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Kids Can Code - Summer Camp 2016

This camp provided an opportuntity for local students to explore the world of computer science through unplugged, online and robotic activities.

Our Mission. Kids can code qrcode. Care and Instructions. Click this link for ozoblockly. Click this link for Click this link for ozobot. How and Why to Teach Your Kids to Code. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Why teach coding in school? Whether you're a technophobe or a geeked-out early adopter, there's no denying that the world is run on computers, and the language of computers is code.

Why teach coding in school?

It seems only natural that there's a wave of interest in the idea of teaching kids to code -- some say it should be a requirement in every school. I think no one would argue that every kid is cut out to be a programmer, but a basic understanding of code couldn't hurt. In fact, this knowledge could give a leg up in an increasingly technology-centric society. Hopefully this playlist of videos will help you learn more about some of the people and organizations who are working to change the opportunities available for kids to learn code. Video Playlist: Teaching Kids to Code. How Minecraft Teaches Kids Real-World Skills. The point of Minecraft seems simple: build practically anything you can imagine.

How Minecraft Teaches Kids Real-World Skills

Some kids recreate famous pieces of architecture, others express their creativity through grand designs. Since 2009, Minecraft has sold over 20 million copies. And if that seems like a typical blockbuster, don’t be fooled — it isn’t. CS Fundamentals for grades K-5. has developed an elementary school curriculum that allows even the youngest students to explore the limitless world of computing - at no cost for schools.

CS Fundamentals for grades K-5

The courses blend online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials with “unplugged” activities that require no computer at all. Each course consists of about 20 lessons that may be implemented as one unit or over the course of a semester. Even kindergarten-aged pre-readers can participate. Professional development workshops near you - at no cost (US only) CEO Hadi Partovi Podcast Interview with Kara Swisher. It’s easy to mistake computer science for programming, and CEO Hadi Partovi says that even the kids who will never work for Google or Microsoft should be educated in digital literacy. CEO Hadi Partovi Podcast Interview with Kara Swisher

Partovi joined Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher on the latest episode of “Re/code Decode,” where he argued that we should start imparting the basics of computer science to kids in elementary school. “We don’t teach biology or chemistry to kids because they’re going to become surgeons or chemists,” Partovi said. “We teach them about photosynthesis and that water is H2O, or how lightbulbs work, just to understand the world around us. Ozobots. Drawing with Ozobot. Ozobot won’t move until at least one of the five bottom sensors sees a color.

Drawing with Ozobot

For instance Ozobot will just patiently sit, wait and blink when placed on a white sheet of paper. Place Ozobot on a dark area, like a wood desk or a black kitchen counter and Ozobot will immediately begin exploring and searching for the next adventure. Ozobot – Android Apps on Google Play. Ozobot Bit. Adorable robot genius, anyone?

Ozobot Bit

These little ‘bots are guaranteed to bust even the most acquainted of minds. (We’re talking about you, nerds.) OzoBlockly Games. Learn to Code: Getting started with OzoBlockly and Ozobot Bit robot. Ozobot. Ozobot. Gamestar Mechanic ages 7-14 years. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Programming courses for kids. Move the Turtle - Programming for Kids on the iPhone and iPad.

Hopscotch - Make your own game. Learn to code. Daisy the Dinosaur. Cargo-Bot – iPad. The first game programmed entirely on iPad® Be Logical.

Cargo-Bot – iPad

Play Cargo-Bot Presenting Cargo-Bot. The first game programmed entirely on iPad using Codea™


Wedensday. Thursday. Click on link to see code studio creation by Preston. Friday.