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Calendar World Cup 2010 by

Calendar World Cup 2010 by

textorizer Textorizer allows you to make pictures formed with text. It is best described by the sample images below. Although there are many versions around, the only one that is continuing to supported is this one. Opinion / Lead : ISI & the buried truths about Mumba Waqas Ahmad was among the hundreds of Lahore cricket fans who crossed the Wagah border five years ago to watch their country play India in New Delhi. The 2005 India-Pakistan series had been advertised as a historic event; the embodiment of hope that a new era of peace was about to dawn on South Asia. For most of the Lahore fans, the long journey was worth it: Pakistan registered a 159-run victory at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium before tens of thousands of spectators, among them Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pervez Musharraf. But Ahmad didn't make the match — and never caught the train home.

Case Studies When we first spoke about creating a twitter based game, we never, and I say never, thought it would get us this far in the development of what finally became an augmented reality, 3-D twitter based game. What was first a very small project, rapidly grew bigger and bigger, and bigger, and....became so much time consuming for us we had to put away some more sleep hours. Building a game The goal was to create a game which could be entirely playable using twitterdotcom with a mishmash of social networking, augmented reality, rich application and HTML5 (well,not on this one). Fact is, we really think that once in a while, every agency needs a creative playground, a kind of sandbox where we can all work together, as a team.

Products - The Art of Astral Projection - Theartofastralprojecti If I told you I could help you experience the next stage in human evolution right now… would you jump at the chance? If I could show you a way to tap into a power beyond your physical body, and feel your limitless potential… would you want to learn it? Millions of people across the world are waking up to an exhilarating fact: that we are far more than just our physical bodies. The secret lies in a state of consciousness known as astral projection (or an out-of-body experience). A state that you too can achieve–once you know how. What your consciousness and a rocket ship have in common.

Create your tilt-shift picture Move the vertical slider on the right of the original photo to select the area in focus. Use the "Preview" button to see the results, then click on the required image size and press "Download" when done to process the image and get a download link. Site members get unlimited downloads up to 21MP (5700 pixel length/width) and can access over 50 bokeh styles, click here for details. Newly Developed Rubber Compound May Bring End to Tire Punctures Replacing the tires on your vehicle is not something that comes cheap, which might explain why so many people wait until the very last minute to do it. While normal wear is inevitable, punctures and the like can mean a new set of tires well before they should need to be replaced. However, a new self repairing rubber compound might be able to bring early tire deaths to a halt. The new compound, which was developed at the Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution (ESPCI) in Paris, can be torn, punctured, ripped or cut and then mend itself automatically.

25 Flash Portfolios for Your Inspiration Although HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are able to accomplish a lot of exciting results and gaining popularity, Flash is still used by a number of impressive websites. In this post we’ll showcase 25 Flash portfolio sites. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next year or two with the future of Flash. For now, here is some Flash inspiration. Would-be bin Laden assassin held in Pakistan - Pakistan - msnbc. PESHAWAR, Pakistan — An American construction worker detained in Pakistan on what authorities said was an armed solo mission to kill Osama bin Laden has been examined by a doctor, Pakistani officials said Wednesday, after his relatives warned he had kidney problems and needed dialysis. Gary Brooks Faulkner, who was found carrying a sword, pistol and night-vision goggles on a solo mission to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden, according to Pakistani authorities, was also being questioned by a team of investigators, two security officials said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media. They did not give additional details, including what the doctor had determined about the man's condition. Friends and family say the construction worker is a devout, good-humored Christian who was "on a mission" to kill or capture Osama. "A lot of kids grow up and say, 'I want to be Rambo,' you know? Well, he is," said Faulkner's brother, Scott Faulkner, 43.

New Method Lets Researchers Entangle Five Photons For the First How many cats have to be both dead and alive before researchers are content that they've entangled enough particles? The current count is now five, but research published today in the Science suggests that it could be many more than that. Perhaps that's bad news for Schrodinger's cat, but it's great news for quantum pursuits like precision imaging and ultra-fast computing. 35+ Sites for Web Savvy Families Families have collectively jumped on the Web with gusto. Online tools have given them the ability to do everything from track the family schedule to keep in touch with distant relatives, monitor their children's browsing, and more. Many of these services are even becoming available on mobile platforms, which is critical for those parents on the go. Here's a rundown of some of the sites available for you and your family. Tell us in the comments about which services you and your family use.

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