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What are the best Russian swear words? :) : russian. Beautiful Word Clouds. Patent Portfolio. IGHE LABELS STORE (beer labels, coasters, wine labels, matchbox labels, stamps) 13 psychological tricks that help in communicating with anyone. Sometimes we strike a wrong chord with someone, or feel uncomfortable to ask somebody about something.

13 psychological tricks that help in communicating with anyone

Today, Bright Side will tell you the techniques which can help you build good relationships with anybody. If the answer doesn’t suit you — for example, the person you are talking to left something unsaid, wasn’t clear, or lied — don’t ask again. Instead, simply look silently and attentively into his or her eyes. This technique will get him or her cornered, and the person will be forced to continue his or her thoughts.If someone yells at you, make an effort to keep calm, staying absolutely impassive.

The first reaction of a loudmouth is usually anger, which your behavior can provoke, but it will quickly subside. Our mimicry is closely related to our emotions: we raise our eyebrows when we are touched and squint our eyes while crying. Source: fashiony Preview photo credit: Nu aruncaţi cutiile de conserve – iată o invenţie superbă! Futurism - 3D Display Bike Wheels. How to make an origami business card holder.

Here's a quick and easy origami project: a business card case or gift card holder.

How to make an origami business card holder

Use patterned gift wrap (I like heavier-weight wrapping paper for a sturdier case), graph paper, a paper bag, magazine pages, or origami paper. Decorate the case with washi tape or stamps for a cute way to present gift cards. It will look like you put a lot of thought and effort into a gift that was probably the easiest thing you could buy. Slacker. Just kidding. To make a holder for a standard 3.5 x 2" business card, start with an 8.5" square of paper. Place the paper pretty side down. Fold the left and right edges inward to meet the center fold. Open the paper again. Close the left and right flaps. Turn the paper over and fold the top down so that the exposed diagonal edges meet precisely at the fold.

Fold the bottom up in the same way, tucking the bottom edge into the diagonal flaps. Yves Saint Laurent Cinéma, Eau De Parfum pentru femei 90 ml. ボール・ポアラー(ボールポアラー/ボトル/カバー/キャップ/ワイ :ball-pourer:e-goods - 通販. Project 3 Week 3 – Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter. This week I decided that it was time to think up an alternate use for all the beer bottle caps I have lying around.

Project 3 Week 3 – Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter

Normally, I make them into coasters for my Etsy shop. But I have a LOT of bottle caps, and sometimes I feel like I should find new things to do with them. I’d seen picture frames online before that were covered in smashed bottle caps, so I figured I’d try my own. But I wasn’t really feeling the whole picture frame thing. Cap Zappa Bottle Opener. Men's Spanner Wrench Ring This silver plated white bronze spanner wrench ring is a perfect gift for any mechanic, professional or the back yard do-it yourself wrench cranker.

Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

Adjustable from a size 8 to 13, the ring is handmad... The Hunting Lodge by Snohetta The Hunting Lodge by Snohetta is set deep in the western mountains of Norway along the Akrafjorden Fjord looks to be one with nature. It’s expertly crafted utilizing steel beam construction that’s cov... BULBING Lamps - Table Lamps with 3D Effect Nir Chehanowski of Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha, has designed the BULBING lamps , that are made using etched acrylic glass to give them a 3D effect. Water and Wind Proof Digital USB Lighter Watch. Alessi Pop-Up Bottle Opener designed by Giovani Alessi Anghini. How to Smash a Stampin' Up! Soda Pop Top (bottle cap) using the Big Shot.

Bamboofolk-Bamboo Manufacturer,Bamboo plant,Bamboo handicraft products,Wooden gift box-Products. Zippo classic wine bottle cap. Buy 100 PCS/LOT Free Shipping High Quality Plastic Beer Push Up Zap Cap Automatic Bottle Opener from Reliable bottle opener keychain suppliers on Kalino Customized LOGO Store. Nicholas Stainless Steel Pop Cap Opener (Engravable) Instant Stainless Steel Beer Chiller Stick Fantastic Gift Idea Wine Chiller Stick Pourer And Stopper Photo, Detailed about Instant Stainless Steel Beer Chiller Stick Fantastic Gift Idea Wine Chiller Stick Pourer And Stopper Picture on

Instant Stainless Steel Beer Chiller Stick Fantastic Gift Idea Wine Chiller Stick Pourer And Stopper - Buy Gel Wine Bottle Cooler Freezer Pack,Wine Chiller Gift,Wine Chiller Gift Gel Wine Bottle Cooler Freezer Pack Product on Beer Bottle Opener and Pourer. The ultimate device for beer-swilling couch potatoes, this machine dispenses beers as fast as anyone can drink.

Beer Bottle Opener and Pourer

Just put your glass in the holder, press the Go Button and watch the machine simultaneously tilt the glass, lift the bottle, gently pour a beer leaving room for the head, and gradually ease back to vertical. Repeat for 4 beers, and then the machine automatically returns the empty bottle to the turntable, which indexes around to line up the next bottle, already opened during the pouring of the last beer. A brass rod probe checks the for next bottle cap.If the bottle is empty the “Another Bottle Please” warning sign is triggered, so that the 6 bottle turntable magazine can be replenished. Continuity of the beer supply is therefore maintained.

Televizor Samsung UE43J5500 SMART LED. Extreme Digital magazin online. Televizor LED Smart Samsung, 109 cm, 43J5500, Full HD. Download STEP, STL, IGES Viewer for free! One Handed Bottle Opener. Chillsner® Drink-Through Chiller Set. Chillsner – CORKCICLE. I'm So F***ed Up: New Bottle Attachment Allows You To Bong Beer And Weed Simultaneously.

Note: Video contains a nice f-bomb at 0:57.

I'm So F***ed Up: New Bottle Attachment Allows You To Bong Beer And Weed Simultaneously

Of course, if you're watching a video at work about bonging a beer and smoking weed at the same time, that probably isn't an issue. 25 Awesome and Somewhat Ridiculous Beer Gifts. The list has been updated for the 2014 season!

25 Awesome and Somewhat Ridiculous Beer Gifts

Sometimes, we have to buy gifts for those loved ones who are hard to impress or refuse to tell us what in the hell they want. Everyone loves to open a gift and receive something totally kick ass. The hardest part is coming up with an unexpected item that will blow their mind! Everyone remembers the awesome beer gift. Ask yourself the question, “Does this person like beer?”. 8 Easy-Drinking Gadgets for the Beer Enthusiast.