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Gluten Free Almond Cherry Clafoutis. Clafoutis is a traditional French dessert that’s sort of a cross between a flan and a cake.

Gluten Free Almond Cherry Clafoutis

Super refreshing and easy to make, this Gluten Free Almond Cherry Clafoutis not only is delicious, but it’s filled with all kinds of good stuff that’ll do your body good! Here’s another recipe that I’d originally created many many years ago and recently decided to give it a little bit of a face lift… This time, though, I chose to make quite a few changes to the recipe itself and not just redo the photos… Firstly, I wanted to make the cake gluten free, and also too, get it to be much closer to the “real deal”… Indeed, I found the previous recipe to be a tad too cake-y and not quite flan-y enough; so I tweaked a couple of things, and the result was amazing! In fact, they far exceeded my expectations! Not only is this Gluten Free Cherry Clafoutis very true to the original version of the dessert, but it’s a damn delicious one at that!

Delicately pour that mixture right over the cherries… French Buckwheat Crepes - Spinach Mushroom Savory Galette. French Buckwheat Crepes are gluten-free, savory crepes made of 100% buckwheat flour, water, egg, and salt.

French Buckwheat Crepes - Spinach Mushroom Savory Galette

It is an easy and healthy 4 ingredients crepes recipe with a moist center and crispy borders that French people love to eat for dinner stuffed with spinach and mushroom or ham and cheese. French Buckwheat Crepes – Gluten-Free Savory Crepes As a French I love crepes – there is not a week without making crepes in my house.

I do any kind of crepes but my favorite is the authentic French crepes recipes – the sweet one made of white flour, eggs, and milk, not the healthiest, right. However, the Savory French Galette or French buckwheat crepes are made of healthy buckwheat flour rich in fiber, protein, and vitamin B. Nigel Slater’s recipes for cheesecake and baked rhubarb. So entranced have I become with the black-capped, crustless Basque cheesecake I had almost forgotten the delights of the classic recipe.

Nigel Slater’s recipes for cheesecake and baked rhubarb

The sort you will find from New York to Vienna, with its thick, creamy body the colour of the inside of a ripe vacherin and a texture so thick you can stand your fork up in it. The one that smells of cold milk and vanilla pods and sticks to the roof your mouth. More crucially, I had forgotten that such overwhelming gorgeousness needs a bowl of soured cream or a lightning bolt of zesty fruit. In summer I would send a slice of the cheesecake to the table with a pale crush of cooked gooseberries or, later, a bowl of loganberries. (Mulberries, rare as hen’s teeth, with their excess of tart, carmine juice, would be heavenly.) Prawns, polenta and pineapple upside-down cake: a four-course summer feast by Danielle Alvarez. Oven-roasted prawns with nasturtium and miso butter (Pictured above) Nasturtium flowers grow wild in many parts of the world, and although I think many people have seen them, they don’t know they are edible and taste of strong mustard or spicy capers.

Prawns, polenta and pineapple upside-down cake: a four-course summer feast by Danielle Alvarez

They are also incredibly beautiful and brightly coloured. Try to find some that are a bit more off-the-beaten-path (to avoid pollution and pesticides) and be sure to give them a good rinse when you get home. You’ll need a fair few flowers for this butter, so take a basket on your foraging trip. Gingerbread men. 10 Yotam Ottolenghi recipes in season for Australian summer. Grilled corn with avocado butter, grilled limes and aleppo chilli (Pictured above) Like a classic cafe brunch but lighter and faster (because you don’t have to bother turning the corn into fritters) this bright, zesty starter will leave you with plenty of avocado butter left over to spread on toast.

10 Yotam Ottolenghi recipes in season for Australian summer

Pan-seared leatherjacket with sauteed zucchini. One-pan Spanish fish stew recipe - BBC Good Food. Choice page. Best Ever Banana Bread. With its super-moist texture, buttery banana and brown sugar flavors, and incredibly soft crumb, this is my favorite banana bread recipe.

Best Ever Banana Bread

You need 4 ripe bananas. This is my favorite banana bread recipe, one that I’ve cherished for years. It’s the recipe that comes to mind first when I have leftover spotty bananas on the counter and the bread that’s on constant rotation in my freezer stash. This is the best ever banana bread recipe and if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time. Banana Bread Video Tutorial “Best-ever” is quite a bold statement, right? How to Mash Bananas Did you know you can use your electric mixer to mash bananas? Other Banana Bread Ingredients Butter: Use softened butter for a soft texture and irresistible butter flavor.Brown Sugar: Use all brown sugar in this recipe. For banana nut bread, add 3/4 cup of chopped nuts to the banana bread batter; I like using either pecans or walnuts. For a healthier whole wheat version, try my whole wheat banana bread.

Print. The Pumpkin Pie Recipe Every Australian Should Try. Pumpkin pie.

The Pumpkin Pie Recipe Every Australian Should Try

It sounds weird to anyone born in Australia, where pumpkin is reserved for soup, roast dinners and occasionally for mixing in with mashed potato to make it a little bit healthier. We certainly don't see it as a sweet food, much less a dessert, though as it turns out pumpkin pie is actually a delicious dessert that every Australian should try at some point in their life. Pumpkin pie image from Shutterstock. One-pot puttanesca, chickpea soup and spicy popcorn: Yotam Ottolenghi’s store-cupboard recipes. Store-cupboard cooking is a subject that will cause lots of eyes to roll and even more eyebrows to rise.

One-pot puttanesca, chickpea soup and spicy popcorn: Yotam Ottolenghi’s store-cupboard recipes

My assumptions about people’s pantries have put me under so much fire in the past that I know a consensus is impossible. Still, the sense of accomplishment when you make a store-cupboard meal, with just a few fresh ingredients added for good measure, is immense. French winter recipes. Pumpkin scones Recipe. LiveLighter - Spicy BBQ fish with mango salad. BBC Food - Recipes - Chilled roasted tomato soup. Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe. If you’ve got a hungry family to feed, there’s nothing better than a whole chicken roasting in the oven with that irresistible aroma of lemon and fresh herbs driving everyone in the house crazy with anticipation… I know roasted whole chicken is nothing new…but I wanted to make this one a newbie-friendly recipe anyone could pull off like a gourmet chef.

Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe

Choosing the right chicken for this recipe is important if you want the best nutrition and taste. I chose an organic, free-range whole chicken. It really makes a big difference – it’s just so much more tender and juicy than those from the big commercial feedlots. I know not everyone can stretch their paleo budget to pay full price for a whole organic chicken, but I would suggest watching for them to go on sale.

For this one I made an herb butter with lemon zest and garlic. I also scattered onions and lemon around the chicken and even stuffed the cavity to really ramp up the flavor. Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken Recipe Ingredients Instructions. Moroccan-Style Roast Chicken. The humble chicken is one of the thriftiest Paleo meals around – much, much cheaper than buying just the breasts or the wings.

Moroccan-Style Roast Chicken

Potato Leek Gratin Recipe. Slow cooker chicken casserole recipe. Nigel Slater’s beetroot and goat’s cheese ‘rosti’ The recipe Peel and coarsely grate 250g of raw beetroot and 150g of parsnip into a mixing bowl. Finely chop a good handful (about 10g) of dill and the same of parsley, then toss with the root vegetables. Season with salt, black pepper and 1 tsp of yellow mustard seeds. Crumble 150g of goat’s cheese into small nuggets into the bowl then lightly beat 2 eggs with a fork and fold them in. Stir thoroughly so that all the grated roots are coated with the eggs and seasoning. Warm 4 tbsp of olive oil in a shallow pan, take a handful of the mixture and press it tightly into a flat tangle of vegetables then lower it into the hot oil.

The trick If the vegetables are grated too coarsely or too finely they will fall apart (if that happens add a tablespoon of flour to bind). The twist Courgettes will work well here, too, perhaps in place of the parsnips, giving you a softer, less crisp result. Email Nigel at or follow him on Twitter @NigelSlater.

Fennel, orange and walnut salad Recipe. Difficulty Easy Dietary Vegan. Whole baked snapper. No-cook salmon, fennel and apple salad. Roast lamb rumps & lemon potatoes with mint salsa verde and yoghurt sauce.