Facebook Twitter The Main Tap › PatternTap. Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends. Introducing A New Article Design — Clear the closet in favor of the Stockholm City - Stockholm City. Form Follows Function. Welcome to the new Myspace! Cannes Lions 2012: Design Gave 19 Gold Lions and One Grand Prix. Maxmedia. Cheese & Burger Society. John Peel's Record Shelf. GE Performance Machines. Andrew Winter - Design & Art Direction. How To Play - The Grid: Run Your City. Nike - Run to the Beat. Gif Rap The Rainbow. The Lynx Stream App - Record and relive your night out. Untitled. The Museum of Me. Interactive - National Film Board of Canada. VINTAGE PROM / NORTHERN SOUL / SEA SALT TEXTURISING SPRAY / PIN & TEASE / Berlin vs. London. The next edition of the DRAW YOUR OWN LINE series is here and comes this time with the very special debut of London!

We are proud to introduce you to our new partner in London: JAGUAR SHOES , a collective of creatively motivated business and individuals working in the fields of art, film, fashion, music, publishing and design. They provide many platforms for creative talent; from exhibitions and events, to collaborative products and retail opportunities. We are excited to announce the next battle against Berlin on the 20th of October at 8 pm and see how the newcomer performs against our good old Berlin. The event will take place at: Home. LuxRender is a physically based and unbiased rendering engine.


Based on state of the art algorithms, LuxRender simulates the flow of light according to physical equations, thus producing realistic images of photographic quality. To get started with LuxRender, choose a package: LuxRender is free software - both for personal and commercial use - and is licensed under the GPL. TYPO London 2011. After the event For attendees On our website Follow us on.

TYPO London 2011

The Girl Store: Buy a Girl Her Life Back. Soulwire » Experiments in Code. Multichannel innovation: 15 brilliant examples from 2011. This Wednesday I'll be attending JUMP, our annual event dedicated to multichannel business.

Multichannel innovation: 15 brilliant examples from 2011

I'm inherently biased but the programme is truly fantastic. I expect to discover lots of new ideas and approaches to help improve the joined-up customer experience. As it's been a year since the last JUMP I thought I'd collate and share a few recent examples of innovative multichannel thinking. Some of these are real success stories. There are plenty of others that I know I've missed out, some of which I'm looking forward to hearing more about on Wednesday. Presents THE GAME at oki. At oki-ni we make the everyday extraordinary.

presents THE GAME at oki

That's why, when it came to creating our latest video, we wanted to do something truly remarkable. What we came up with is this, an interactive and fully-shoppable video. about THE GAME Bringing together the creative talents of director Antony Crook, Ridley Scott's RSA/Black Dog production company and the pioneering work of wireWAX, this moving editorial is fully shoppable - meaning that you can click on any outfit, while the video is playing, to shop the look. Fringing / Hard graft / Extreme Hold Hairspray / Backcomb / Product Design & Strategy. Fresh, Local Italian Restaurants. The Art of FLIGHT. Ben the Bodyguard. Protecting your data on iPhone® and iPod touch® Nike Better World. See The Difference, online fundraising and charity donations, non profit organization UK. Show me the difference Back in 2008 every piece of research we looked at (over 10 years worth), national consumer surveys and our own focus groups and our friends, colleagues and families told us the same story.

See The Difference, online fundraising and charity donations, non profit organization UK

Givers first concerns were constant: where does my money go, what difference does it make? Show givers where their money was going and the difference it was making and they’d give more the theory went (and maybe arrest the decline in the percentage of the population giving too). Simples. Charity Swearbox. Own A Colour And Help Save A Child's Life. 35+ Sites for Web Savvy Families. Families have collectively jumped on the Web with gusto.

35+ Sites for Web Savvy Families

Online tools have given them the ability to do everything from track the family schedule to keep in touch with distant relatives, monitor their children's browsing, and more. Many of these services are even becoming available on mobile platforms, which is critical for those parents on the go. Here's a rundown of some of the sites available for you and your family. Tell us in the comments about which services you and your family use. Family-Friendly Browsing. StylesInspiration - Web Design Style Inspiration. Home. BBC - Homepage - Beta Version. The Fashionisto: The Latest in Fashion from Runway to Print.

Festival of Post-Digital Culture. Category Archives: News. Nicholas Felton. Bleed. Toko. Concept. Design. Slanted - Typo Weblog & Magazin - Das Gefühl Typografie - Alles über Schriften, Fontlabels & Design. Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) Welcome to Baseline Magazine. The international review of graphic design. Scott Dadich - WIRED’s Digital Rebirth. Grid Based is a showcase of the best grid based designs & WordPress themes. One Page Love. Playing in the City. 25 Flash Portfolios for Your Inspiration. Although HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are able to accomplish a lot of exciting results and gaining popularity, Flash is still used by a number of impressive websites.

25 Flash Portfolios for Your Inspiration

In this post we’ll showcase 25 Flash portfolio sites. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next year or two with the future of Flash. For now, here is some Flash inspiration. Looking for hosting? Calendar World Cup 2010 by Wishbone Website Bikes. The Angelic. TMA-1. Sneakers turntables. We're generally quite wary of any video meant to "go viral" and "sell a lot of shoes" (or sell a lot of whatever), but from time to time something comes along and cracks our jaded shell.

sneakers turntables

Case in point: the new Japanese campaign for Nike's Free Run+ running shoes sees experimental musician / DJ Daito Manabe and co. bangin' out a tune with the company's newest. The kicks are outfitted with flex sensors (which change resistance when bent), allowing some impressive control of effects via Max/MSP and Ableton Max for Live. WBA - Willams Boag Architects - Melbourne Australia. Music matters. Nike Air Talent. pCubee Perspective-Corrected Cubic Display. OneMore Pixels - video. Stop motion video. Case Studies. When we first spoke about creating a twitter based game, we never, and I say never, thought it would get us this far in the development of what finally became an augmented reality, 3-D twitter based game.

Case Studies

What was first a very small project, rapidly grew bigger and bigger, and bigger, and....became so much time consuming for us we had to put away some more sleep hours. Building a game The goal was to create a game which could be entirely playable using twitterdotcom with a mishmash of social networking, augmented reality, rich application and HTML5 (well,not on this one).

Fact is, we really think that once in a while, every agency needs a creative playground, a kind of sandbox where we can all work together, as a team. “ No doubt this model will be picked up and used by a brand rather successfully with an integrated campaign, I can think of several opportunities already! IT'S A GOOD DAY - Motion design 3D.