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Secret Shadow Campaign Behind The 2020 Election Exposed | Populist Press 2021 © Editor’s Note: We are sharing this article by Time Magazine, which exposes in great detail the secret “shadow campaign” which they claim “saved” the 2020 election, when the more appropriate term would be stole it. The article gloats about the success of it, how they did it, and claims it protected democracy. However, it’s clear in the detailing of how they coordinated across party lines, big tech, and big business that they were successful at achieving the outcome they wanted — ousting Donald Trump from politics. They changed the game, destroyed democracy, and are now bragging about it and touting themselves as heroes.

From the Article: The handshake between business and labor was just one component of a vast, cross-partisan campaign to protect the election–an extraordinary shadow effort dedicated not to winning the vote but to ensuring it would be free and fair, credible and uncorrupted. Their work touched every aspect of the election. Read More. More than 700K November Voters Skipped Georgia Runoffs; Dropoff Highest in Trump Districts. More than 700,000 Georgia residents who voted in the November election did not turn out for the Senate runoff election, according to an analysis from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The analysis revealed that the dropoff in turnout from the November 3 presidential election to the January 5 runoff election was highest in northwest Georgia and southern Georgia, both Republican-leaning regions of the state.

Counties in northwest Georgia, including Walker, Whitfield, and Catoosa, voted 70–80 percent in favor of former President Donald Trump, for instance, but parts of that region saw a 19–24 percent decline in voters from the presidential election to the runoffs. The analysis also found that, of the 752,000 voters in total who stayed home for the runoffs, a majority were white.

While this correlates to white voters comprising a majority of the electorate, the dropoff percentage was steepest in that demographic. One Georgia resident told the AJC, “What good would it have done to vote? Michelle Obama Blames Trump's 2016 Victory On Americans Not Voting | Neon Nettle. © press Former First Lady Michelle Obama claimed the lack of voter turnout for Hillary Clinton in 2016 was due to Americans staying at home, which resulted in the election of President Donald Trump. Obama's new Netflix documentary "Becoming" saw her vent frustrations on Hillary's loss. The documentary followed the former first lady as she went around the country. Obama blamed those who sat out the 2016 election, saying the extra votes could have swayed the results in Clinton's favor. "So, the day I left the White House, and I write about how painful it was to sit on that [inauguration] stage," she said. "A lot of our folks didn’t vote.

It was almost like a slap in the face. " Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ "I understand the people who voted for Trump," she added. "The people who didn’t vote at all, the young people, the women, that’s when you think, man, people think this is a game. " TRENDING: Biden Administration to Give COVID Vaccines to Terrorists First "Every midterm. Comcast and AT&T suspend donations to Republicans who objected January 6th. AT&T and Comcast have joined other companies who have suspended donations to Republicans who objected to electoral vote certification January 6th. This comes after the storming of the U.S. capitol from a Pro-Trump mob resulted in chaos and 5 dead. In a statement, Comcast said “The peaceful transition of power is a foundation of America’s democracy.” “This year, that transition will take place among some of the most challenging conditions in modern history and against the backdrop of the appalling violence we witnessed at the U.S.

Capitol last week,” the statement continues “At this crucial time, our focus needs to be on working together for the good of the entire nation. Consistent with this view, we will suspend all of our political contributions to those elected officials who voted against certification of the electoral college votes, which will give us the opportunity to review our political giving policies and practices.” Share this: Raphael Warnock 'Can't Wait' to Begin Converting Georgia to Full Blown Communism. Democrats have won the Senate majority after a pair of runoff victories in Georgia, giving the party control of Congress and smoothing the path for Joe Biden to enact his radical Left-wing agenda in 2021. Once again, we witnessed late night ballot dumps leading to a bizarre surge in votes for Warnock and Ossoff. This is the end of America as we know it. Remove Content Link? Please choose a reason below: Democrat Raphael Warnock wins race against Senator Loeffler Jon Ossoff’s and Raphael Warnock’s victories over Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler will bring the balance of power in the Senate to 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris able to cast tie-breaking votes once she is inaugurated later this month.

The first of those will make Sen. The results of the disastrous Senate flip could be felt immediately. Raphael Warnock Hit With Multiple Tax Liens After Failing To Pay His Trash Bills Thomas Paine (@Thomas1774Paine) January 7, 2021 Buckle up patriots. DEFUND THE POLICE: Here's What Team Warnock REALLY Thinks About It (VIDEO) Become a Clash Insider! Big Tech is clamping down on conservative media big time. Don’t let Big Tech pre-chew your news. Sign up for our free email newsletter, and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop. Follow Doug on Parler @TheGilesWay.

If you want to know what someone REALLY thinks, catch them talking when they think nobody is watching. On the record, team Warnock knows what topics they need to tiptoe around. But these are the deceptive, easy, sleasy lies the left finds not just innocent, but praiseworthy because they serve a higher goal. We’ve already seen that what the other Democrat in this story REALLY thinks about packing the court is the exact opposite of official position (he’s all for it).

Now we’re seeing what Warnock and his campaign REALLY think about the police. Spoiler alert: It ain’t pretty. Get it trending! He isn’t just looking for some kind of generic accountability… he really DOES want to ‘defund’ them. This is the piece of work who wants to flip the Senate blue. 25 new Southern U.S. House members, 2 senators sworn in Sunday « Chicken Fried Politics.

Freshmen group includes youngest member in nearly 60 years, wave of Republican women ♦By Rich Shumate, editor WASHINGTON (CFP) — Members of the new 117th Congress will be sworn into office on Sunday, including 25 new Southern U.S. House members and two new Southern senators. The Southern House freshmen include seven Republican women, part of a wave elected in November that more the doubled the number of GOP women in the chamber, and 25-year-old Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, who is the youngest member of the House sworn in since 1965.

Also among the new Southern House members is former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, whom President Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to elevate to Veterans Affairs secretary in 2018. He will represent now represent the Texas Panhandle. Republican Stephanie Bice from Oklahoma City is making history as the first Iranian-American to serve in Congress.

Full list of new Southern House members at bottom of story Like this: Lauren Boebert: 'I Will Not Let a Bunch of Gun-Grabbing Democrats' Win. In her fight to preserve the rule exempting members of Congress from a U.S. Capitol gun ban Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert said, “I will not let a bunch of gun-grabbing Democrats take away my Constitutional right to protect myself.” Fox News reports Boebert fought to keep the rule, dating back to 1967, in place. Eighty-two current and incoming House members joined her by signing a letter that was then sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). When Pelosi released put forward new rules for the House Boebert’s efforts appeared successful, as the new rules did not contain any repeal of the exemption.

Boebert released a statement last week in which she confirmed: “I refuse to give up my Second Amendment rights. Five-term Rep. On December 8, 2020, Boebert tweeted, “I’ve always heard to ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’ On December 23, 2020, Boebert told Breitbart News, “I will carry a firearm each day in D.C. Five-term Rep. Rosie O'Donnell Pushes Stacey Abrams Voter Group Fundraiser to Flip Georgia Blue. Left-wing actress-comedian Rosie O’Donnell is pushing a fundraiser for failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ voter organization Fair Fight Action ahead of the Georgia senate runoff elections in January. “Alright people, we all know how important the Georgia runoffs are. #StaceysDramaClub is fundraising to help get out the vote on the ground,” tweeted O’Donnell on Wednesday. “Chip in what you can and let’s take back the Senate from Mitch’s cold, purple hands,” added O’Donnell of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Alright people, we all know how important the Georgia runoffs are. #StaceysDramaClub is fundraising to help get out the vote on the ground. The Queer as Folk actress and former talk show host was responding to a tweet by actor Rory O’Malley, which read, “I started #StaceysDramaClub with [actress Celia Keenan-Bolger] because I KNOW that the theatre community is a powerful force for change. “Alright people, we all know how important the Georgia runoffs are. USA Today Defends Warnock’s ‘Whiteness’ Comments. USA Today claimed Tuesday that Georgia Senate Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock’s sermon calling for America to “repent for its worship of whiteness” is “missing context.”

USA Today wrote how Warnock, who hopes to oust Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in January, has come under “intense scrutiny from conservative groups who seek to paint Warnock’s religious sermons as radical.” The outlet claimed that the video of Warnock’s controversial remarks is “missing context” from the rest of his sermon. “If it is true that a man who has dominated the news and poisoned the discussion for months needs to repent, then it is doubly true that a nation that can produce such a man and make his vitriol go viral needs to repent,” Warnock said in an address at Atlanta’s Candler School of Theology right before the 2016 presidential election.

“No matter what happens next month, more than a third of the nation that would go along with this is reason to be afraid,” Warnock emphasized. “That’s a construction. Georgia Democrats Lean on 'Changing' Demographics to Flip State Blue. Democrat Party insiders in Georgia are leaning on the state’s “changing” demographics, mostly due to immigration, to win the upcoming Senate runoff elections in their quest to defeat Sens.

Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA). Analysis by Rich Benjamin in Slate Magazine found that in the GOP-stronghold of Forsyth County, Georgia, President Donald Trump lost ground to Democrat Joe Biden compared to 2016 election totals. Democrat insiders in Forsyth County credit “changing” demographics as partially responsible for the decline in Trump’s margin but also point to the region as a broader tale of Georgia’s electorate. Benjamin writes in Slate: And yet: Trump carried Forsyth with 66 percent of the vote this year, compared with 72 percent in 2016. That shift can be attributed to an influx of new residents who are skewing more Democratic, paired with moderate Republicans unwilling to vote for Trump, according to internal data collected by the county Democratic Party.

Warnock 2014: Jeremiah Wright’s ‘God Damn America’ Sermon: ‘Christian Preaching At Its Best’ Speaking at a 2014 roundtable, Raphael Warnock, currently a Democratic senatorial candidate in Georgia facing off against incumbent GOP senator Kelly Loeffler, stated that the 2003 sermon Reverend Jeremiah Wright gave in which he shouted “God damn America” was “Christian preaching at its best.” In the video clip, which was posted to YouTube by The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality in 2014, Warnock began by asserting, “During the rough and tumble of presidential politics in 2008, what was for many Americans, black and white, a strange new term emerged in the national conversation: black theology.

Owing to the pervasive reach of the electronic media and the political machinations of powerful partisan interests caught up in a colossal contest for control over the most powerful nation on earth, millions of Americans, indeed, people around the globe were exposed to a thirty-second clip of a fiery black preacher preaching to his own congregation on a Sunday morning. Nancy Pelosi in BIG Trouble, Dems Poised to Abandon Her. The Democrat’s infighting began just hours after the 2020 election. Moderates want to get rid of the socialists and the socialists want to get rid of the old Washington insiders. Nancy Pelosi is being singled out by her own party. Her time is up! Democrats turn on Nancy Pelosi New York Republican Rep. Co-host Rachel Campos Duffy noted that the long-serving California Democrat lost 15 members when she won the speakership in 2018.

“I have thought for weeks that Nancy Pelosi’s Speakership is in peril, and there’s a few reasons why,” Stefanik said. Swamp creatures vs socialists Stefanik went on to say, “In addition, it’s not just the socialist far-left progressives like AOC, Rep. Whether or not Pelosi can get to the 218-vote threshold needed to remain the House Speaker, Stefanik was blunt: “I don’t think she has the juice to get it done. Remove Content Link? Please choose a reason below: Mitch McConnell Folds Like a Cheap Suit. With friends like this who needs enemies? McConnell may be just another politician looking to collect a paycheck and disappear when he has enough to retire on.

If the Republican party doesn’t fight, our nation is gone. The party won’t ever be in power again. Trump is indeed an island, the only one fighting for the people. This is why we wanted a businessman, not a politician in office. McConnell suggested fellow Republicans risked their jobs If they challenged or rocked the boat. McConnell talked out of at least both sides of his mouth.— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) December 15, 2020 McConnell joins the list Of people ignoring and not wanting to hear the mountains of evidence.

McConnell opened the Senate with, “I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. Actually, several states’ electoral votes aren’t decided and likely contested. McConnell took kickbacks from Dominion And killed a bill that would have nailed the voting company. “This Is Very Reminiscent of the Old Soviet Union” – Rep. Devin Nunes Compares Joe Biden To Communist Apparatchik. Open and free elections have been a bragging point for the United States of America. So respected around the world, countries would fly in our election observers to help them conduct fair elections, which could be reported around the world. With the increasing number of immigrants, and with massive numbers of students graduating from our now Marxist portals, called public education, the internal disdain for traditional American values, aka Donald Trump, just lead to stealing the 2020 Presidential election, without blushing.

The left chose Joe Biden, whom some have labeled as a Manchurian candidate or as you will hear an Apparatchik, propped up by a politburo which is the executive committee for communist parties. It is present in most former and existing communist states. Under Trotskyism, the Politburo is a bureau of the Central Committee. On Sunday Rep. Nunes went on to compare Joe Biden’s stunning and fraudulent win with the former Soviet Union “elections.” Rep. Hollywood Celebs Rejoice After SCOTUS Rejects Texas Election Lawsuit: 'Clean Out Your Desk And Put Your Fat Ass on the Street' Election 2020: All 50 states and DC have certified their results, with the Electoral College voting Monday - Sara A. Carter : Sara A. Carter. Video Surfaces: Warnock prayed for Fidel Castro, reminding parishioners that U.S. also had a complex history - Sara A. Carter : Sara A. Carter. Rush Limbaugh says he believes the U.S. is headed for 'secession' after divisive election - Sara A. Carter : Sara A. Carter.

BREAKING: Republicans block motion affirming preparation for Biden’s inauguration. Ann Coulter: Yes, They Cheat. We Have to Win Georgia Anyway. DNI Ratcliffe: Biden Getting ‘All of the Same Intelligence’ as Trump. MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Says Trump Will ‘100 Percent’ Be President For ‘Next 4 Years’ NEW YORK: ANOTHER Race Flips REPUBLICAN. Newt Gingrich: Wood, Powell’s ‘Don't Vote Strategy' Would Cripple U.S.

GOP Sen. Kennedy: Georgia Senate Elections 'Really a Second Presidential Election' Rep. Mo Brooks plans to challenge the Electoral College vote, seeking support from a Senator | News Thud. We Just Flipped Another House Seat RED - The GOP Times. Iowa officials certify Republican Miller-Meeks 6 vote victory over Dem Rita Hart | News Thud. VIDEO: Schumer Says Senate Should Begin Confirmation Hearings For Biden's Cabinet Before Inauguration. CA Democrat Christy Smith Concedes to Republican Rep. Mike Garcia. They Just Declared Trump the WINNER - The GOP Times. Iowa Election Just Called With Margin Of 6 Votes - House Race Victory Goes To Fourth Try Republican Woman.

Georgia Democrat Official Looks Out His Window, Spots 200 Trump Supporters In A Caravan Coming To Protest The Election. MSM hails Joe for 1st all-female comms team, only its the 2nd, Trump was 1st. New York Times: Democrats Suffered 'Crushing Losses' GA caves to Abrams groups, "We will lose both Senate seats in January" Kamala's small business tweet is like breaking someone’s legs and handing them a skateboard. Republican flips Iowa seat with only 6 votes! Nancy will be MAD! Republican David Valadao Flips #CA21, Nancy will be mad, but she's already mad.

They Just Flipped Another Blue Seat RED - The GOP Times. Former House Republican wrests California seat from Dem incumbent. Trump Rejects Boycott Calls In Georgia Runoffs: Don’t Play Into ‘Hands Of Some Very Sick People’ | The Daily Wire. CNN Predicted It? How Trump Could 'Lose' The Election—And Still Remain President. The US House Would Re-Elect President Trump 26 -23 | David Harris Jr. Breaking: Trump Announcement Has Patriots Around the Country Mobilizing - The GOP Times.

Larry Elder: 'Never' and 'infrequent' voters vote Democrat. Georgia Trump Supporters Consider Election Boycott Over Fraud Claims. CNN's Avlon: Trump Is an 'Unwell Person' -- His Claims of Victory 'Pathetic' Stacey Abrams to Coach Hollywood Elites on How They Can Help Win Georgia. Democrat Jon Ossoff Claims ‘Oversight’ in Omitting Payment from Chinese Communist-Linked Company. Republican David Valadao Unseats Democrat T.J. Cox in California; Avenges 2018 Loss.

BLM raising $500K to back Ossoff, Warnock in Georgia Senate race. Patriots Have Plan 'B' Just in Case - Patriot United News. SEAL who shot Bin Laden says unlike Trump, Biden will do "bidding" for Europeans | News Thud. Without Evidence, Former President Obama Accuses Hispanic Trump Voters Of Bigotry. Putin Withholding Congratulations to U.S. Presidential-Elect | David Harris Jr. Nolte: Rachel Maddow Says People Who Contest Elections Should 'Go to Jail' Rand Paul Urges Georgia Libertarians to 'Vote Republican' in Runoff.

John Brennan: 'I Plan to Ignore Trump' and 'Leave His Fate to Our Judicial System' GSA chief: No pressure from Trump, but Left threatened family, staff, and pets. Poll: Biden voters' ignorance of major stories affected election outcome. Tucker shreds election mayhem, urges America get back to ‘traditional system’ and root out corruption. WATCH: Tucker Carlson claims "the media openly colluded with the Democratic nominees" | News Thud. Kayleigh McEnany Schools the 'Press' With the PERFECT History Lesson - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. Biden Team Allowed To Start Transition, but Trump Makes It Clear He's Not Giving Up the Fight. WATCH: Dr. Robert Epstein reveals smoking gun on how Google manipulated voters before the election | News Thud. Watch: Reporter Gets Escorted Out Of Room After Question Causes Biden To Fold Like A Deck Of Cards | News Thud. McEnany Leaves Journos SPEECHLESS When Asked About an "Orderly Transition of Power"

Doug Collins: If Dems get Georgia they will 'fundamentally change the Senate' - Sara A. Carter : Sara A. Carter. Alyssa Milano Warned Against Electronic Voting Machines in 2018: 'We Need Paper Ballots' Rush Limbaugh Announcement about Fox News is Making HUGE Waves - NEWS HOUR FIRST. Watch: Rhino Republican Senators Turn On President Trump To Get Favor With Biden, It’s ‘Past Time To Start A Transition To… | News Thud. Omar calls for Biden to "repair" damage done by Trump’s middle east agreements | News Thud. Twitter Plans To Hand @POTUS Handle Over To Biden On Jan. 20 No Matter What | The Daily Wire. Rep. Barbara Lee Says ‘It Would Be An Honor’ To Be The Next California Senator | The Daily Wire.