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Herbal Teas

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How To Make Magnolia Bark Tea For Sleep & Anxiety. It has long been a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) under the name houpu.

How To Make Magnolia Bark Tea For Sleep & Anxiety

The “hou” part means thick, while the “pu” means portion [of the plant]. In that culture, it’s touted for helping anxiety, depression, asthma, headaches, and other ailments. They consume the bark extract through a tincture or by drinking a tea made from it. Although it’s native to the Sichuan region of China, magnolia trees are found throughout East and Southeast Asia. That’s why it’s popular in Japanese herbal medicine too, under the name kōboku. Despite having a rich history throughout Asia dating back many centuries, this species — Magnolia officinalis — has limited scientific research on it. While there are no human clinical trials to date, in vitro (lab) and animal studies suggest real potential for magnolia bark benefits. While there are some 250 compounds in the bark, flowers, and leaves, it is magnolol and honokiol which have gotten the most attention. Unusual Benefits of Greek Mountain Tea (Ironwort, Sideritis)

Greek mountain tea is popular throughout the Mediterranean and southeastern Europe.

Unusual Benefits of Greek Mountain Tea (Ironwort, Sideritis)

It’s made from the Sideritis scardica plant, which is a stout shrub that grows at high altitudes in rocky soil. The scientific name, Sideritis, comes from the Greek word sideros. It means iron. In ancient times, this herb was used on battle wounds inflicted by iron and “cold” metallic weapons. That’s where the name comes from. (1) That’s why the herb is commonly called ironwort. 3 Best Tea For Diabetes & Blood Sugar Control. The brand Pure Leaf sweet tea contains 42g of sugar per bottle… even worse than the 39g in a can of Coca Cola. (1) (2) Of course, you already know that sweet tea is bad for blood glucose levels.

3 Best Tea For Diabetes & Blood Sugar Control

Even if you don’t have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, spikes like that contribute to inflammation and accelerate the cellular aging process. Not to mention, the empty calories make packing on pounds all the more easier. What if you could drink something that had the opposite effect? Not just sugar-free but rather, a beverage that might actually lower your blood sugar, instead of having a neutral or negative effect? Tea for diabetes discussed on Dr. Unusual Benefits of Greek Mountain Tea (Ironwort, Sideritis) Is Elderberry Tea Healthy? Benefits, Side Effects & Science. Based on a quick Google, you are told this beverage is a “powerful natural remedy” that can be used to “alleviate colds, the flu, and bronchitis.”

Is Elderberry Tea Healthy? Benefits, Side Effects & Science

They say that it’s filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The problem? 5 Benefits of Lavender Tea - Healthy Focus. What is Lavender?

5 Benefits of Lavender Tea - Healthy Focus

Lavender of lavendula is actually a genus of over 40 species of fragrant flowering plants belonging to the Lamiaceae mint family. Lavender which is a native of the Old World can be found growing in large parts of the Mediterranean and Europe, North and East Africa as well as South West Asia and India. Lavender is cultivated in temperate climes as an ornamental plant for use in the garden and as a culinary herb. Health Benefits of Oswego Tea - Healthy Focus. 9 Benefits of Burdock Root Tea - Healthy Focus.

What is Burdock Root?

9 Benefits of Burdock Root Tea - Healthy Focus

When I was young, dandelion and burdock soda was very popular. Now I knew what dandelion was, but never really found out or cared what burdock was. Burdock root or Arctium lappa belongs to the same family of biennial plants as the dandelion and Asteraceae or daisy. It is also known variously as greater burdock, lappa, edible burdock, beggar’s buttons and thorny burr. 9 Benefits of Butter Tea - Healthy Focus.

What is Butter Tea?

9 Benefits of Butter Tea - Healthy Focus

A few years back, I watched a couple of documentaries about Everest expeditions. One of the things that caught my eye was the butter tea that was being served up to the climbers in the Nepalese villages. It was so memorable because to me, it sounded so odd. Butter tea of the type made by Tibetans is made by boiling the tea leaves repeatedly. The best quality tea is boiled for around half the day and takes on a very dark color. 10 Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Tea - Healthy Focus. The Health Benefits of Ginger Juice - Healthy Focus. The History of Ginger It helps that it tastes great but is one of the most amazing herbs that you can consume for your health.

The Health Benefits of Ginger Juice - Healthy Focus

Whether you enjoy a cup of drink ginger tea, apply ginger oil to your muscles or simply chop it up and cook it, ginger can have an amazing effect on your all round health and well-being. Of course, while science continues to reveal new uses for ginger, there is absolutely nothing new about the herb. The documented history of ginger is long and illustrious. It dates back over 5000 years when Confucius – the esteemed Chinese philosopher first discovered its amazing healing powers.

By the middle of the 13th century, ginger started to make its way around the world in its dried form. Nowadays ginger is a popular ingredient in dishes the world over. Why Ginger Juice is Good for Us Today studies have revealed just how valuable ginger in any of its forms can be to our health. Ginger Tea Benefits for Digestion, Immunity, Weight Loss & More.

By Rachael Link, MS, RD There are few things as comforting, flavorful and delicious as a hot cup of ginger tea.

Ginger Tea Benefits for Digestion, Immunity, Weight Loss & More

Frequently used as a quick fix for settling the stomach and easing digestive distress, fresh ginger tea benefits extend way beyond its ability to treat nausea. In fact, studies show that ginger can boost fat burning, alleviate inflammation and even control cholesterol and blood sugar. Yerba Mate: Healthier than Green Tea & a Cancer Killer? 8 Benefits of Hibiscus Tea. 12 Benefits of Lemon Verbena Tea and Essential Oil. Are lemon balm and lemon verbena the same thing?

12 Benefits of Lemon Verbena Tea and Essential Oil

No. Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is part of the mint family and native to southern Europe. Lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) comes from a totally different family and its native habitat is on the other side of the world, in western South America. The only thing they have in common is a lemony-citrus scent when their leaves are rubbed. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) is entirely different from both of those. It’s understandable why so many confuse these plants, because it’s lemon balm and lemongrass which are the most popular. The obscurity of verbena has a lot to do with that. Since no one knows what it is, food manufacturers and grocers in the U.S. and Canada don’t want to risk selling it. The result? Gynostemma Tea (Jiaogulan) Benefits For AMPK & Weight Loss. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) name of jiaogulan – also written as jiao gu lan – is hard to say and spell for an American, no doubt.

What’s easy to understand is the potential advantage for anti-aging this herb might have, if you follow the science.