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We Teach Maths - teaching resources and worksheets for GCSE Maths. – Learn Maths, Boss Maths. - Tools for Maths Teachers. Search - Global Dimension. @Taylorda01 - Home. MrCarterMaths.

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Problem solving. Rich tasks. Resources to sort. Miss Brookes Maths. Welcome to - home. Secondary Mathematics Professional Network. Maths Resources. Free Maths Resources, Worksheets and Games. Topdrawer / Home - Topdrawer. Level 2 (Higher) Open Middle - Challenging math problems worth solving. The Storeroom - Miss Norledge's Maths Storeroom. G'Day Math. Maths wire. Tales from the chalk face. Desmos Classroom Activities. S Cranmer Ashlawn School Maths Department. Access Maths - Home. Maths Misconceptions. Next Level Maths: A level and GCSE revision. Solve My Maths. Miss B's Resources - MissBs Resources Home. Secondary Maths. The Mathematics Shed - Mathematics Shed Home. MEDIAN practice and GCSE. What Makes A Good Resource. Classroom resources alone cannot guarantee effective learning and teaching.

What Makes A Good Resource

But they do have the potential to trigger new approaches and behaviours – i.e. changes in our classroom. In this way good resources can provide a great source of professional development. The activities have been written and devised by real teachers determined to find better ways of teaching mathematical ideas and topics. You will find everything you need to teach the lesson and you will also get some insight into what the teacher wanted to achieve, how it went in practice and, often, an insight into a pedagogical issue and an opportunity to engage in some professional thinking yourself.

Try some of the lessons that catch your eye and reflect on what it made you think about. We provide teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today … Diagnostic Questions. Cambridge Maths GCSE Preparation. Rogradymaths. Welcome to the Mathematics Assessment Project. “And I’m calling on our nation’s governors and state education chiefs to develop standards and assessments that don’t simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test, but whether they possess 21st Century skills like problem solving and critical thinking and entrepreneurship and creativity.”

President Obama, 1 March 2009. New for 2013: Ten new 'Classroom Challenge' formative assessment lessons for Middle School are now available, including the first five lessons for Grade 6 . A draft Brief Guide for teachers and administrators (PDF) is now available, and is recommended for anybody using the MAP Classroom Challenges for the first time. Project goals The project is working to design and develop well-engineered assessment tools to support US schools in implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). Products Classroom Challenges: lessons for formative assessment, some focused on developing math concepts, others on non-routine problem solving. The Team. The Chalkface Homepage.

What's New. Maths Teaching Resources. RawMaths. Math is Fun - Maths Resources. Norfolk Maths PI Scheme. Created by Maths Teachers and Educators in Norfolk This mathematics scheme is based on the 2014 Key Stage 2 and 3 National Curriculum for Mathematics and the 2015 GCSE Mathematics.

Norfolk Maths PI Scheme

The Norfolk Progressive Inclusive Scheme is divided into twelve topics to be taught across the academic year. It is designed so that each term pupils will be taught four topics from the scheme, in order to receive a balanced diet of the components that make up the mathematics curriculum of number, algebra, geometry and statistics. Each topic is divided into strands of learning and each strand is divided into 8-20 steps depending on the progression of learning within that strand. It is important to remember that different groups/classes of pupils will have different starting steps for each topic in each year group, as this is dependent ontheir previous teaching experience.

Want pupils to reach in a strand by the end of Year 11, in order to plan what to teach in previous years to ensure they reach that final step. Secondary Maths. JeffsStandardsUnitResources. Maths resources - Maths Careers. This page aims to provide a range of resources to support teachers in the classroom as well as parents at home.

Maths resources - Maths Careers

Mathematical Trickery (produced by the more maths grads project) Teacher Information (DOC 265Kb, PDF 95Kb) Maths Tricks (PPT 654Kb) Number Puzzles (DOC 25Kb, PDF 46Kb) Magic Matrix (DOC 48Kb, PDF 32Kb) All the Aces (DOC 6.24Mb, PDF 138Kb) Johnny Ball’s favourite card trick (DOC 4.8Mb, PDF 112Kb) Mystic Richard card trick (DOC 810Kb, PDF 103Kb) Download all Mathematical Trickery files, here (ZIP 11.9Mb) Mathematical teaching thoughts and ideas by Richard Tock. Autograph Maths - The Dynamic Classroom Software. Mathscasts. Maths Topic Log Version 1.1.xlsx. Mr Pett's iClassroom. Interactive Maths - The Interactive Way to Teach Mathematics - Home. PNMT resource sharing. MAP Assessment Tasks. Illuminations. Mathematics. Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks.

Maths and science revision with online ks3 maths tests and free Key stage 1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A level maths and science exam past papers. Mathematical, Motivational & Memorable. Secondary Mathematics. Secondary Maths. Secondarymaths.wikispaces. Brilliant Maths Videos. Free. Magical Maths - A Learning Hub For Teachers. Skills Workshop. National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics - NCETM. Rich Tasks. Free Maths Resources and Help for Teachers from! Functional Mathematics. Classic Mistake Maths Podcasts and Posters - Gallery of Posters and mp3 Files. Inquiry maths. Learning to Teach Mathematics. - UK - Key Stage 3. Maths resources for busy teachers. MATHSprint: maths worksheet generator software for GCSE, IGCSE, AS Level. Sheffield Maths. Maths Games & Activities — Ellie's Active Maths. Free Printable Worksheets for Preschool-Sixth Grade in Math, English, more. MEDIAN + ICT choices. Colmanweb - Maths Made Motivating. eRiding - Mathematics & Numeracy - Secondary Mathematics & Numeracy - Secondary Resources. ' In mathematics you don't understand things.

eRiding - Mathematics & Numeracy - Secondary Mathematics & Numeracy - Secondary Resources

You just get used to them. '- Johann von Neumann (1903 - 1957) Materials to support teaching and learning have been developed and will continue to be developed and displayed on this site. Introduction to the Resources The teaching and learning resources are many and varied. Using Mini-Whiteboards and Paired and Group Work in Secondary Mathematics, were written in response to requests from teachers and have proved particularly useful in supporting pedagogic styles. The third and latest booklet, Card Sorts in Secondary Mathematics, contains resourses and information to engage student in learning and thinking skills through activities involving sorting in formation presented on cards. This booklet will hopefully be a starting point for many teachers in developing their teaching styles, and hopefully teachers adopting some of the ideas will create and trial further resources.

If you find the booklets useful please let us know. Key Stage 3 Key Stage 3/4. Dynamic Maths - adaptable automatic worksheets for teaching maths - Dynamic Maths. MEI > Teachers > Picturing Mathematics starters. Makemaths - home. Maths resources. Home Page. Teachers Primary Pupils Secondary Students Events and PD "It gave me some good ideas to use in the classroom and ... a link that I can get all of the activities from.

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" Book NRICH Bespoke PDBook Forthcoming EventsBook our Hands-on Roadshow Your Solutions. Mathalicious. Advancing knowledge is in our DNA. Emaths - Free Resources for Mathematics Teachers and Students. Every Maths Topic - topic by topic. Step 1: Click below and choose the number of synced accounts for yourself, colleagues and students.

Every Maths Topic - topic by topic

Step 2: Reply to our acknlowledgement with the email address of everyone else to be added, if it's more than you. All instructions will be included in our message. Thank you so much to the editor who is behind this success of this website. Outstanding website! I was looking to design my own PowerPoints for some revision sessions but found it time consuming. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Programme. Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff. Cross-Curricular Maths Resources. Kangaroo Maths.

TeachMathematics. Integral Mathematics Resources.