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Alcool, Bere și Punct De Cumpărare. Display, Christian Louboutin și Pantofi. Untitled. See All the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners. Dimkoops's DeviantArt gallery. Jewelry Logos: 20 Jewelry Logos That Truly Shine! Jewelry is probably one of the most special and desirable possessions of mankind.

Jewelry Logos: 20 Jewelry Logos That Truly Shine!

It is widely considered a symbol of pride, tradition and prestige. Wearing jewelry is a very primitive and popular way to adorn to oneself and to let others see your class. Just like any other industry, a brand identity is very crucial to the success of a jewelry business. Jewelry logos are capable of carrying such power to create a massive impression on the potential customers.

They decide the identity as well as the consistency of the brand. Bedwa Logo Dukat Jewellery Logo Elements Jewellery Logo Fidelis Logo IVA Diamonds Logo James Murtagh Jewellers Logo Julia Creations Logo Kellerman & Co. 100 fresh blogs and websites for creative professionals to follow in 2015. You’ve clearly enjoyed our popular 70 of the best blogs for creative inspiration.

100 fresh blogs and websites for creative professionals to follow in 2015

Now it’s time to offer you some further essential reading with the 100 fresh blogs for creative professionals to follow in 2015. That’s whether you’re looking for insights and inspiration in the world of graphic design, illustration, photography, art, user experience design, web design, interior design or architecture – we’ve painstakingly crawled the web to dig out the latest must-read blogs. So rather than wasting time trying to find recommended online resources, simply bookmark this page and share with your friends and associates. We’ve even included some recommended sites for learning, plus there’s a top 10 list of fun, time-wasting websites that you can browse when you’re not feeling particularly productive.

If we’ve missed anything, feel free to tweet us and make your own suggestions via @Creative_Boom and we’ll consider adding them to the list. Dangerous Minds. The best in advertising, design, and digital creativity - AdCritic - Creativity Online. An art, design, and visual culture blog. Your daily dose of design tips and inspiration. Lacy Kuhn. CreativeApplications.Net. Numero: A Beautiful Pop-up Book of Numbers by Marion Bataille. Five years ago graphic artist and illustration Marion Bataille took the pop-up book world by storm with her incredible ABC 3D book.

Numero: A Beautiful Pop-up Book of Numbers by Marion Bataille

Bataille is back this month with a new book titled Numero, a brief but no less charming visual excursion into numbers. Stylish Black and White Fortieth Birthday Party {Decor, Ideas, Cake} The Cool Hunter - Welcome. You'll love these beautiful vector animal logos. Animals are often the inspiration for a vector graphic or two; we've seen gorgeous geometric vector animals as well as 3D-effect vector portraits.

You'll love these beautiful vector animal logos

These are the kind of projects that inspire many creatives to get started with vector design in the first place and this latest offering is just as brilliant. Lincoln-based designer Tom Atkins Watkins has created a set of beautiful vector animal portraits. From the initial sketch to the final offering, they're packed full of colour and beautiful shape that allows the project to really shine. "It's a predominantly personal project, exploring ways in which logos can be formed using only basic shapes and minimalist techniques," explains Watkins. "The first one installment was really successful, and the demand was there for me to put together this collection. Find out more about this project over on Tom Atkins Watkins' website. The Mission 10 Years Anniversary. Sobranie Refine Launch Event visuals, Projection mapping Astra Zeneca – Diabet 3.0 AstraZeneca Motion graphics, Projection mapping Inspired by London’s Fashion James Bond Event Event visuals, Motion graphics The Art Collection Interactive Projection Mapping Mindscape Studio.

The Mission 10 Years Anniversary

Logo Design, Web Design and More. Vintage Posters Discovered in Abandoned London Tube Station. (Images by Mikey Ashworth . Copyrighted by London Underground and reproduced with permission) The London Underground is an incredible maze of subterranean railways, stations and ticket halls – and that doesn’t account for the myriad abandoned passageways that are strictly off limits to the public, let alone the ageing relics that linger on in this dark underworld that has only been touched on by urban explorers. (Images by Mikey Ashworth . 8 ways to make extra money from your design skills. Staring at a pile of unpaid bills?

8 ways to make extra money from your design skills

Gazing longingly at that tropical holiday you don't think you can afford? Drooling over the latest bit of tech with a sinking feeling that you're going to be left behind again? Well, pull yourself together! You have valuable skills that are greatly in demand - and the freedom to earn as much or as little from them as you like. You just have to apply yourself, and be a bit clever about how you go about maximising your income. 01. Not everything you design will be loved by your clients. As an example, Graphic Leftovers is a website where graphic designers can sell logos, icons, illustrations and more. Before you sell any of your work on the web, of course, it's vital to double-check the files you're selling are not under the rights of any of your current or past clients. 02. Juxtapoz Magazine - Home. Mashable. Adweek – Breaking News in Advertising, Media and Technology.


Adweek – Breaking News in Advertising, Media and Technology. KeepVid.