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GOP Wins Final 2020 House Race, Judge Deals Democrats Devastating Blow. It’s important to note that initially Rep.

GOP Wins Final 2020 House Race, Judge Deals Democrats Devastating Blow

Ted Brindisi complained of “countless errors and discrepancies”. Gee, where have we heard that before? Did Pelosi tell him to back down? When the shoe is on the other foot, doesn’t feel so good, does it Democrats? With a businessman instead of a politician at the helm of President in 2016, the GOP flipped 15 House seats last November. Democrats got their big fish Please choose a reason below: Rep. Claudia Tenney won this election by a razor thin margin, only 109 votes. I am shocked and surprised by this decision because of the countless errors and discrepancies that have occurred throughout this initial count. Democrats have a thin lead Once Tenney is certified, the House will have more Democrats than Republicans, 221 to 212. Brindisi conceded the contest to Tenney.

D.C. Mayor Fears Domestic Terror Danger Will Spread To City’s Residential Areas. Democratic District Mayor Muriel Bowser voiced concern Sunday that the potential violence against which more than 20,000 troops are protecting the federal parts of Washington, D.C., may spread to its less protected residential areas.

D.C. Mayor Fears Domestic Terror Danger Will Spread To City’s Residential Areas

“I’m not only concerned about other state capitals, I’m also concerned about other parts of Washington, D.C.,” Bowser told NBC host Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” “What you’re showing is really the federal enclave of Washington, D.C., not where the 700,000 of us live. So our police department, working with our federal law enforcement partners and the United States Army, quite frankly, also has a plan to pivot if we have any attacks in our neighborhoods.” When asked how long the unprecedented security measures in Washington will continue, Bowser scolded people for not taking right-wing domestic terrorism seriously. BOMBSHELL REPORT: Biden Received a Record Breaking Amount of "Dark Money" Donations.

According to a bombshell new report dropped by Bloomberg, Joe Biden received the most “dark money” donations in US history during his campaign for the presidency.

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Biden Received a Record Breaking Amount of "Dark Money" Donations

Bloomberg reports that Biden received $145 million in these “dark money” donations. “Dark money” is defined as donations from anonymous donors which are very difficult for the public to track or discover where they came from. For comparison, President Trump only received $28 million in these donations. Check out what the Daily Caller reported: HERE WE GO: Biden Teases First 'Thorough Investigation' Into Trump Administration. Up to 15,000 National Guard members could be deployed in D.C. during inauguration.

(ETH) – With the rising tensions leading up to the January 20th inauguration, A new report is revealing that up to 15,000 National Guard members could be deployed in Washington according to senior defense officials.

Up to 15,000 National Guard members could be deployed in D.C. during inauguration

The deployment is said to be a part of a rapidly expanding response following a deadly insurrection at the Capitol last week. According to the Washington Post, Army Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson, who is the chief of the National Guard Bureau, stated in a call with reporters that about 6,000 guardsmen from six states have already arrived in the nation’s capital but will expand to about 10,000 by the weekend. The chief also revealed that the National Guard will also be armed with weapons in Washington and carry them based on discussions with the FBI, police, and other agencies following reports of the FBI warning that armed protests are being planned across our nation’s capitals, beginning this week and running through Inauguration Day on January 20th.

Explosive Debate, Pa. GOP Refuses To Swear In Reelected Democratic Senator. In a very explosive Debate, the Pennsylvania state Senate has refused to swear in a Democratic senator.

Explosive Debate, Pa. GOP Refuses To Swear In Reelected Democratic Senator

Dem Senator in the Middle In a very unique scenario, GOP leaders in the battleground state of Pennsylvania have taken control of the traditional proceedings from Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. The Warnock NIGHTMARE is Just Beginning. Extreme radical Democrat Raphael Warnock has been projected to beat his Republican competitor for a Senate seat and the nightmare is just beginning.

The Warnock NIGHTMARE is Just Beginning

Remove Content Link? Please choose a reason below: Warnock Starts a Slope to Anarchy Republican appointee Sen. Kelly Loeffler was running against Warnock but the radical Democrat has supposedly quenched the highly important set. With 98% of the vote counted, according to Georgia election data, about 54,100 more ballots were cast in Warnock’s name than in Loeffler’s, securing him a 50.6% share to Loeffler’s 49.4%.

Dems Move To EXPEL GOP From Congress. As the dust settles from yesterday’s historic events, which certainly will not be remembered in a positive way, as 4 people died in the mayhem, it feels like we are in a new America.

Dems Move To EXPEL GOP From Congress

We are now waking up to realize that the Democrat Party is in control of the entire lawmaking apparatus, as well as the military. How long until all dissenters are labeled terrorists, or enemies of the people? Apparently not long, in fact, if you look at the date on this resolution (January 5th), the day BEFORE the shenanigans at the Capitol. Sharing a link to a resolution that was drawn up BEFORE the objections to the certifications of Biden electors, Democrat Rep. GOP Congressman Calls for 25th Amendment to Remove Trump Before Jan 20 - The National Pulse. Rep. Joaquin Castro calls for Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to immediately resign. Wednesday, Rep.

Rep. Joaquin Castro calls for Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to immediately resign

Slimy Schumer Reveals It, Dem Senate Will Pass It DAY ONE. OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Slimy Schumer Reveals It, Dem Senate Will Pass It DAY ONE

Supporters of MAGA REVOLUTION contributed to this article – visit MAGA REVOLUTION on Facebook Get the REAL news delivered free to your inbox daily. Chaos erupts as PA State Senate refuses to swear in Dem State Senator. Earlier today, Pennsylvania State Senate Republicans refused to seat Democratic State Sen.

Chaos erupts as PA State Senate refuses to swear in Dem State Senator

Jim Brewster. Brewster won re-election for the state Senate in November. Republicans also forcefully removed the Democratic lieutenant governor John Fetterman from presiding over the session after he insisted on swearing in Brewster. Brewster’s Republican challenger Nicole Ziccarelli, is asking a federal judge to throw out the election results based on a dispute over several hundred mail ballots counted that lacked a handwritten date on an outer envelope, as required by state law.

Cabinet allegedly considers using the 25th Amendment to unseat Trump. Actor Sean Penn Suggests Trump Takes Cyanide Pills to Cope with Election Results. On 6th January 2021 @ 6.00pm © press Hollywood actor Sean Penn recently suggested President Donald Trump should consume cyanide pills to cope with the 2020 election results. Penn tweeted on Tuesday: “Mr. President. DC Braces for a Chaotic Day: ANTIFA and BLM Look to Disrupt Patriots Election Protest - GOP Newsfeed. Washington D.C. is braced for what has already turned into a chaotic day. Chaos can be a good thing because it means that anything can happen. While Antifa and BLM are harassing the fringes of the 250,000 strong patriot force like a pack of jackals, President Donald Trump gave a speech which the Deep State media had to pull the plug on repeatedly. A chaotic day in Washington As Congress sits in a historic special session, the chants of patriots can be heard through the walls. Ossoff declares victory in Georgia Senate race, thanks supporters.

Early morning Wednesday, Democrat Jon Ossoff declared victory over Republican Senator David Perdue and thanked supporters. Thank you, Georgia. Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) January 6, 2021 Ossoff also thanked Joe Biden, tweeting: Thank you for your call, Mr. President-Elect. I’m looking forward to working with you to get financial relief directly to the people, beat COVID-19, and build a healthier, more prosperous, more just America for all. Pennsylvania Senate Devolves Into Disarray - Republicans Just Denied Democrat His Seat In Contested Election, Then Remove Lt. Governor.

Pennsylvania Senate Devolves Into Disarray – Republicans Just Denied Democrat His Seat In Contested Election, Then Remove Lt. Governor What’s Happening: With many accusations and questions revolving around the presidential election still, many are questioning the results of other elections. In several states, the ballots and tallies have been challenged.

That’s the case in Pennsylvania, where many Republicans claim last-minute rule changes violated their constitution. BREAKING: Electoral Certification Of Joe Biden Moves Forward, Pence Unable To Stop It. Vice President Mike Pence announced on Wednesday that he will not stop the certification of Democrat Joe Biden to become the next president of the United States following November’s election. “After an election with significant allegations of voting irregularities and numerous instances of officials setting aside state election law, I share the concerns of millions of Americans about the integrity of this election,” Pence said in a statement. “The American people choose the American President, and have every right under the law to demand free and fair elections and a full investigation of electoral misconduct.

As presiding officer, I will do my duty to ensure that these concerns receive a fair and open hearing in the Congress of the United States. Objections will be heard, evidence will be presented, and the elected representatives of the American people will make their decision.” Decision Desk Declares Dems to take control of Senate with Warnock, Ossoff Victorious. The Decision Desk has projected Democrats will take control of the Senate (50D-50R) with VP Kamala Harris casting the tie breaking vote. Warnock wins, Ossoff likely to win, giving Democrats complete power. (ETH) – Democrats have won one U.S. Franklin Graham: Dems Will Enact 'Wicked Agenda' if They Win Georgia Senate Runoffs. Hollywood Celebs Make Final Plea for Georgia. Georgia is ground zero in the battle for the balance of power in Washington, D.C., as control of the U.S. Senate now hinges on the outcome of the two Senate runoff races in the Peach State. With the Senate majority leadership within his reach, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently declared, “Now we take Georgia, and then we change America.”

As Georgia voters head to the polls today, Hollywood elites are still making the hard sell for Democrats, urging residents to cast their ballots for candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, thereby ensuring party domination over Congress. Pelosi’s FIRST Bill was a Bill to FOREVER Change Elections. Trump blasts Raffensperger, Kemp during fiery rally, vows to campaign against them. During a fiery rally Monday, President Trump vowed revenge against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp. Harris says "Let me just tell you something, we are going to be Inaugurated. Period." Asked if she sees Republicans in Congress challenging the electoral college vote as an attempted Coup, Kamala Harris said “let me just tell you something, we are going to be Inaugurated. Georgia senate race: What's at stake in the runoff election. Two long months after Nov. 3, Election Day is back Tuesday — in Georgia, where two runoff races that will decide control of the US Senate are nearly as consequential as the presidential election.

Cher endorses Warnock, Ossoff, says "without Democrats in Charge Life will Deteriorate" McCarthy: Elections Proved Americans Are ‘Fed Up’ with Democrats. On 5th January 2021 @ 12.00am. Congress Approves Rules Regulating January 6 Electoral Vote Count » Sons of Liberty Media. Criminal Democrats are crapping their pants. Kamala still hasn’t resigned. Congress Approves Rules Regulating January 6 Electoral Vote Count » Sons of Liberty Media. Warnock staff: He wants to defund the police but won't say it aloud so he can get re-elected. Joe Biden Inaugural Parade Canceled for ‘Reimagined’ Virtual Event. First Republican to Congratulate Joe Is....drum roll, please. Man who gave impassioned, viral pro-2nd Amendment speech set to become N.C.’s first black lieutenant gov.

Tapper calls out Ossoff for lying about Sen Loeffler campaigning with a Klansman. Andy Biggs "I just voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. My vote for Speaker went to Kevin McCarthy." McCarthy trolls Pelosi with Video, writes "Hey Nancy Pelosi: Our freshman class is bigger than yours" Tapper confronts Ossoff on his false claim "she was not campaigning with a klansman. That wasn’t true, what you said" 25 new Southern U.S. House members, 2 senators sworn in Sunday « Chicken Fried Politics. Meet August Pfluger, the Republican Air Force veteran who will be sworn in to Congress. Trump calls on Gov. Noem to run against "RINO" John Thune. Trump CBP Chief Says Biden Policies Will Bring 'Waves' of Illegals, Relive 2019 All Over Again.

Democrat Who Objected to Electoral Votes in 2005: No Regret, but This Time Is Different. G-D America candidate could win in GA and destroy. the Republic. 25 year old Congressman-elect envisions "brand new Republican party" that is "bolder" Populist GA Democrat, Vernon Jones, Pleads with Voters to Vote Republican. Republicans Just Pulled Out All The Stops In Georgia Election - To Watch The Polls, They Just Recruited Over 8,000 Volunteers. 'A Blatant Lie': Dem Senate Candidate Levels Wild Accusation at Loeffler Days Before Georgia Elections. Doug Collins: 'Not Sure' Raphael Warnock Claim of Being a 'Pro-Choice Pastor' Is a Value Georgia Voters Will Accept. Newly elected Republican Women plan to take on "The Squad" in the House.

The Good Candidate! Child abuse, an arrest, and a lost camp. IRS Extorted Gun Shop Owner...Now He is a Lawmaker and About to Go FULL Patriot. Video: Facts Matter (Dec. 28): Mike Pence’s Exclusive Authority to Overturn Election? Stacey Abrams: Republicans Don't Know How to Win Without Voter Suppression. WaPo: Democrat Jon Ossoff Is Refusing to Disclose Company's Financial Documents. Luntz says Trump supporters will be "mad as heck on January 6th when Pence" certifies election for Biden. Okay So Now Democrats Want to Overturn Election Results... Weird. GA Dems Sound Alarm in Senate Race: Running Out of Cash. Department of Homeland Security Issues WARNING. New lawsuit seeks to give Mike Pence ‘sole discretion’ to choose which electors will be counted.

Kamala Releases BIZARRE Video Claiming Her Fam Has Celebrated Kwanzaa Since She Was A Kid. Stacey Abrams claims "Republicans do not know how to win without voter suppression as one of their tools" Uh-Oh: Pelosi May Not Have Votes To Stay Speaker. Pelosi: Georgia Victories Would Give Democrats Power to Pass Bills. Two People Distributing Fliers for Georgia Dems Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Packages from Porches. We Have to 'Rely on Biden' to Stand Up to Russia and China. OOF! We May Not Know Results of Senate Run-offs in Georgia for Weeks. NYT: Democrats suffered a "Stinging Setback in California" with losses to Republicans.

VP Mike Pence EXPLOSIVE Video Goes Viral. More than 2 Million Votes Already Cast for Georgia Runoffs. Chris Cuomo suggests Biden use inauguration to shame Trump to his face. "OPERATION PENCE CARD": President Trump Calls For Pence to Step In and Act On Election in Retweet. Madison Cawthorn warns he will fund primary opponents against Republicans who don’t contest election with him. FLASHBACK: Raphael Warnock Bashes White Christians from Alabama.

Nancy Pelosi: I'll Pull Trump Out of the White House ‘By His Hair’ Schumer tweets 3 times in 1 day Biden will be the next President, Harris the next VP. Mitt Romney's Christmas Gift To Trump: Another Stab In The Back. Democrat Runoff Candidate Lands in HOT Water After THIS Speech. THIS Electoral Vote Situation Just Happened in Nevada. Shock Hillary Clinton Announcement — She Makes It Official. GOP Poised to Take Control of the House. Dem doc: re-educate Trump voters, purge social conservatives from government. Pentagon Suddenly Stops Biden’s Briefings, ‘Transition Team’ Locked-Out. Bob Dole: Trump 'Will NOT Be in the White House on January 21' REPORT: Acting defense secretary Chris Miller halts Biden transition meetings. Ossoff: Republicans Attacks in Georgia Are Racist, Anti-Semitic. Blue State Blues: L.A.’s Soros-funded DA Shoud Be a Warning to All Georgia Voters. Report: Pentagon Abruptly Halts Biden Transition Briefings.

Video Emerges, Democrat Runoff Candidate EXPOSED. GOP Leaders: Raphael Warnock Should Scare The Hell Out of Georgians. Dana Loesch: “Conservatives, do NOT take the Mitch McConnell bait” Over 25 Black Pastors Urge Raphael Warnock to Fight ‘Systemic Racism of Abortion’ Eric Swalwell's Campaigns Funded by Chinese Communist Party Employee. The Turncoats are Lining Up to Kiss Joe's A** - Patriot United News. Video Emerges, Democrat Runoff Candidate EXPOSED - The GOP Times. Exclusive — Sen.-Elect Cynthia Lummis in Georgia: Democrats Will ‘Punish’ Gun Owners with Taxes. McConnell Congratulates Biden, Recognises Him as 'President Elect' GOP Wins ALL 8 Statewide Races - NEWS HOUR FIRST.

Police Bar Group Claiming To Be GOP Electors from Michigan Capitol, Say Electors Are Already There - Patriot Project. Hillary casts her NY electoral vote for Biden, then calls for electoral college to be abolished.