault to discuss a path forward. One of the things discussed was the camp's population, which they estimated to be around 300 people. Those at the camp say that number is closer 1,000.

People at the Dakota Access protest camp are digging in. They say they aren't going anywhere. Phillips 66 joins Energy Transfer to build Bakken crude oil pipelines. Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. (ETE), Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP) (ETE and ETP collectively, “Energy Transfer”) and Phillips 66 (PSX) announced that they have formed two joint ventures to develop the previously announced Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline (ETCOP) projects.

Energy Transfer holds a 75 percent interest in each joint venture and will operate both pipeline systems. Phillips 66 owns the remaining 25 percent interests and will fund its proportionate share of the construction costs. The DAPL and ETCOP projects are expected to begin commercial operations in the fourth quarter of 2016. Grand Jury Resistance at Standing Rock.

By It’s Going Down, December 9, 2016 On or around December 3rd, 2016 a water protector at Oceti Sakowin received a summons to appear before a federal grand jury that has been convened in relation to the resistance of water protectors. What we know about grand juries is that they have a long history of being used to target those in resistance to the state and engaged in political or revolutionary movements. Dakota Access protest camps address cleanup plans. Indigenous Environmental Network encourages protesters to leave DAPL camp. How to Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective. Stacey Alkire of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, who has been at the campsite set up to protest the Dakota Access oil pipeline for five weeks, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, on October 8, 2016. First Water Protector Trials Set for January as Another ND Pipeline Leaks. Morton County, ND – On Monday, December 19th, water protectors charged with disorderly conduct stemming from their August 11th arrests made their first appearances in Morton County court.

The results of the appearances was Judge Cynthia Feland granting a continuance till January 31st, 2017. How to Contact the People Who Sent Militarized Police to Standing Rock by Emily Fuller. There have been a lot of questions surrounding the influx of military style troops and equipment to the Standing Rock Sioux tribal area in North Dakota. In August, North Dakota Gov. ENERGY: EVENTS & MEETINGS.


DAPL PROTESTS: CRIME + ARRESTS. Morgan Stanley boosts stake in Enbridge. Morgan Stanley boosted its stake in Enbridge Energy, L.P. (NYSE:EEP) by 35.4% during the third quarter, Holdings Channel reports. The fund owned 5,898,845 shares of the company’s stock after buying an additional 1,543,383 shares during the period. Morgan Stanley’s holdings in Enbridge Energy, L.P. were worth $150,008,000 at the end of the most recent quarter. A number of other large investors have also recently added to or reduced their stakes in EEP. Quantbot Technologies LP bought a new stake in shares of Enbridge Energy, L.P. during the third quarter worth $103,000. Enbridge Energy, L.P. 'We are protectors, not protesters': why I'm fighting the North Dakota pipeline. Our elders have told us that if the zuzeca sape, the black snake, comes across our land, our world will end. Call the Army Corps and Tell Them to Do the Right Thing on DAPL.

Energy Transfer Partners LP : 3 released in Dakota Access pipeline stadium protest. Letter: Why is North Dakota waiting on the Dakota Access Pipeline? As energy prices and especially the price of crude oil have fluctuated, we have seen the effects on our state’s economy. I guess if we have learned one thing, it is that nothing stays the same. Despite the fact that prices currently are down, we still see interest in investing in our state’s energy infrastructure. Energy Transfer Partners LP : Pipeline opponents take protests to new heights.

Bismarck mayor says anti DAPL message heard: Protesters go home. Federal Government’s Absence and Indecision Only Creates Unrest and Illegality - Standing Rock Fact Checker. North Dakota's Oil Boom Brings Environmental Damage with Economic Prosperity. Photo Essay: Why Are Native Americans Protesting Pipelines? By Joe Whittle. 20 Photos: My Seven Months Of Living At Standing Rock.


PROTESTS: SEPTEMBER. PROTESTS: OCTOBER. DAPL PROTESTS: NOVEMBER 2016. DAPL PROTESTS: DECEMBER 2016. Obama, Extortion and the DAPL: Joye Braun Explains Why “There Are No Acceptable Rerouting Options” Dakota Access Pipeline Tribal Liaison Formerly Worked For Agency Issuing Permit To Cross Tribal Land. Did ‘Fake News’ Play a Role in Dakota Access Decision?

Lawrence Hatter: Stop dismissing Standing Rock Sioux as dupes. Dead End Surveillance - Stingrays and Civil Rights. Pipeline Not a Done Deal! Coalition Members Stand for Iowa’s Land and Water in Court – Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. Lawrence Hatter: Stop dismissing Standing Rock Sioux as dupes. Dakota Access pipeline protests reach downtown Grand Rapids. Dakota Access Pipeline: Misleading the Court, the Public…or Both? Washington Times: Complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. Dakota Access Pipeline - Honor The Earth. United Nation Experts Validate Standing Rock Sioux Opposition To Dakota Access Pipeline. IHANKTONWAN/YANKTON SIOUX ASSERT SOVEREIGNTY. Why Standing Rock Is About Way More Than a Pipeline. Statement from the MAIN Coalition - Standing Rock Fact Checker. Security Firm Guarding DAPL Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP.

North Dakota … a petty, vengeful state. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Revokes Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline. North Dakota activates National Guard to protect the pipeline instead of our tribes. Running for Their Lives: 500-Mile Youth Spiritual Run Against Dakota Access Pipeline [Video] #DivestFromDAPL Action Disrupts Wells Fargo Branch Grand Opening, Doors Secured with Bike Locks. Artists Flock to Standing Rock, UK Army to Recruit Monuments Men. N.J. Sierra Club Joins Dakota Access Pipeline Protest.

Gloria Steinem Joins Dakota Access Pipeline Protest to Call for Citibank Boycott. Showdown at Standing Rock Is Not Just About the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tulsi Gabbard to Join Protest of Dakota Access Pipeline. Police Smear Campaign Against Standing Rock Veterans Backfires. 10 Photos of the #NoDAPL Victory Celebration at Standing Rock. Indigenous Environmental Network Responds to Chairman Archambault’s Ask for Water Protectors to Return Home and Comments on the Fight Ahead. Pipeline protesters target N.D. police for excessive force. Trump gives Dakota Access Pipeline project a thumbs up. Cops, vets meet for peace deal in Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

Dakota Access pipeline protesters hold 'forgiveness ceremony' Army Corps of Engineers wants Dakota Pipeline project to proceed. Native Olympians Billy Mills, Henry Boucha stand at Standing Rock. Snowstorm forces Dakota Access pipeline protesters to leave camps. Dakota pipeline’s fate may hinge on next president after setback. Three Massive Mergers—Millions for One Bank and a Disaster for Food, Water, and Climate by Wenonah Hauter.

Dakota Access, LLC Announces Plan to Drill Under Missouri River. US Army Corps of Engineers clarifies stance on Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr Joins Dakota Pipeline Protest. Bismarck mayor says anti DAPL message heard: Protesters go home. Why Nothing Will Stop This Woman From Protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hundreds of Armed Police Descend On Water Protectors Trying To Reach DAPL Site. Pipeline developer will meet with tribal leaders. Morton County Sheriff's Department says DAPL protesters are erecting unlawful structures. Dakota Access: Two Sides of the Story. DAPL: Facebook Check-ins Show Support But Do Not Confound Authorities. Parallels seen in protests of Dakota pipeline, Oregon refuge. Demonstrators celebrate Army Corp's decision to deny DAPL easement.

What’s Next for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock? Dakota Access likely to be safest pipeline in state. #NoDAPL Solidarity – Support the Indigenous led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. #NoDAPL is #NativeLivesMatter: The protests at Standing Rock are not only about environmentalism, they’re about racism. DAPL Supporters Stress Risks to Public Health, Safety if Protests Continue – InsideSources. Police evict oil pipeline protesters from private land. Video: Dakota Access Construction Is Almost at the Missouri River.