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GOKb. KBART: Knowledge Bases And Related Tools working group. Looks like: SESS636698fd811c0f0105518e7332ea5f41 A unique session ID.

KBART: Knowledge Bases And Related Tools working group

This expires when you stop using the site. Looks like: has_js In order to deliver the best possible experience, the site needs to know if you have JavaScript enabled. Instead of querying your browser each time a page loads, a cookie is set instead. Looks like: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz Google Analytics cookies track when you accessed the site, how long you spent here, what you did, how you got here, and when you left. _utma tracks how many times (if any) you have visited the this website before. _utmb and _utmc are connected, and track how long you stay on the site. _utmz tracks identifies where you've come from e.g. from a search engine or from another website. You can read more about what each Google Analytics cookie does. Looks like: X-LI-IDC, X-LI-DDC, SESSIONID, visit, leo_auth_token, lang, bcookie. UK wide survey of academics spotlights researchers’ reliance on open access.

London and New York – A major survey of UK Academics released today examines the attitudes of researchers and practitioners working within higher education and sheds light on their behaviours, including their reliance on digital technologies, the Internet and open access.

UK wide survey of academics spotlights researchers’ reliance on open access

The survey, funded and guided by Jisc and RLUK and conducted on their behalf by the not-for-profit research organisation Ithaka S+R, received 3,498 responses, (a response rate of 7.9%). The survey covered a range of areas from how academics discover and stay abreast of research, to their teaching of undergraduates and from how they choose research topics and publication channels, to their views on learned societies and university libraries and their collections. The overarching themes across these areas are increasing reliance on the Internet for their research and publishing activities, and the strong role that openness is playing in their work.

Key findings include: Facilitating access to free online resources: challenges and opportunities for the library community. A white paper from Taylor & Francis “While we understand that the questions we posed encompassed a world of free-to-view material beyond the traditional book and journal content that is normally associated with the offerings of major scientific, scholarly and professional publishers, we nevertheless are acutely aware that there are key roles that we need to perform and a whole range of new services and products that we should look to develop.

Facilitating access to free online resources: challenges and opportunities for the library community

All key stakeholders in the information and research communication worlds are aware that ‘free’ does not mean cost-free. However, free-to-access and free-to-view, with free content availability in models such as ‘freemium offerings’, are among the paths towards global access that we are all now embracing and experimenting with.” Dr David Green, Global Journals Publishing Director We at Taylor & Francis wanted to conduct a research programme to help explore the issues relating to free content discoverability from the perspective of librarians. Taylor & Francis Author Services - Taylor & Francis open access program. Skip to navigation Taylor & Francis has been publishing academic research since 1798 and on an open access basis since 2006.

Taylor & Francis Author Services - Taylor & Francis open access program

We offer a broad range of author options, enabling authors to publish their material in quality open access journals with a high degree of peer review integrity. Open Access. OpenDOAR - Home Page - Directory of Open Access Repositories. Directory of Open Access Journals.

ROAR - Registry of Open Access Repositories - Registry of Open Access Repositories. DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books. A brief guide to the OA rainbow. Open access. Research publications that are distributed online, free of cost or other access barriers Open access (OA) is a set of principles and a range of practices through which research outputs are distributed online, free of cost or other access barriers.[1] With open access strictly defined (according to the 2001 definition), or libre open access, barriers to copying or reuse are also reduced or removed by applying an open license for copyright.[1] The main focus of the open access movement is "peer reviewed research literature.

Open access

"[2] Historically, this has centered mainly on print-based academic journals. LibGuides on Open Access. Why librarians should be concerned with Open Access. Rapid price escalations in scholarly journal subscription rates have been adversely affecting access to scholarly information.

Why librarians should be concerned with Open Access

Often referred to as the 'serials pricing crisis', the costs of academic journals have been sharply climbing for over two decades now. According to the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), the average cost of a serial subscription for ARL member libraries increased by 315% from 1989 to 2003. This increase far exceeds the rise in the Consumer Price Index of 68% for those years. From 2003 on, average journal prices have increased more slowly, but still continue to rise by about 9% a year. Partially responsible for these increases is the ongoing consolidation of the journal publishing market. Impact on libraries .

Journal price increases have far outpaced increases in library budgets and this has eroded libraries’ buying power significantly. "Fair" open access and the future of scientific publishing. When researchers, funders, universities and libraries started thinking about open access and improving scholarly communication in the late 1990s, the focus was on access.

"Fair" open access and the future of scientific publishing

Indeed, the most immediate challenge was to make it possible to access scientific literature resulting from public funding. Criteria for Open Access and publishing – ScienceOpen. In June 2015, the Committee on Publication Ethics, the Directory of Open Access Journals, the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and the World Association of Medical Editors updated their joint statement, originally published in 2013: the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing [1].

Criteria for Open Access and publishing – ScienceOpen

These principles were to a considerable extent derived from the criteria for the admission of journals into DOAJ that were expanded, updated and put into practice in March 2014 [2]. In addition, 50 Science Europe members issued a statement in April [3] this year on four new guidelines for publishers when providing payments/subsidies for Open Access venues. The first principle states that journals must be listed in DOAJ, Web of Science, Scopus or PubMed. The second principle corresponds to one of the criteria that DOAJ uses for the Seal: authors must hold the copyright of their publication with no restrictions. Hypertext. Hipertxt. The London Reading Club. A novel for the Internet about London Underground in seven cars and a crash 253 – this is how Geoff Ryman conceived the story on Bakerloo Line.

Each strand of the Tube has such unique names, appearances and characters with their similarities and differences. Welcome to the Registry of Open Access Repositories - Registry of Open Access Repositories. OpenDOAR - Home Page - Directory of Open Access Repositories. Accueil. Directory of Open Access Journals. Directory of Open Access Journals. ABC-Chemistry : Directory of Free Journals in Chemistry. Open access journals. OASIS. Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing. PLOS ONE : accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science. Open access journals. Directory of Open Access Journals in Education from the Education Research Global Observatory. Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE)

Open Access. The Case for Open Access Open Access (OA) stands for unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse.

Open Access

Here’s why that matters. Most publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. Anyone who wants to read the articles must pay to access them. Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publisher and is often required to pay an additional fee. Although many researchers can access the journals they need via their institution and think that their access is free, in reality it is not. Paying for access to content makes sense in the world of print publishing, where providing content to each new reader requires the production of an additional copy, but online it makes much less sense to charge for content when it is possible to provide access to all readers anywhere in the world. PLOS Takes a Different Approach.

About Wiley Open Access Home - Wiley Open Access. Open Science Directory. DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books. Journals for Free. Dove Medical Press - Open Access Publisher of Medical Journals. Online Journal Database. Free Medical Journals. Chemistry Central. Home: ingentaconnect. Oxford Open. Oxford Open OUP Supports Open Access Oxford University Press (OUP) is mission-driven to facilitate the widest possible dissemination of high-quality research.

Oxford Open

We embrace both green and gold open access (OA) publishing to support this mission. A Proven Track Record of Success OUP has been publishing OA content since 2004. We have also successfully launched or taken over high-quality OA titles, including: Genome Biology and Evolution, Journal of Legal Analysis, Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, and Database. OUP facilitates green OA either by allowing authors to deposit versions of their manuscripts in institutional or subject repositories after a specified time period, or depositing the version of record on their behalf. Nasze publikacje - Platforma Otwartej Nauki. Directory of Open Access Journals. Untitled. OAIster. Access to OAIster A freely accessible site for searching only OAIster records is available at Additionally, OAIster records are fully accessible through, and appear as search results along with records from thousands of libraries worldwide.

The OAIster database is searchable on the OCLC FirstSearch service, providing another valuable access point for this rich database and a complement to other FirstSearch databases. Contributing to OAIster The OAIster database is included in WorldCat and metadata harvesting goes through the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway. These services offer several advantages for repository managers: Prawo autorskie a licencje Creative Commons. Tradycyjny copyright Prawo autorskie (ang. copyright, symbol: © ) – pojęcie prawnicze oznaczające ogół praw. - ppt pobierz. Prawo autorskie a licencje Creative Commons. Tradycyjny copyright Prawo autorskie (ang. copyright, symbol: © ) – pojęcie prawnicze oznaczające ogół praw. - ppt pobierz. The best free cultural & educational media on the web.

OAIster. Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej - Strona główna UMCS. OpenDOAR - Home Page - Directory of Open Access Repositories. Biblioteki cyfrowe na świecie. Biblioteki cyfrowe. W Polsce: Regionalne Instytucjonalne Wybrane kolekcje cyfrowe Federacja Bibliotek Cyfrowych Opracowanie dokumentów elektronicznych Na świecie: Międzynarodowe Narodowe Instytucjonalne Dodaj komentarz Musisz się zalogować, aby móc dodać komentarz. Otwarta Nauka. Otwnauka: Wszystkie kursy. Serwisy - Platforma Otwartej Nauki.

Serwisy - Platforma Otwartej Nauki. Otwarta nauka. OER Commons. Everything elearning. Learning Objects Overview Learning objects (or RLO - reusable learning object) have been the hype of the elearning industry since 2001. They have been hailed as the future reality of learning...and as idealistic, but unattainable view for education. Separating the hype from reality is still an ongoing activity. Most likely, learning objects will fall somewhere in the middle of all the speculation - between the "next best thing" and "impractical". In many ways, learning objects trace their origin to the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - a programming term referring to the creation of segments of code that can be incorporated and reused in different areas.

Resources. Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Learning Object Categories. DSpace at Open Universiteit: Communities and Collections. Welcome to Gateway to 21st Century Skills. InTech - Open Science Open Minds. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. About Wiley Open Access Home - Wiley Open Access 2011. SpringerOpen. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. This site uses cookies to improve performance. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site. Setting Your Browser to Accept Cookies There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly. Below are the most common reasons: You have cookies disabled in your browser.

Why Does this Site Require Cookies? This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page. What Gets Stored in a Cookie? This site stores nothing other than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is captured. In general, only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a web site, can be stored in a cookie. OpenEdition Books. OpenEdition : three platforms for electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences:,, Calenda.

Search - CEJSH - Yadda. Directory of Open Access Journals. International Standard Serial Number. Sign In. Rocznik Historii Sztuki (25.2000) Rocznik Historii Sztuki, tom XXV Wydawnictwo Neriton, 2000 W ostatnich latach badania nad kolekcjonerstwem stopniowo przestają być traktowane jako jedna z mar- ginalnych dyscyplin historycznych. Świadczą o tym nie tylko liczne publikacje, ale również coraz częściej organizowane konferencje naukowe i wystawy muzealne1.

Okazało się, że obiekty gromadzone w kolek- cjach, rozumiane jako semiofory - a więc przedmioty materialne wyposażone w znaczenie, które tu nie ogranicza się wyłącznie do ich jakości estetycznej bądź doniosłości naukowej, lecz odnosi się do znacznie szerzej pojmowanej sfery aksjologii - są w stanie dostarczyć istotnych informacji na temat kultury danej epoki i żyjącego w niej społeczeństwa2. W takim ujęciu, całościowo pojmowana kolekcja staje się faktem kulturowym, z którego można odczytać zasadnicze cechy obowiązującego systemu wartości duchowych i intelektualnych. Niestety, taka sytuacja nie zdarza się często.

Zob. 2 К. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Newspapers & Magazines. Government is defined as rules and principles governing a community and enforced by a political authority; matters having to do with the control and administration of public policy in a political unit; the study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions Browse Law, Government & Political Science Government | History of Law, Government and Political Science | Law | Law Enforcement | Law, Government and Political Science Blogs | Political Science. Welcome to HighWire. Full Text Electronic Journal List. De Gruyter Open. Some Important Sports Betting Basics. Index Copernicus Journals Master List. SpringerOpen. Challenges for Democracy in Latin America.

1342491SM. CARICOM observers monitoring elections in Suriname. A Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Electoral Observer Mission is on the ground in Suriname to monitor the general elections underway today. The Mission is monitoring the electoral process, including the opening of the Poll, the voting process, the closing of the Poll and the counting of the ballots.

The Mission is headed by Mr. Ian Browne, the Deputy Chief Elections Officer in Barbados. Mr. Browne has served as a member of several CARICOM Election Observer Missions including the one mounted for the June 2014 general elections in Antigua and Barbuda where he served as Deputy Chief of Mission. Challenges for Democracy in Latin America. Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname. The Democracy Unit (DU) heeft als doel het versterken van de democratie in Suriname. Dit doel tracht de Unit te bereiken middels onderzoek en het verstrekken van informatie aan allen die daarom vragen. Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Eduteka - Inicio. Welcome to Learning Objects Repository. OER Commons. Everything elearning.