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Infographics. Infographic List. Best Infographics - Infographics blog - Infographic finder. Best Infographics of the Day. Travel Infographics. Exciting Things To Do In Florida Florida, the land of sunshine, has amazing places to see and exciting things to do for every travelers.

Travel Infographics

This infographic showcases fun for kids, romantic places to see and adventurous things to do in Florida. Ireland’s Atlantic Way Top 15 Signature Sights The Wild Atlantic Way is the world’s longest coastal driving route. It takes in the North West, West, Mid-West and South West of Ireland. Vizual Archive Infographic Submission SiteVizual Archive. OECD Regional Well-Being. Well-being in detail For each of the eight topics of well-being, you will find a score for the region, its relative position compared to the other regions in the same country, and its relative position compared to all the OECD regions.

OECD Regional Well-Being

The value of each well-being indicator, expressed in its original unit (percentage, dollars, etc.), is beneath the chart. Truth Facts. Infographics + Pinterest = Pinfographics. Infographic. Floatingsheep. Tax Talk from H&R Block. Google's Geographies of Religion. “Religion is probably, after sex, the second oldest resource which human beings have available to them for blowing their minds” Susan Sontag Following up on the earlier discussion of the user-created geographies of religion, the following maps simultaneously display all four religious references (Allah, Buddha, Hindu, Jesus) in order to visualise distinct religious cyberscapes.

Google's Geographies of Religion

Below we see the data on a global scale. Infographic. WTF Visualizations. Bad Graphs. Someone today accused me of using only “conservative graphs.”

Bad Graphs

Well, here’s a liberal graph that is pretty bad, because a president who had already increased the debt by a large margin would typically lead to a new president who increased it by less (though still keeping it high). In other words, the data is dependent on the previous year. So, comparing Bush’s 115% to Reagan’s is a joke, as is the comparison of Obama and Clinton. Infographic: How Rich Is Your Religion? As a born and bred atheist, I don’t know terribly much about the bible, but if you asked me, I could probably summon up a few vague platitudes, like “be nice to your neighbors” and “blessed are the poor.”

Infographic: How Rich Is Your Religion?

So, exactly how poor are Jesus’s disciples today? An infographic from GOOD and Column Five demonstrates how religion lines up with income in America, examining how faith and wealth mingle in contemporary society. Click to enlarge. “It’s no secret that the distribution of wealth is inequitable in the United States across racial, regional, and socio-economic groups,” write the designers at Column Five, a Newport Beach creative agency that specializes in data viz and infographics. “But there is a distinct variance among and within America’s faiths, as well.” Many Eyes. 10 Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Infographics on Education. Infographics can change the way we learn, the way we see information put in front of us.

10 Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Infographics on Education

They help us digest that information and leads us to draw important conclusions more swiftly. After doing a little research online I was able to discover 10 gorgeous infographics on education that do more than simply show information, they relay it in a really potent and amazing way. Edit: If you liked this post, you might also like our 22 Mind-Blowing Infographics on Education, too! Our Work. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks.

Infographics by Shahed Syed. Pulp Fiction Timeline. Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies. Architecture Infographics. While The WA100, Building Design’s annual ranking of the world’s largest architecture firms, isn’t perfect (see our controversial article here), it does reveal a lot about the state of architecture today.

Architecture Infographics

And for 2013, the research shows that there are finally brighter days ahead for architects – just not at home. BD’s research reveals that China remains the world’s largest construction market (a title it’s held since 2010); that the Asia-Pacific Market is expected to be the largest by 2020 (with projected value of $4.6 trillion dollars); and that China, India, and Brazil offer the best growth potential for architectural services. Search infographic Questions. Chart of the day. Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized! The Infographics Showcase - Data Visualization - Infographic Design. The Miso Project. Infographic Site Dot Com — The Best Inforgraphics on the Internet. They Rule.

Infographics for Students - Top 3 Online Schools : Online ... Welcome to Visual Academy,'s novel attempt at furthering education and creating a hunger for more knowledge through the use of visual learning techniques.

Infographics for Students - Top 3 Online Schools : Online ...

Visual learning is a learning style in which teaching is accomplished through the association of images and techniques with ideas, concepts, data and other information. While the concept of purely visual learners has been debunked, the benefits of using graphics to introduce new concepts and ideas are still worth mentioning. Mixing things up, such as conveying data with pictures rather than straight text, can boost attention. Datavisualization. Killer Infographics by Submit Infographics. Number Picture - Crowd-Sourcing New Ways For People To ... Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics. Information aesthetics - Information Visualization & Visual ... Cool Infographics. Work.

Infographics Blog: Reviews of the Best Infographic Design Ideas. Infographic Gallery. Infographics & Data Visualizations. Vizual Statistix: Archive.

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